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Best Android apps for shoppers to find best deals


Published onMay 9, 2012

Don’t you just hate it when the rules of supply and demand turn against you and you’re left with buying expensive items? This doesn’t just happen during the holiday season, but whenever we go shopping. You can haggle all you want but there’s only so much your haggling can get you. With how expensive everything’s becoming, deals can be hard to come by. You need to be in the right place at the right time. It’s for this reason that we have compiled a list of 10 handy Android applications to help you locate useful discounts and to make your shopping experience a little lighter on the pocket.

Google Shopper is an Android app designed to help users find good shopping deals. You can perform custom searches to locate a product and to gather more information about it. Google Shopper provides product reviews by scanning product barcodes or cover art, gives price information, product specifications, and enables voice and text-based search for finding products. The Eat and Play options of this application allows users to see offers from businesses nearby.

Google Shopper also delivers information about shopping deals right to your inbox. You can also share details about useful offers with friends and family via Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging. To keep track of useful offers, you can save your history and add items to favorites. As a whole, Google Shopper integrates good search features with information about online and local stores, product reviews and information, along with robust features such as bar code scanning.

Groupon, as the name suggests, is an Android application meant to provide users with daily discount deals. For those of you who might not be aware of the concept of Groupon, it is a website that makes use of collective purchases to offer discounts to customers. The developer claims that these deals can help users get as much as a 50% to 90% discount on their purchases. Groupon is capable of providing both demand searches and daily recommendations from more than 500 cities across the world. The available deals are not just for products but also for local services. The deals can be acquired by buying and redeeming Groupons via your Android device. You can also track your purchased Groupons according to their expiration date and respective location. Groupon allows users to acquire holiday deals, share Groupons with friends and family members, and add the widget for Groupon on your Android homescreen.

When looking for a discount app for Android, nothing gets better than finding one that offers discounts via coupons for your favorite restaurants, local retail shops, and even gas stations. The Coupons App brings daily deals, information about gas prices and cheap gas stations in the vicinity, and price comparisons during shopping via its barcode scanning feature. You can also use this app to share coupons via Facebook, Twitter or SMS, and to voice search for product deals / coupons and more.

With this app, you can even save coupons to the calendar and get updated coupons on a daily basis. Other than daily deals, you are also provided with the option to perform custom searches for coupons and deals. Coupons can be redeemed by displaying them to the cashier. The Coupons App contains some features from both Google Shopper and Groupon, hence offering a good mixture of useful features from both applications. User reviews have stated that using The Coupons App has saved them a lot of money on a daily basis. So, if you are looking to check deals before buying your grocery or paying for a restaurant bill, then it might be worth checking out The Coupons App to find the best available deals.

If you frequently shop at Walmart, then the official Walmart app for Android might be worth checking out. Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world, which is why it offers prices lower than most local retail stores. However, to find good deals you always need to look a bit harder, even if it is Walmart. This Walmart app helps users locate products at a discounted price for the next time they shop at Walmart.

The application can be used to not only locate Walmart products and find discounts but also to speed up your shopping tasks by placing an order from within the application. This will result in a quicker checkout of the selected items. Furthermore, you can also find daily offers and check out the inventory before leaving home, to see if your required product is in stock. This application also provides directions to nearby Walmart stores.

ShopSavvy is a cross platform application for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices that provides prices from online and local retailers for a product after you’ve scanned its barcode. All you have to do is to aim the camera at the barcode of a product and hold still until you hear the beep. Once a product is scanned, you will be provided with price information and the option to buy the product via retailers such as Target, Walmart,, and Barnes & Noble.  You will require adding your credit card information before being able to place purchase orders with ShopSavvy.

Another interesting aspect of this application is that it allows users to sell their own products to other ShopSavvy users. This can help users locate affordable deals for new and second-hand products, which might be available at a low price. ShopSavvy might not be as comprehensive as other shopping applications, but it serves its purpose of providing users with pricing information, comparisons, and buying options.

While ShopSavvy is meant for miscellaneous products, the app has been designed specifically for buying electronic appliances and getting information about their prices. It is considered as the “Crystal Ball” for shopping for electronic devices. It provides a unique utility to inform users with Buy Now or Wait recommendations. The application provides users with news, prices, rumors, and details about upcoming models. Like most shopping apps, you can use to locate nearby stores and compare product prices with online retailers. Moreover, you can also set price alerts to track products so that you can purchase them when they reach a certain price. also facilitates in-store shopping via its barcode and QR code scanning functionality, which provides technical specifications and other details about a scanned product.’s product search function can provide results from several well known retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy,, Dell, Newegg, J&R Computers, Tigerdirect, Crutchfield, CompUSA, and Target.

ShopAdvisor is an application designed to track and alert you regarding specific products that you’d like to purchase at a defined price. ShopAdvisor has an auto alert system for notifying users regarding price drops for products. It works in a similar way to, however the available product range has a wider range. This application keeps track of your selected products and alerts you when the price of that product falls to your desired price level.

You can also use ShopAdvisor to look for hot new products available on the market and to gather some ideas and insight regarding the product and brand that may suit your needs. To begin tracking a product, add it to ShopAdvisor by either typing in the name of the item or by scanning the barcode. ShopAdvisor will locate it in online and local stores. When the product is available at a reduced price, you will be provided with information regarding the availability of the product, along with information about where you can buy it.

When looking for product information and reviews, sometimes it can hard to find unbiased and unambiguous reviews. Many of the professionally written reviews are too long and complicated for a hasty shopper to look into and the available information can appear sketchy. Therefore, the best way to get in-depth information about a product is by benefiting from the experience of other consumers.

Mobile Shopper 2012 is a barcode scanner that provides users with information regarding the scanned product from both expert reviews and consumer reports. Furthermore, it also provides price comparisons for scanned products and shows places from where you can buy the product. Unlike most shopping applications, Mobile Shopper is not free and costs US$4.99. However, the price is cost-effective, as the application provides access to a number of useful features, such as professional and consumer reviews, buying advice, and information about places from where you can buy the product.

When it comes to shopping and discount apps, one of the products frequently overlooked are medicines. If you or a loved one suffers from a chronic illness, then you might be well aware of the amount of money that can be spent on medicine. That’s why it is vital to keep an eye on any discounts that you may be able to get on medicines to reduce your monthly medical expenses. The Walgreens app for Android is the official application for the Walgreens drug store. It not only offers convenience in getting refills and buying medicine but also provides information about available discounts in the area. With this app, you can get instant refills for your medicine by scanning your Walgreens prescription label and printing photos from your phone. The application also helps you locate nearby stores using GPS and helps you discover in-store saving opportunities in the form of weekly ads and mobile coupons.

Ever been to a retail store and wondered how you could get discounts? Dream Deals and Coupons is an Android app that can help you easily search and find the best deals for not just various retail stores but the store that you are currently at. All you need to type is the store name or you can select a store from the available list. Once you’re done, the coupons and deals for the store will be available. You can double-tap on the deal view to zoom the display.

The store list has more than 100 well known names, including 24 Hour Fitness, Ace Hardware, Avon, Backcountry, Bass Pro Shops, Bath Body Works, Beauty, Cabelas, Clinique, Crate and Barrel, DIRECTV, dish Network, and many more.  The best thing about Dream Deals and Coupons is that it has an uncomplicated user interface with a listing of each store with their respective logos, which makes it easy to find and select stores at a glance.

With these apps, finding bargains is no chore at all. Download one or all of the apps to start finding the best deals for the items you need. While the above mentioned apps should cover most, if not all, of your shopping requirements, if you think that we have missed a vital category or app that can get the best discount for our readers, then share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

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