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Best Android apps to help you sleep

June 1, 2012

Are you suffering from sleeping disorders such as insomnia? Or maybe you can’t sleep because you have a lot of things on your mind? Don’t reach for the sleeping pills just yet because there is an alternative solution to your sleeping problems and all it requires is your Android device.

We are featuring the best Android apps to help you get a good night’s sleep every time you go to bed. Read on to learn more about these apps.

The first app on our list is a favorite among Android users. Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock is an app that helps you relax and go to sleep through relaxing ambient and white noise sound tracks. The app doesn’t just let you listen to those relaxing sounds but it also mixes them for you so you can enjoy that soothing effect for a good night’s sleep. The app features almost 200 exclusive sound samples and loops that you can listen to.

It also has over 50 soothing backgrounds and sound visualizations. For those who want to mix the sound themselves, the app allows you to tweak the volume of each sound based on personal preference. It also has a customizable digital clock which could be a good replacement for your bedside alarm clock. The app packs more soothing features and to make your experience even more amazing, you can also download several plug-ins for free. Lightning bug is free to download.

If you really are having a hard time falling asleep, then you need some therapy. Music Therapy for Sound Sleep is the best app that can do that for you. It also uses sounds, but it features amazing low speed alpha waves set to comfort your mind. The full version of the app features music pieces and 12 ambient sounds designed to help you fall asleep.

This app provides relaxing sounds from nature, such as ocean and rain sounds which you can choose and mix to make your own relaxing natural tracks. You can tweak each sound you’d like to include in your track, allowing you to emphasize or turn down the sounds of your choice via the volume settings. Low speed alpha waves combined with relaxing natural sounds will really help you get a good night’s sleep.

If you want to get that good night’s sleep while feeling at home, Sleepy Time is another app that could help you. The app also makes use of sound combinations to lull you to sleep. What makes this app unique is that it doesn’t just make use of natural sounds but it also includes sounds like the humming of the air conditioner, the sound of a train passing by, and other sounds that you can hear at home. It’s perfect to help you feel at home when you’re traveling.

The app includes over 80 sounds including the sounds of house appliances, nature sounds, wild sounds, and other sounds such as urban noise. You can mix these sounds in over 300,000 combinations so you can explore and imagine a new place every time you sleep. Forget counting sheep and try Sleepy Time today.

If you can’t sleep because your baby is crying a lot, leaving you deprived of a good night’s sleep every morning, then Music box to sleep might be the answer you are looking for. You and your baby could even listen to it at the same time and fall asleep together. The app provides beautiful lullabies for your baby to listen to help him/her sleep.

Great quality relaxing sounds aren’t what the app is limited to. You can also choose the time when you want the music to stop. You can also use the app’s pictures as your wallpaper to get the attention of your baby, preoccupying him/her. Let your baby listen to the soothing lullabies to help him/her relax and fall asleep. Try this app, it’s free.

Chroma Doze is another app that will force your eyes to close. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to do any music mixing. You just have to sketch your favorite spectrum and listen to the generated stream of of colored and white noise. You will probably fall asleep when you use this app because the sounds that it generates are based on Fourier Analysis Algorithms which are claimed to be very soothing and relaxing.

Aside from helping you fall asleep, you don’t have to worry that the app is running all night because it’s very light on your device and it’s very power efficient. You can also use it as background music if you feel like you want to fall asleep while doing other things on your device. Check out this app if you want a simple and straightforward way to a good night sleep.

Evident in the name itself, White Noise helps you go to sleep by feeding your ears with relaxing white noise and other soothing sounds. This app is something that you must really check out as it was recommended by Health Magazine and Washington Post. It has over 40 ambient sounds such as beach waves, rain, house sounds, and more that you can choose from, each perfectly looped to help you fall asleep easily.

Like most apps of this sort, it has a shut off timer to save your device’s battery and it also has an alarm clock which supports multiple alarm sounds. It’s also convenient to use because it provides you with quick access to your favorite sounds. So, when you feel like sleeping, just grab your phone, launch the app, and go directly to those sounds that you always listen to. On the other hand, you have to spend some bucks to enjoy this app.

Another app dedicated to relaxing slumber is Relax Timer. It also lets you listen to relaxing sounds to bring you to sleep but it has some other unique features. One of the most highlighted features is that it is also a sleep cycle tracker, allowing you to record moods and other things that you want to take note of every night. When you start to use the app, you can take a look at your sleeping patterns so that you can see if there are any improvements. 

The app contains nature loops, soft melodies, and simple sounds that you can listen to. The app also has a Random music selection option to help you out if you don’t know which sound to start with. The favorite list function also makes it easy to save all your favorite sounds. Additionally, it saves the last sounds that you’ve listened to automatically. This app is also free for you to try.

Sleep as Android Unlock is another app to help you get over those sleepless nights. Despite the fact that you have to pay for this app, many people have still downloaded it. It includes a sleep tracker and it also has an alarm to wake you up gently everyday. When you install this app, it provides you with a graph of your sleeping history which you can share via Facebook. 

The app lets you listen to natural sounds to relax your mind and put yourself to sleep. Check out why many people have downloaded this app; you’ll never know, this could be the thing that you are looking for.

Did you notice that it’s so nice to sleep during rainy days? Rain Effect Makes Deep Sleep is an app that harnesses the soothing effect of the rain’s sound. The app doesn’t have very many features to brag about, but the rain sounds that it lets you listen to is claimed to be very effective in helping you go to sleep.

This free app is also said to help people who suffer from insomnia in getting a good night’s sleep without the help of sleeping pills. Try it, who knows the sound of the rain might just work wonders for you.

City life can be too stressful, not to mention the stressful environment at the office. There’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than the sound of nature and Nature Sounds to Sleep gives you just that. All you need to do is put on those headphones and enjoy your sweet escape with nature.

The app includes several nature sounds that you can listen to. Listening to these sounds are proven to relieve stress easily, improve concentration, as well as lessen muscle tension. It also lets you set the time that you want to listen to those sounds. Check out this app and get a good night’s sleep every night. It’s free for you to try.

So, whatever deprives you from getting a good night’s sleep–may it be stress, your baby, or your noisy neighbors–there is an Android app that can help you. Try the apps on this list and get that good night’s sleep that you deserve.