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If you’re sitting down to a Zoom meeting, the last thing you want to do is hold your phone the entire time. Two free hands make it easier to take notes and you don’t have to worry about a shaky picture. Sure, you could stack books into a careful — or dangerous — stand, but what happens if it falls? Here are the best phone stands to support your phone and put your mind at ease when using Zoom, Google Meet, or other similar video conferencing and webcam software. 

These handy phone stands allow you to position your device just right, and you can adjust the angles as much as you want. We’ve selected a few business-ready options as well as one or two fun stands to take your mind off of work.

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The best phone stands:

Editor’s note: We’ll update this list of the best phone mounts as new options launch.

 1. Moko stand


You may be locked at a fixed height with Moko’s stand, but the freedom to adjust up to 210-degrees more than makes up for it. The stand is crafted from aluminum alloy with carefully placed silicone to keep your phone locked in place. Cable management lovers will be pleased to know that there’s a carefully placed hole to keep those chargers tucked out of sight. Moko’s phone stand can support devices between 3.5 and 10-inches wide.

 2. Omoton C3

phone stands omoton c3

Omoton’s C3 stand bears a strong resemblance to Moko’s offering with a fixed height and aluminum design. However, the C3 is taller and it comes in three colors — black, silver, and pink. You’ll still be able to stash those unwanted cables out of sight, and the case is designed to vent air easily while charging. The Omoton C3 features a wider cradle than the Moko stand, so you should have no problem supporting devices with even the bulkiest of cases.

 3. Nulaxy A5

phone stands nulaxy a5

If you need a stand on the go or you just want more customization points, the Nulaxy A5 has you covered. You can adjust the two shafts by up to 270-degrees or simply fold the stand flat and toss it in a backpack. Nulaxy’s A5 is available in a premium black finish, and it supports a full range of devices. The company recommends devices between 4.7 and 13-inches, so it will handle your tablet or Nintendo Switch just as well as your phone.

 4. Ugreen holder


Ugreen’s design is just as customizable as the Nulaxy, though it packs into a smaller form-factor. It may be a better bet for phones as the company recommends devices up to 7.9-inches. The hooks appear to be on the narrow side, so rugged case users may want to measure carefully before you buy. Overall, the case itself is made from premium aluminum and the large opening offers plenty of space for a charging cable.

 5. Lamicall gooseneck mount

phone stands lamicall gooseneck

Adjustable shafts aren’t always the easiest way to choose an angle, and this Lamicall phone mount drops them entirely. Instead, it sports a gooseneck design that’s somewhat like a bendy straw. You can adjust the 33-inch neck to any height or angle you want, and the clamp opens up to 2.36-inches to attach onto nearly any surface. Lamicall’s mount won’t work for tablets or other heavy devices though — it maxes out at 3.9-inches wide.

 6. Superone magnetic phone stand

superone magnet

While most options on this list employ either clamps or a cradle design, this Superone stand makes the most of a magnetic pad. You’ll first have to attach the magnet to your phone, but then you have the freedom to choose any angle you can imagine. Superone’s phone stand comes in either gray or woodgrain finishes and the wide base keeps your phone from toppling over. It’s recommended for devices between four and eight inches wide.

 7. Stress toy stand

stress toy

We’ve already chosen a number of business-ready stands, so why not a few fun options? This first choice could do double duty though, as it’s also a stress toy. It comes in a pack of three, and you can give the little man a tight squeeze if the Zoom meeting takes a turn for the worse. The stress toy stand is four inches tall, so it should work well with most phones but it’s not adjustable in any way. You’re stuck with one angle, but at least the red, blue, and yellow versions can brighten up your desk.

 8. Puppy phone stand

phone stands puppy

You may not be able to bring your dog to work — and you certainly can’t use a dog as a phone stand — so this might be the next best thing. Available as a husky or a Shiba Inu, your furry friend’s head doubles as the adjustable stand. It may have worked better as an owl though because you have to turn the head back to change the angle significantly.

 9. Deadpool stand

phone stands deadpool

Today’s last phone stand might be the least workplace-friendly, but it’s easily the coolest one. You can choose from a number of pop culture heroes right here — all of which are brilliantly designed by Exquisite Gaming. We opted for the Deadpool stand, though you’ll have to remember that the stand itself isn’t adjustable. It’s wide enough to handle all manner of devices and you can mount your Xbox or Playstation controller as well.