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Best interactive books for Android


Published onApril 28, 2012

Our Android smartphones and tablets can be used for a lot of things. Some use their devices for causal calls, text, and other means of online communication. Others transform their devices into a gaming console. Our Android devices can also be used as a means for educating our little ones at home.

With the presence of the Google Play Store, all the apps that you need can be easily accessed with a tap of a button. In this app list, we will be tackling of some of the best interactive books on the market. These apps can be used to improve the creativity, reading, and listening skills of your child. Take note that the apps listed below don’t follow a particular order.

The Just Me and My Mom app is an interactive story book by Mercer Mayer which narrates the story of Little Critter enjoying his special day with his Mom. Like every other child, Little Critter has a huge amount of energy and causes trouble along the way. Your job is to help the Little Critter and his Mom solve their problems as the story progresses.

The interactive book offers a lot of interesting features for your kids to enjoy. One notable feature is that it reads the story for your kids. Narrated words are highlighted for your kids to be familiar with. You can also tap a word and the app will read it out loud for you.

If you prefer reading the story to your kids, you can select Read It Myself and read the story to your child. You can also select Auto Play to read and watch the story like a mini film. The story also offers some mini games to let your kids interact as the story progresses.

You can get the Just Me and My Mom from Google Play Store for about US$1.00.

If you want to transform your Android tablet or phone into a library full of interactive of books, download iStoryBooks for your Android device. This app lets you download children’s books to your Android phone and tablet. Every page is filled with pictures and the app narrates each story to your child.

The iStoryBooks app also lets your kids enjoy a variety of interactive books right on your Android device. From fairy tales to brainy educational books, the iStoryBooks will be your interactive mobile reading hub.

The iStoryBooks lets you choose the following books:

Animal Story Books

  • Three Little Pigs
  • The Blue Fox
  • The Crow, the Doves and the Mouse
  • The Mean Lion and the Smart Rabbit

Fairy Tales

  • Cinderella
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Folk Stories

  • Little Red Hen
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Stone Soup

Educational Books

  • A to Z Fruits and Vegetables
  • A to Z Animals
  • The World of Dinosaurs
  • Things that Go
  • and many more

You can get iStoryBooks for free from Google Play Store.

The BB – Bedtime Battle app depicts a story of two parent bears struggling to put their baby bears to sleep. Bears are wild and strong creatures of the forest. The same goes for the two young Berenstain’s Bears in this story. As the clock strikes 8, Papa Bears says “time for bed,” but sister and brother don’t want to go to sleep. They will do everything they can to postpone sleeping.

Follow the story of BB – Bedtime Battle of how Papa Bear and Mama Bear struggle to put their little cubs to sleep. The BB – Bedtime Battle allows you to choose if you want to listen to the story, read the story to your child, or just watch the story as it progresses.

To promote reading skills for your kid, narrated words are highlighted. Your kids can also tap a word and the app will say the word out loud. The BB – Bedtime Battle is also filled with rich animations and custom background sounds for each scene.

Get the BB – Bedtime Battle from the Google Play Store at a price of about US$4.00.

Sit down and buckle up as the Wheels on the Bus begin to turn on your Android device. The Wheels on the Bus app is a fun interactive book for your Android device that is sure to entertain your kids. This book is based on the popular children’s song which integrates reading with singing. It is like teaching your kids to read and to sing at the same time.

Every scene of Wheels on the Bus is filled with cute animations and interactive illustrations. Ride the bus to spin the wheels, move the wipers on the front window, close the bus doors, make the dog bark, and much more.

Another notable feature is that the app can record your kid’s voice as they sing along. Teach your child to read and develop their talents in singing with Wheels on the Bus playing on your Android device.

Start-up the engine and join the joy ride with Wheels on the Bus from the Google Play Store for a fare of about US$2.00.

If you have a hard time putting your child to sleep, you can read them a story to keep them occupied throughout the night. You can use The Going to Bed Book – Boynton to keep them in bed and put them to sleep. This is the first Sandra Boynton book app and it will enhance your book app experience.

Every scene is filled with rich animations and fun interactive actions that are sure to catch your child’s attention. Touch the objects, tap the animals to make them sound, pull the drawers, or tilt your device and watch things move. You can do anything your creative minds tells you with this app.

The book app also features a realistic page transition that makes it look like a real book. This book app can also narrate the story for your kids. Choose the Big Guys Read it and listen as the story progresses. You can also read the story by yourself by tapping the I want to read it myself button. And most of all, rock your child to sleep with its alluring music box sound of the twinkling stars.

Put your child to sleep with The Going Bed Book – Bonyton at your bedside. Grab the book from the Google Play store for about US$4.00.

If your kids are not arachnophobic, then you can let the spider do its job and educate you child with the Itsy Bitsy Spider book app. This book app is based on the popular nursery rhyme. If you can’t recall which nursery rhyme, then you might have skipped class when your teacher taught you that song.

The story is about a spider climbing the water spout. But, aside from the usual storyline, this app added some scenes that will entertain and teach your child. Every scene is filled with attractive images and interactive actions. You can help the caterpillar become a butterfly, play peek-a-boo with the frog, poke the spider, make rain from the clouds, and much more.

The book app also teaches your child to read by singing. Aside from reading and singing, you can also teach your child various skills such as counting, finding hidden objects, stacking hats on the spider, creating music, and much more. You can also record your child’s singing with this book app.

Help the spider climb the water spout. Get the Itsy Bitsy Spider from Google Play Store for a price of  about US$2.00.

Let your kids fly to the moon from their bed with Moon Secret HD. This book app is a good bedtime story for your kids to help them go to sleep. Discover the secrets of the moon through the imaginative minds of a child. With its interactive story and magical world of dreams, this book app will help develop your child’s creativity, imagination, listening, and reading skills.

This book app offers rich animation display and background music from the creative world of a child’s dreams as they discover the true identity of the moon. The text is narrated by a soothing voice that will lull your child to sleep. Take your child to the world of dreams and develop their creativity and reading skills with Moon Secret HD app.

Fly and discover the secrets of the moon through the minds of an imaginative child. Get the Moon Secrets HD from Google Play Store for free.

If you want teach your child what sounds the animals make but you can’t go to the zoo, teach them by using the Moo, Baa, La La La! – Boynton book app on your Android device. This book app is based on the original board book of Sandra Boynton with more cool and interactive features.

With this ebook, you can hear the sounds of animals and some unique animal sounds. Hearing the cow say “Moo Moo” sounds ordinary. But, hear the pigs sing “La La La” will sure blow your mind away. Aside from funny animal animations and funny sounds, you can also do lots of stuff with Moo, Baa, La La La! app with its interactive features. You can turn day to night by tapping the moon, pull the curtains to see three pigs singing, shoot those noisy cats with a sling shot, and much more. The book app also features an option that narrates the text or you can read the story on your own.

Get to know New MacDonald’s farm animals by getting the Moo, Baa, La La La! – Boynton from the Google Play Store for about US$4.00.

If you are a person brave enough for an adventure, then follow the brave Apolline & Leon in their breathtaking adventures on the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. This book app is one in the series of Apolline & Leon. In this episode, they find an odd-looking woman who looks like a witch. Brave Apolline & Leon decided to follow this mysterious character to unveil the old woman’s true identity.

The Apolline & Leon book app is filled with beautiful animations and interactive features in every scene that will surely entertain both children and adults. You can throw balls, shake the clouds, play music, switch the lights on and off, peek through key holes, and much more. Combined with outstanding sound effects that would make the readers beg for more, the story is narrated by professional actors and supports 9 different languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.

Come follow the adventures of Apolline & Leon from the Google Play Store for a price of about US$2.00.

If you liked the classical film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then you might like The Candy Factory HD on your Android device. Like Charlie who won the last golden ticket that gave him access to the chocolate factory, these two kids were lucky enough to set foot in a land full of color and goodies.

As the two children were looking through their window, a pink fluffy cotton candy took them to the candy factory. The book app contains friendly colorful graphics that will enhance your child’s creativity. Aside from colorful animations, each scene also contains interactive features that will entertain your kids. The book app also features text narration for younger audience. The Candy Factory HD is a 17-page fun-filled interactive book for your children.

Download The Candy Factory HD for free from the Google Play Store.

Do you still read to your kids?  Do you teach your kids how to read well?  What Android apps assist you in those tasks?

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