OnePlus 7 Pro camera review

Adam Molina

In addition to his role over at our sibling site SoundGuys, Adam has been known to contribute to Android Authority from time to time. He's a Boston-based writer who has a passion for science and technology. You can usually find him drooling over new gadgets on the internet, re-reading the Harry Potter series, or watching a wildlife documentary.

Adam's Posts

Why I won’t pre-order the Pixel 4

Pre-ordering a Pixel phone isn't the deal it used to be.
Adam MolinaJune 22, 2019355 shares

AirPods (2019) review: Simple and convenient, but Android users have better options

The new Apple AirPods improve upon the older ones in a few key ways, but does that matter if you're rocking an Android device? Spoiler alert: yes, it does.
Adam MolinaMay 29, 2019243 shares

iPhone owners have a great new option for earbuds

RHA announced a new(ish) pair of earbuds dubbed the MA650i, complete with a Lightning connector.
Adam MolinaMay 21, 201952 shares

You can get the Ambeo 3D soundbar from Sennheiser this May

Sennheiser hopes you will ditch the crazy setup for one soundbar that does it all.
Adam MolinaJanuary 7, 201961 shares

Klipsch throws hat in true-wireless ring at CES 2019

Klipsch also announced Heritage speakers and five new soundbars at CES 2019.
Adam MolinaJanuary 6, 2019115 shares

Deal: Grab the Sony WH-1000X M2 over-ear headphones for just $298 ($50 off)

Keep some money in your wallet.
Adam MolinaAugust 14, 201851 shares

Vivo’s solution to bezel-less phones is truly exciting

The Vivo phone is only a concept and features a fingerprint scanner on the bottom half of the screen, but one of the coolest features is how they handled they front-facing camera.
Adam MolinaMarch 2, 20181004 shares

Cat S61 hands-on: See like the Predator

The Cat S61 might not be the prettiest smartphone we saw at MWC 2018, but it's certainly one of the most unique.
Adam MolinaMarch 1, 201871236 shares

Vivo APEX hands-on: The next step in the evolution of fingerprint sensors

The HTC U11+ recently opted for a rear fingerprint scanner for the first time, and the newly announced Galaxy S9 has one as well. But Vivo is going in a different direction. And we ...
Adam MolinaFebruary 25, 2018625 shares

Hands-on with Alcatel’s new phones at MWC 2018

Say hello to the brand-new Alcatel 1X, Alcatel 3, Alcatel 3V, Alcatel 3X, and Alcatel 5.
Adam MolinaFebruary 24, 2018566 shares
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