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Adam Sinicki is a passionate writer with a love for all things dev related. He's also a major part of our health/fitness-related reviews and features.

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The best free and paid Android app development courses

This is a huge list of the best Android app development course options available right now. Including both free and paid resources, suitable for everyone from complete beginners to ...
by Adam Sinicki1 week ago

Realme 1 hands-on: Budget smarts from OPPO and Amazon?

The Realme 1 is a budget device that comes from a partnership between OPPO and Amazon India. Here are our first impressions.
by Adam Sinicki2 weeks ago

Getting to know Android Studio and the files that make up your apps

If you're diving into Android development for the first time, knowing how to use Android Studio can be very confusing. Let us help!
by Adam Sinicki3 weeks ago

13 tricks and hacks to speed up Android

This post looks at 13 ways you can speed up Android and get better performance from your phone or tablet. Better gaming, less lagging and improved battery life. Also: find out the ...
by Adam Sinicki3 weeks ago

How to install the Android SDK

This guide shows you how to easily install the Android SDK (Software Development Kit).
by Adam Sinicki3 weeks ago

How to install Android Studio and start your very first project

New to Android development? This post will walk you through the process of downloading and installing Android Studio, the Android SDK and the Java Development Kit. You'll see how to ...
by Adam Sinicki4 weeks ago

How to find work as an Android developer

This post examines some of the best ways to find work as an Android developer. That includes tips for making yourself more employable, as well as a guide to becoming a freelancer and ...
by Adam Sinicki4 weeks ago

A very simple overview of Android App development for beginners

Interested in Android development but have no idea where to start? This post will talk you through all the software you need to download and install and explain what everything does. ...
by Adam SinickiApril 24, 2018

7 ways to control your Android from a PC

This article shows you 7 ways to control your Android from a PC. You'll be able to share your mouse and keyboard, mirror the screen, send files and answer WhatsApp messages - all ...
by Adam SinickiApril 22, 2018

Developers: Here’s how to prepare your app for Android P

This article will talk you through how to prepare your app for Android P as a developer. It discusses how to test your app using the emulator, new features to look into and ...
by Adam SinickiApril 18, 2018
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