Brian Reigh

Brian Reigh is a part-time contributor focused on Android-related news and features. He has always been passionate about tech, especially mobile.

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Polk unveils a Google Assistant speaker that is designed for music lovers

The all-new Polk Assist has Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in, and according to the company, it’s specifically “designed for music.”
Brian ReighMay 11, 2018

Android P: the top features you need to know

Google just released the first Android P Developer Preview. While it’s an evolutionary step up from Android Oreo, there are a few features that make it stand out.
Brian ReighMay 10, 2018

Android P introduces a new power-saving tool called ‘App Standby Buckets’

The all-new App Standby Buckets categorize apps based on how frequently you use them and allocate battery power accordingly.
Brian ReighMay 8, 2018

You now need to be 16 years of age to use WhatsApp in Europe

As per new data privacy rules coming into effect next month, WhatsApp is raising its minimum age from 13 to 16 in Europe.
Brian ReighApril 25, 2018

Political scrutiny on Google continues to grow in Europe

The European Parliament just adopted a report which calls for the complete structural separation of Google’s general and specialized search services.
Brian ReighApril 22, 2018

Huawei’s upcoming AI assistant is a Black Mirror episode in real life

Huawei is reportedly preparing to launch an AI assistant with high emotional intelligence so that you can “get rid of your girlfriend.”
Brian ReighApril 22, 2018

Sprint integration in Google Voice is coming to an end

Sprint integration inside Google Voice will be no more “due to upcoming upgrades to Sprint’s network,” Google warns.
Brian ReighApril 16, 2018

What’s coming to Google I/O and how to reserve your seats

From the launch of .app domain names to exciting announcements regarding Android TV, Wear OS, and Google Photos, take a sneak peek at what Google has in store for us!
Brian ReighApril 11, 2018

Samsung Pay users in the US can finally use PayPal as a payment method (Updated)

Samsung announced in July last year that PayPal will integrate with Samsung Pay, but the feature is just starting to roll out now.
Brian ReighApril 9, 2018

87M Facebook users affected by Cambridge Analytica scandal, not 50M

Facebook: “Just kidding. It’s actually 87 million people who are affected by our data breach.”
Brian ReighApril 4, 2018
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