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Best aquarium and fish live wallpapers for Android

Covered in fish.

Published onJune 29, 2012

There’s just something so calming about watching fish swim. Perhaps it’s the way they seem to be in no real hurry. Regardless, it cannot be denied that watching fish swim around in an aquarium is just so relaxing. Managing a real aquarium, however, can take a lot of work and money, so why not get an aquarium on your Android device? Live wallpapers are snazzy inventions, allowing you to interact with your screen in more ways than the usual navigation. Unfortunately, live wallpapers can also suck your device’s battery dry.

If you’re willing to sacrifice your Android device’s battery for the peace that fish swimming around on your screen can give you, then we’ve put together some of the best aquarium and fish live wallpapers available on the Google Play Store.

Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper (Kittehface Software)

To kick off this list of fish and aquarium live wallpapers, take a peek at what goes on deep underwater. Aquarium Live Wallpaper by Kittehface Software lets you have a beautiful tropical fish tank as your live wallpaper.

Enjoy beautiful 3D fish of every color imaginable and a variety of underwater plants as they decorate your home screen. You can get the fishes’ attention by tapping on your screen and double tapping to feed them. If you’re not satisfied with a coral reef as your fishes’ backdrop, then switch it up with a ship wreck, forgotten by people and now home to an assortment of sea creatures.

The app lets you toggle the bubbler and the overhead light to achieve a mood that you want. The wallpaper takes full advantage of OpenGL and supports both homescreen switching and landscape and portrait modes.

You can download Aquarium Live Wallpaper by Kitteface Software from the Google Play Store for free. If you want even more settings, you can purchase Aquarium Donation to be able to select up to a dozen fish, customize plants, and change tank toys.

Need more beautiful sea creatures swimming across your homescreen? aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper lets you select 15 of 180 fish species to grow. The live wallpaper’s settings include fish speed, fish speed variation, growth speed, and being able to touch fish with vibration. You can also feed fish through app icons.

For that particularly realistic or sadistic touch, enable fish dying if you don’t feed them. If you want access to 20 fish categories and the full 180 fish species, you can purchase the full version. Fishkeeping lets you browse  all the fish species and types available and to fill your tank up with your favorite species. The full version also includes feeding fish and watching them grow. Mature fish can also have babies so that even more fish can populate your homescreen fish tank.

Take note, however, that the live wallpaper does not self-rotate from portrait to landscape mode. Users will have to go into the settings to manually change it. Other users have complained that the background selection is also rather lacking. These two snags, however, are not dealbreakers and the huge selection of fish definitely makes up for them.

Shark Reef Live Wallpaper Free

Bored with the all-too-common colorful fish keeping you company? Try something different. There are many other creatures of the sea that are more than just pretty to look at. The shark has been the object of many nightmares and the obsession of brave individuals. Imagine effective killing machines that can smell blood from miles away and can swim large distances to sink their many rows of teeth into their prey? Get these beautiful and deadly hunters on your Android device home screen with Shark Reef Live Wallpaper Free.

The live wallpaper isn’t just limited to sharks, however. Get that perfect feeling of terror by seeing colorful fish of your choice swimming near sharks. Not only can you choose which fish you’d like to see swimming across your home screen, you can also choose your favorite sharks. You can choose the iconic Great White Shark, the Nurse Shark, or the gigantic Whale Shark. Purchase the full version and submerge your home screen into the Bermuda Triangle where many vessels and air crafts have disappeared into.

Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper Free

Were those sharks too scary for you? Let’s go back to colorful fish then, but spice up your homescreen with some crazy fish. Like it says on the tin, Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper Free is one of the craziest underwater game live wallpapers you’ve ever seen. It’s a game and a live wallpaper all rolled into one, allowing you to experience the fear of the sea. Probably not as soothing or as calming as the other live wallpapers we’ve looked at so far, Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper Free can give you enjoyment without having to launch an application. Just access Game Mode from your homescreen.

The eponymous water dweller must hunt fishes smaller than itself and avoid larger predator fishes. As it consumes fish lower on the food chain, it grows until it becomes the most lethal predator in the sea. Well, next to the shark, of course.

This live wallpaper claims to be light on battery consumption and has a set FPS to optimize battery performance. If you’re not feeling up to playing the game, you can deactivate Game Mode.

Fish Live

Time to go back to something more calming, away from the mania that was Crazy Fish Live wallpaper and back to something that is sure to keep you entertained. If you want more colorful but far from realistic fishes, Fish Live lets you raise, feed, and breed lovable fishes on your Android device homescreen. You can raise all sorts of fishes, including sharks. Pretty up your tanks with exotic tropical plants. Fish Live is a little different compared to the other aquarium and fish live wallpapers we’ve covered so far.

Instead of just letting you enjoy your aquarium all on your own, Fish Live puts a social spin on it. Decorate your tank, keep it regularly clean and show it off to other fish tank owners on the Fish Live community. You can view other tanks, as well as add friends. If you want your Facebook buddies in on the fun, you can invite them to try Fish Live on their own Android devices.

FishBowl Live Wallpaper

We’re not done tackling cute and adorable fishes just yet. From all that excitement, let’s wind back down into the more calming and peaceful type of water dweller. FishBowl Live Wallpaper gives you a different kind of cute fish. These little colorful cut-out creatures will swim across a rather realistic backdrop for an adorable contrast.

Don’t be fooled. Just because they look like cut-outs doesn’t mean they can’t breathe. Watch as they swim across your screen and leave a trail of bubbles. Feed them by tapping the top of the screen and watch as their mouths open and close to eat their food. FishBowl Live Wallpaper’s fishes actually grow with each feeding until they reach maturity and give you another surprise. Mature fish can mate and give you baby fish to populate your fish tank. You can change the backdrop to show the ocean, a coral reef, and more.

Fish Tank 3D Live Wallpaper

After all those colorful and cartoony fishes, let’s get back in touch with reality with some realistic fishes. You can practically feel yourself relax as you watch the colorful fish of Fish Tank 3D Live Wallpaper swim across your homescreen against a vivid green backdrop.

You’ll notice that the foliage in the background is reminiscent of the greenery you’d add to an aquarium, which only helps make Fish Tank 3D Live even more convincing as a virtual aquarium. Choose from any of the three backgrounds for your fish to swim across. Toggle the number of fishes you’d like in your tank and how fast or slow you’d like them to swim across your homescreen.

You can also control their swimming path and toggle fish tank animations. Fish Tank 3D Live Wallpaper, developed by Rainbow app, is available for free but unfortunately is ad-supported. Get Fish Tank 3D Live Wallpaper for free from the Google Play Store for your much-needed fish therapy.

Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper (Star Soft)

Here’s another realistic aquarium that you can enjoy on your Android device’s homescreen. Aquarium free Live Wallpaper, developed by Star Soft, lets you enjoy colorful exotic fish swimming across your screen.

Unfortunately, unlike other live wallpapers that we’ve mentioned, Star Soft’s Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper does not allow you to choose fish. If you’re particularly nitpicky about aquariums, you may notice that the fishes featured in the live wallpaper are, in fact, saltwater fishes in what appears to be a freshwater tank.

Despite the habitat error and the lack of fish selection, Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper is sure to calm you down whenever you have a stressful day. It still gives you the option to choose your background, turn prime objects on or off, and choose the fish’s path, speed, and how many of them appear on the screen. Download Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper by Star Soft today for free from the Google Play Store.

Ocean Aquarium Live Wallpaper

If you’ve had enough of artificial-looking fish tanks and you want to see fish in their natural habitat, then this next app might be the one you’re looking for. DroidofDroid’s Ocean Aquarium Live Wallpaper lets you dive into the deep blue sea with this live wallpaper and watch as several animated creatures move around your screen. Enjoy seeing seahorses, parrot fish, angel fish, star fish, and puffer fish swimming about, but they aren’t the only inhabitants of the ocean. If you look beyond, you’ll see a whale.

Ocean Aquarium Live Wallpaper allows you to easily access its settings by tapping the top right corner of your screen. No more having to navigate your way through your phone just to change something. You can toggle between optimum live wallpaper performance or battery conservation.  You can also set the animation speed. Get Ocean Aquarium Live Wallpaper for free from the Google Play Store.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper

If you’re not a huge fan of exotic saltwater fish and more of a koi person, then we’ve got a live wallpaper for you, too. Koi Free Live Wallpaper comes from Kittehface Software, the same developers as Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper.

With this live wallpaper on your Android device, you can watch koi happily exploring their pond. Koi Free Live Wallpaper is 3D, fully rendered in OpenGL 2.0 with fully interactive water that supports multi-touch. Both tablets and phones are fully supported in both landscape and portrait modes, so you don’t need to despair if you’d like to get this live wallpaper on all your devices.

Don’t let your koi swim aimlessly all day; double-tap your screen to feed them. If you want to play around more with your live wallpaper, drag your finger around the water surface and watch as it reacts to your touch.

Purchasing the full version lets you access the settings screen and the controls to your fish population, background image, raindrops, plants, and more.

With such a wide range of fish and aquarium live wallpapers, you’ll never get bored looking at your home screen. You can enjoy the soothing calming koi, the dangerously beautiful sharks. or the fight to come out on top as the dreaded predator of the deep blue sea.

Which one of these fish and aquarium live wallpapers do you like best?