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Best phone repair shops

So, you have submerged the phone in rice and prayed to all the deities that it magically starts working again... unsuccessfully. What now? Here are the best repair shops around!

Published onJanuary 6, 2018

LG V20 drop test cracked display

Whether you cracked your phone screen, dropped a device in water, or encountered one of countless other issues, having a damaged or broken device is about the worst thing that could happen to a modern phone user. In those moments, you kick yourself for not getting that insurance, right? But don’t worry, you can still find a phone repair shop or a phone screen repair location to fix it.

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How to fix a water damaged phone
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So, you’ve submerged it in rice and prayed to the smartphone deities for a miracle… unsuccessfully. Or maybe your screen is smashed. What now? You can go to a repair shop and hope that fixing your gadget won’t cost more than buying another one (this has happened to me).

There are hundreds of offerings online, so we know finding the right repairer can be an intimidating task. This is why we have put together a list of our very favorite ones. Let’s give you a rundown of the best phone repair shops, as well as their pros and cons.


To be clear, we’re not talking about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but these guys just might go to that extra mile to keep your phone alive. The Cell Phone Repair chain is among the largest in the USA, founded in 1997 and running over 300 locations across the country.

CPR promises great service and unbeatable customer service. Not to mention consistency across the board. The team is usually pretty fast with repairs. And because they are everywhere, finding one near you should be relatively easy (unless you live in the middle of nowhere).

This company’s services are also no limited to mobile devices. They also work with gaming consoles, computers, and other gadgets. Can’t go wrong with these guys!

Price for phone screen repair: As low as $59
Warranty: Lifetime

Best Buy Geek Squad


best buy logo
Best Buy

Best Buy is among the most trusted tech retail chains in the USA, and it also helps that they happen to be all over the place. There are close to 1,500 locations in the U.S. alone. This is why their Geek Squad is among the most popular services for repairing all kinds of technology, that includes phone repair.

Let us warn you that Best Buy won’t be the most affordable, but those who like having the peace of mind the company offers will value their services. They are also not usually as fast as their competitors, but that is simply because they do work with a substantial customer base. But their team of over 20,000 repairers won’t take forever either. A few days should be enough.

The deal does get better if you are a Best Buy customer, though, as you can purchase their extended warranties and insurance options to keep your investment protected at all times.

Price for phone screen repair: Typically $100-$150
Warranty: 30-90 days, depending on the device



With over 600 locations world-wide, Cellairis definitely has a hard time going unnoticed. And there is a reason why this phone repair shop chain has become so popular; they promise quite a bit.

The company offers same-day service for most repairs. In fact, they claim most jobs can be done in under 45 minutes. Cellairis also guarantees a low price, matching competitor prices. Not to mention the convenience of having locations nearby. While most retail stores are in the U.S., they also have franchises in Canada, Mexico, the U.K., the Caribbean, and even Dubai.

Not much to complain about, right?

Price for phone screen repair: About $149 (but they do guarantee the lowest price)
Warranty: 90 days



Lifeline is similar to CPR and Cellairis, but much smaller. They are most popular in the southeast, where they do hold a decent reputation for phone repair.

The pros? Cellairis can have your device ready in under 30 minutes, most of the time. But what about those times when you don’t have the time to go to the store and take care of this repair? The most notable service Lifeline offers is mail-in repairs, which might be a convenient offer for some of you.

Price for phone screen repair: $169.99
Warranty: 120 days



Got a Staples store around? You can go with them too! The company offers LCD/digitizer replacements, battery replacements, charging port fixes, button exchanges, camera mends, and water damage repairs.

Going with Staples is as reassuring as it can get. It is a well-established chain you know won’t let you down. They are also all over the country, so finding a location will just be a Google search away.

Now, Staples is pricey when it comes to phone repair, but they do offer a 1-year warranty. That is definitely something to keep in mind.

Price for phone screen repair: $200
Warranty: 1 year

Office Depot


These guys are following Staples with similar services, prices, and even warranty periods. There is one little thing I do like, though. The company tries to enforce same-day repairs.

If your device is not ready by the end of regular store hours, the store will offer a $25 discount. Of course, there are some limitations. This only applies if you took your phone in by 12 PM and the offer is limited to 5 per customer. In addition, not all devices are eligible.

On top of that, Office Depot does match competitor prices, which could prove to be a great benefit. Especially if you get to keep that 1-year warranty!

Price for phone screen repair: $149.99-$199.99
Warranty: 1 year



Having your phone repaired by a professional can be expensive, so stick it to the man and just take care of business yourself. But hey, it’s dangerous to go it alone.

Most of us are far from being experts and would probably mess up the device even more. This is why iFixit has created a plethora of comprehensive repair guides for popular gadgets across the board (even cars!).

Just keep in mind that tinkering with phones may harm your device and/or void your warranty. No one but you will be responsible for any harm that may come from doing this. But if you are looking for someone to repair your device, chances are your phone is already out of warranty and is not in the best condition anyway.

Price to replace iPhone screen: Part costs
Warranty: None

Phone repair  – Wrapping up

Now you are all set to pick your favorite phone repair shop. Will you go for longer warranties, lower prices, or brand reliability? No matter what you prioritize, there is something for everyone on this list.

But this is not all about us. Please hit the comments and tell us what you think of these options. Do you have a favorite? Is there another service you believe should be added to this list?

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