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Here are four screenshots showing the GS4’s eye and head tracking features

Leaked screenshots show Samsung is going to introduce eye tracking and head tracking in the GS4 next week. The eye tracking will scroll web pages and emails automatically.
ŠtefanMarch 6, 2013

HTC’s February numbers are in, they haven’t made this little money in 3 years

HTC has just published their February 2013 revenue figures, and they're bad. Really bad. They haven't been this bad since February 2010. What's the hell is going on?
ŠtefanMarch 6, 2013

ZTE to deepen their relationship with Intel, plans to use the Atom Z2580 this year

ZTE has just announced that they're going to be one of the first companies to launch a smartphone using the new Clover Trail+ platform, aka Atom Z2580.
ŠtefanMarch 6, 2013

Expansys claims that @evleaks stole their Galaxy S4 renders, added his logo

The technology site Expansys got in touch with me to tell me that the Galaxy S4 renders that are floating around the internet are just mockups they made. Sorry for bursting your bubble.
ŠtefanMarch 5, 2013

Opera pushes a beta of their WebKit powered browser to the Google Play Store

Opera has just pushed a beta version of their WebKit powered browser to the Google Play Store. Feel free to check it out, we think we'll stick to Chrome for now.
ŠtefanMarch 5, 2013

Mobiroo: What if you could pay $5 and download as many apps as you wanted?

Apps are great. We love them, you love them, so why not make a service that allows you to download as many paid apps as you want, for one low monthly fee?
ŠtefanMarch 5, 2013

Amazon’s new ad API aims to hit Google where it hurts, but will it take off?

Amazon just launched ad advertising API targeted at developers creating applications for Android devices. That's a direct threat to Google's bottom line.
ŠtefanMarch 4, 2013

IDC: This year will be the first year that smartphones outsell feature phones

The analysts at IDC are predicting that 2013 will be the first year where smartphones outsell feature phones. Cheap Chinese Android devices are to thank.
ŠtefanMarch 4, 2013

Here are the first two legitimate renders of what the Samsung GS4 will look like

Want to know what the Samsung GS4 is going to look like? Thanks to the anonymous Twitter user @evleaks, we can now share with you just that!
ŠtefanMarch 4, 2013

Here’s the first video teaser for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (it really sucks)

Samsung has just uploaded a video teaser for their Galaxy S4 event due to take place in a little over 10 days. It's ... just watch it for yourself.
ŠtefanMarch 4, 2013
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