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The best Christmas movies on HBO Max

Cozy up and enjoy these holiday movies! The whole family will love them.

Published onJuly 17, 2021

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The most important part of the holidays is spending time with family. What better way to do it than watching one (or many) of the best Christmas movies on HBO Max? You can even enjoy them the rest of the year! In this post, we will recommend our favorite holiday films, so get that hot cocoa ready and cozy up with your loved ones for a good time!

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The best Christmas movies on HBO Max

Editor’s note: This list of the best Christmas movies on HBO will be updated regularly as films are added, and others are phased out.

1. Elf

Elf movie

Buddy was raised as an elf, but he isn’t your typical mythical creature. He just happens to have sneaked into Santa’s bag as a baby and grew up in the North Pole. He never managed to fit in, so he goes back to New York, where he searches for his long-lost family and finds a less-than-pleasant group of people who don’t even believe in Santa! Of course, this eccentric character is set on saving Christmas, and he finds plenty of adventures along the way. This is a great movie to enjoy with the kids, and Will Ferrel is sure to keep things comic for the family.

2. Christmas in Compton

Christmas in Compton

Compton is full of characters and crazy stories, and this Christmas movie is no exception. Big Earl owns a Christmas tree lot and demands nothing but success. Meanwhile, his son, Derrick, is trying to find success as a music producer. He puts the family business and his relationship with his dad at risk in his attempt to prove his worth. All of this happens just a week before Christmas, so a happy holiday isn’t guaranteed.

3. Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street

Dorey Walker hires Kris Kringle to work for Cole’s Department Store after a drunk Santa Claus is about to ruin Christmas. The new Santa does a great job at the parade, and suddenly all New York children start to believe he is the real deal. Kris seems to believe the same, but Corey’s daughter, Susan, was harder to convince. She promises to believe if her wishes come true, though. Drunk Santa takes revenge on Kris. The issue brings on legal trouble, but Dorey’s boyfriend is a lawyer and is here to help.

This is one of the best Christmas movies of all time, and it’s a favorite childhood memory you’ll want to share with the little ones at home. An oldie, but surely a goodie.

4. The Polar Express

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is a movie based on a very popular book that goes by the same name. While it’s a 2004 CGI film, it has some great animation and a story we know the family will love. A mysterious train shows up outside a boy’s window. He is taken to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus. If he wasn’t a believer before, this adventure, friends, and hope will definitely turn him into one.

5. Trapped in Paradise

Trapped in Paradise Christmas movies on HBO Max

Many believe the holidays are a time for change and forgiveness. This trio of bank robbers realizes this when they plan to make a hit and get stuck in a town that seems too good to be true. Friendly residents and a lost getaway car driver ruin their plans. This is a great choice for a good laugh on this list of our favorite Christmas movies on HBO Max.

6. Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

Home Alone The Holiday Heist

Did you know Home Alone movies are still coming out? Though released in 2012, this version is as fun as the classics. This one just had to make it to the list of awesome Christmas movies on HBO Max.

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