What is Battlestation – First Contact?

Battlestation – First Contact is a part strategy, part tower defense game where you must man a battle station and defend it from an onslaught of alien invaders. You upgrade the battle station as you play through various waves of bad guys. There is part of the game that’s free to play but to get the whole thing, you must buy it via in app purchases.

Here’s how it works. You are the battle station and before you play you can assign various crew members. Scientists upgrade your weapons, armor, shield, and other things while pilots and marines man the various guns and ships that fly around your battle station. A wave of bad guys will come and your defenses have to fend them off. You then get a short break between waves to upgrade and for your shields to recharge. After so many waves, the level ends and you proceed to the next.

The game is challenging as well as addictive. In-game graphics aren’t spectacular but they aren’t bad either. The various battle station defenses and ships pilot themselves so all you have to worry about is assigning your crew to do various things. Scientists can be allocated to any one of three research fields in any amount so you can research stuff faster if you so choose. You can also use in game money (that you earn from killing bad guys) to restock on crew members who die. The first level is free but you must pay $3.50US to unlock the rest of the game.

Battlestation first contact screenshot review

Surprisingly fun and difficult.


The game is fast paced and easy to play.
It's difficult enough to be challenging but not so difficult that it isn't fun.
Google Play Games services is always a welcome sight.
You can play the first level as a demo before buying the rest.
Allocation of troops, scientists, and crew gives you a lot of flexibility for how you play.


They should say somewhere in their app description that only the first level is free.
A few minor bugs and glitches have been reported but nothing serious.
Some players think it's a bit too difficult but we didn't take that criticism seriously. Dark Souls was hard too and everyone loved that game. Still, those with short tempers or attention spans may not like this title.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fun and surprisingly difficult game. There are Google Play Games services to track achievements and whatnot which is a nice touch. There isn’t a whole lot of game to play but what’s there will take most people many tries to complete. It’s a solid game and you can play the first level for free so it won’t cost you a dime to see if you like it.

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