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How to build a WordPress website for a business or side hustle

This post will talk you through how to build a WordPress website for a business or side hustle in several easy steps.
Adam SinickiSeptember 15, 2019114 shares

How to make money on Fiverr as a creative professional

This post explains how to make money on Fiverr as a freelancer. Earn a living doing what you love!
Adam SinickiSeptember 9, 201977 shares

How to add 3D graphics and other Unity features to your native Android apps

This post explains how to use Unity as a library in native Android apps. Display 3D content or add AR features!
Adam SinickiSeptember 8, 201979 shares

How to become a machine learning engineer

This post explores what a machine learning engineer does ,and how to start your own ML career!
Adam SinickiSeptember 8, 2019124 shares

Internet of Things companies will dominate the 2020s: Prepare your resume!

Internet of things companies will dominate the 2020s. Prepare your resume to land a job with them!
Adam SinickiSeptember 7, 2019271 shares

Microsoft Certification: A guide for tech professionals

Microsoft Certification can help you demonstrate expertise with any Microsoft tools. Here's how to get started.
Adam SinickiSeptember 1, 201956 shares

How to install the Android SDK

This guide shows you how to easily install the Android SDK (Software Development Kit).
Adam SinickiSeptember 1, 2019907 shares

Android developer news and features round-up (August 2019)

Hello and welcome to the latest Android development round-up!
Adam SinickiSeptember 1, 201971 shares

How to become an Associate Android Developer, and is it worth it?

This post explains Android Associate Developer certification. Enhance your developer career with a recognized certificate!
Adam SinickiAugust 28, 201989 shares

Did you know you could get a job controlling the weather?

Weather control is the manipulation of weather to trigger rain or combat storms. It could be your next job!
Adam SinickiAugust 27, 2019167 shares
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