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Adam Sinicki

Adam's Posts

PC and console games that should be ported to Android

There is a lot of potential for some amazing console and PC titles to be ported over to Android. Here are our top picks for games that should make the leap!
by Adam Sinicki1 week ago

How to control your PC from Android, in 7 minutes

In this post, we'll show you how to control your PC from an Android device. That includes using Wake-on-LAN to wake it up remotely from anywhere, or mirroring the desktop.
by Adam Sinicki2 weeks ago

Sega Forever – The best Android ports so far and the titles we’d love to see

SEGA Forever is the company's attempts to capitalize on nostalgia by releasing older games on mobile. Which games are best and what do we want to see next?
by Adam Sinicki3 weeks ago

Here’s how we’re already living in 1984

Technology today gives governments and corporations more ways to spy on us than ever before. But are we really living in 1984?
by Adam Sinicki4 weeks ago

Are smartphones still getting faster? Does Moore’s law still apply?

There was a time that technology was predicted to roughly double in power each year. But is this true for modern smartphones? Are they still getting dramatically faster?
by Adam Sinicki4 weeks ago

The best Android app makers for making apps with zero code

Developing for Android usually requires the use of special software and programming skills, but there are many Android app makers that make creating apps fun, fast and easy. Here is my ...
by Adam SinickiSeptember 15, 20174

Cross platform mobile development – challenges, options, and why you should consider it

To reach the widest audience, developers may wish to release their Android apps and games on other platforms such as iOS, Windows Mobile, and even PCs and consoles. This post explains ...
by Adam SinickiSeptember 2, 2017

Last minute Back to School tech guide – laptops, tablets, and more

This is the best back to school tech for 2017. Including laptops, tablets, power banks and accessories to stop you losing your keys!
by Adam SinickiSeptember 1, 2017

Does every flagship need a ‘killer feature’? These examples suggest they might!

Is a single 'killer feature' what it takes to really sell an Android phone? Here are some flagships that suggest that might be the case.
by Adam SinickiAugust 30, 2017

Why are some OEMs still shipping phones with micro USB?

USB-C is definitely the future and it's quickly becoming the present... so why do so many manufacturers still rely on Micro USB?
by Adam SinickiAugust 29, 2017
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