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Whether you get HBO via its traditional cable channel or via HBO Now or HBO Max streaming services, the premium movie and TV service has hundreds of current and classic movies to watch. The selection of HBO films changes monthly, so we are here to show you the best ones currently available.

Best movies on HBO:

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best movies on HBO regularly as new ones are released on the streaming service.

1. Bridesmaids


This 2011 film snuck up on everyone when it was first released and became an instant comedy classic. Kristen Wiig (who also co-wrote the movie) is perfect as a woman who becomes the lead bridesmaid for her best friend at her upcoming wedding. The movie has tons of great one-liners and situations, as Wiig’s character has to deal with helping her friend get married, but also has to figure out how to straighten up her own messed up life. While Bridesmaids is very funny, it also feels grounded in reality as well.

2. Alien


While many people prefer James Cameron’s 1986 sequel Aliens, we think the original 1979 film is still a tad superior. Director Ridley Scott turned a movie, which could have simply been a “haunted house in space” film, into a terrifying sci-fi horror film that keeps building the tension bit by bit. The space truckers of the movie, who are recruited to investigate an alien signal from a crashed derelict, bring on board an organism that had never really been seen in a movie before. H.R. Giger’s alien designs are another big reason why this movie works, and yet another reason is the perfect cast, who bring a lot of realism to their roles. You can also watch Alien: The Director’s Cut, on HBO, which includes some interesting alternate footage.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody movie on HBOHBO

Bohemian Rhapsody tells the story of popular rock band Queen. Lead singer Freddy Mercury, like many other rock stars, did not live a peaceful life. The protagonist’s story is full of partying, passion, drama, business conflicts, love life disasters, and more. This film was praised for its outstanding production, amazing musical sequences, and Rami Malek’s acting. Though some critics were harsh at first, this is without a doubt one of the best movies on HBO, as well as one of the most important films of 2018. It deserves all 134 minutes of your time.

4. Love Actually

love actuallyHBO

This 2006 film has turned into a Christmas movie tradition, but this romantic comedy from writer-director Richard Curtis can be watched and enjoyed any time of the year. He seamlessly brings together a massive amount of characters and storylines, linking all of them as they encounter a number of memorable events during the holidays in London. Hugh Grant may be at his best in this movie as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, who suddenly finds himself in love in an unexpected way.

5. Casino Royale (2006)

casino royale

It’s hard to believe that many people were skeptical about Daniel Craig stepping into the role of James Bond at the time of this movie’s release. However, it’s now clear that Craig’s tough as nails version of super-spy 007 was what this long-running movie franchise needed. The 2006 adaptation of Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel serves as the first real reboot of the series, as we see Bond take on his first missions as a 00 operative for MI-6. He takes on Le Chiffre, a villainous banker to terrorists, in a high stakes poker game to get both him and his money. Look for some excellent action sequences throughout this movie. It’s one of the best James Bond movies, and also one of the best HBO movies.

6. Die Hard

die hard

There have been so many sequels to this 1998 movie, and so many knockoffs as well. However, the original 1988 Die Hard movie remains on of the best, perhaps the best, action movie ever made. Bruce Willis became a movie star by playing NYPD cop John McClane who heads to Los Angeles to visit his estranged wife at her office Christmas party. The party is cut short as a group of criminals take over the office building. They are lead by Hans Gruber, who is truly one of the best movie villains of all time, as played by the late Alan Rickman. McClane wages a one-man war to save his wife from Gruber and the criminals he leads. It’s the perfect mix of action, humor, and character. It makes this film one of the best movies on HBO.

7. Team America: World Police

team america

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the South Park animated series, went way out in left field with this 2004 feature film. Imagine a movie musical about a group of US anti-terrorist fighters who take on North Korea, and it’s all done with puppets. You don’t need to imagine it; just watch Team America. The combination of great songs, puppets as characters, and its satire of both Hollywood action movies and US foreign policy makes this a highly funny, and highly adult, film. It’s one of the best HBO movies you can watch.

8. X-Men

x men

There certainly were superhero movies before this film was released in 2000. However, the launch of X-Men is generally agreed to be the start of the current trend of highly successful comic book-based movies that has continued for two decades. This group of Marvel mutants wasn’t as well known in mainstream culture at the time, but the team was massively popular among comic book fans. This movie does an excellent job setting up these characters, as well as the themes of racial discrimination that have always been part of the X-Men comics. It also turned Hugh Jackman into a movie star with his portrayal of the X-Men’s most popular character, the violent and nearly instructible Wolverine.

9. Apocalypse Now

apocalyse now

Francis Ford Coppola followed up his work on the first two Godfather films with this 1979 Vietnam War epic. It remains one of the best movies ever made, even though it’s not exactly a realistic movie about the Vietnam conflict. Martin Sheen plays an Army officer sent out to kill a renegade Army officer, played by Marlon Brando, who is waging his own war in the jungles. It’s a story about a dark journey to face multiple fears. This movie also has a stand out battle sequence that’s lead by an over-the-top officer, played perfectly by Robert Duvall. It’s definitely one of the best movies on HBO.

10. A Star Is Born (2018)

A Star is Born HBO movies HBO

The fourth version of this romantic, and ultimately tragic, film turned out to be a powerful drama that is helped by some great acting and musical performances. Bradley Cooper made his directorial debut with this movie, and stars as a highly popular country singer who is slowly losing his hearing and his audience. He finds a young female songwriter, played perfectly by Lady Gaga, and he helps her rocket up to stardom. The story has been told many times before, but the 2018 version of A Star Is Born feels more real and emotional than those previous films.

These are the best movies on HBO you should add to your watchlist in our opinion, although there are plenty of other great ones to choose from as well. We’ll update this post with new titles once they make it to the streaming service.