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7 Best Social Games on Android

We’ve all been guilty of playing these deceivingly simple and yet quite addicting apps for hours on end.

Published onFebruary 15, 2012

Social games have been around for quite some time now. We’ve all been guilty of playing these deceivingly simple and yet quite addicting apps for hours on end. Now that everything is packed in our trusty Droids, there’s a whole new level of mobile interactivity that make these games much more engaging. Skeptical? Check out a few on our list:

Japan Life starts you off as the mayor of a small oriental town. Your mission is to create enough hotels, hot springs, restaurants, temples, and other attractions that will make it into a tourist destination. Grow your little piece of paradise and watch samurai, geisha and ninjas move in. Invite your friends to visit you – you may just raise your popularity rank on the global list. Japan Life also lets you experience seasonal themes, making the game more interesting.

If you’re a football/soccer fan, this app is for you. One of the most played sports games on Facebook, Top Eleven turns you into the coach cum manager of your own team – and it’s not just about deciding what jersey your squad should wear. You need to train your people, manage their finances, and increase their skills in preparation for different matches. What we think is pretty sweet is that you can actually buy and sell your team members through online bidding with other players, and you can even watch your team’s live matches. We wouldn’t want to spoil the experience by spilling everything, so just download the app and explore its highly customizable interface.

Design your own online restaurant and let the customers come! Restaurant City boasts of really neat graphics and customizable menus. Keep on cooking to discover literally hundreds of accessible dishes, or create your own secret recipes. For more fun, invite your Facebook friends to be your neighbors.

Gargamel has managed to destroy their home, and the poor blue gnomes have nowhere to go. Help them by creating a new village. You start out with one mushroom and a plot of land that you need to cultivate. Grow your territory by planting crops and creating other structures like mushroom houses, roads and bridges. Enjoy cute mini games, or connect with your friends’ via Facebook to visit their Smurf villages online and send them virtual gifts.

In our humble opinion, this is probably one of the most enjoyable multi-player racing apps on the platform. Compete with friends with nicely animated 3D cars and great environments. Buy upgrades for your ride and make other players bite the dust. Still not enough? Get more goodies with the full version.

Imagine a fast-paced real-time Scrabble game on your Droid – that’s basically what Words With Friends is. The difference is that you need to be trigger-happy with putting your letters on the board if you want to win, and half the time you don’t even have to worry much about your vocabulary. It’s all about strategy, a little luck, and a whole lot of patience because you’ll most probably get torn between frustration and addiction once you install this app.

You’ve probably heard about Parallel Kingdom because it’s been around for some time now, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s probably the most innovative location-based massively multiplayer game there is. Using the map of your real neighborhood, you need to conquer as many locations as possible using either diplomacy or war. From there you’ll have to build your virtual society and expand your stronghold alone or with friends. Build an entirely new world over the real one, and experience a very deep game interface that supports dungeons, creature encounters, found cities and oceans, and even an economy.

We hope you enjoy with these games – just don’t blame us if you suddenly find yourselves hooked!