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Best Android apps for poets and poetry lovers

“Yet if hope has flown away, in a night, or in a day. In a vision, or in none, is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a ...
GeneApril 20, 201289 shares

Best Android apps for foodies and food lovers

Do you love food? We do. But there’s a thin line between people who love to eat and those who love to prepare them. If you’re on the latter side, then you are a foodie. ...
GeneApril 19, 201235 shares

Android Apps that will turn your Android into a TV

Television – you either love it or hate it. Or love-hate it? Anyway, we all have a deep, if sometimes ambivalent relationship with our TV sets. We use TV to relax, to get ...
GeneApril 9, 201290 shares

Best Android apps for coffee lovers

It’s a lazy Sunday morning. Or just another manic Monday? Either way, thanks to our friendly cup of coffee here, we are still able to write amazing Android stuff for you, day ...
GeneApril 3, 2012198 shares

Best Android apps for book lovers

  For centuries, the wisest of men – poets, priests, and scholars – have basked in the company of books to grasp the infinite knowledge of the world. Today, much has ...
GeneMarch 31, 201268 shares

Best Android apps to buy comics

We have a confession to make. We’re still fond of old-fashioned comic books and we just love watching our heroes fighting their own not-so-cool evil nemesis. Staring at the ...
GeneMarch 29, 201242 shares

Best Android apps for streaming on demand video

  You love movies. Moreover, you are also an obsessive-compulsive collector of videos. Just about any category, from action movies to chick flicks, you are crazy about ...
GeneMarch 20, 201262 shares

Best Android pocket music box apps

Best Android Pocket Music Box Apps One of the best things about today’s smartphones is that fact that they double as ...
GeneMarch 14, 201298 shares

Best Addictive Free Games for Android

It’s ridiculously funny how people are willing to spend hours and hours trying to beat someone else’s high score. I ...
GeneMarch 6, 201251 shares

Top Smartphone Trends We Witnessed at Mobile World Congress 2012

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of Android news, updates, hands-on’s, and gadget releases that seemingly never stop. With the frenetic pace that mobile ...
GeneMarch 1, 201256 shares
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