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Aurora: Quarantine is frustratingly fun

Aurora: Quarantine combines marble physics puzzles with an upgrade system and a detective story to make one tantalizing gameplay experience.

Published onApril 14, 2016

In the bygone era of gaming days past, developers for the original Nintendo Entertainment System said to themselves, “Hey! You know what people trying to escape from their everyday lives need? Brutally frustrating challenges.” And so they made Marble Madness. And the really bizarre thing is that they were kind of right. There’s something innately satisfying about navigating a simple ball through a series of puzzles and death traps. Metroid Prime even took advantage of the mechanic to some degree on the GameCube. But now ball-related fury might have finally found its true home on the mobile device with Aurora: Quarantine.

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It appears to be an unusually involved game, especially since it uses some unconventional if precursed gameplay mechanics. What’s interesting about Aurora: Quarantine is that it combines simple marble-based physics puzzles with upgrade systems and a detective story of all things. Your goal as a little rolly robot is to save the city by infiltrating its security systems and navigating realistically rendered environments.


The controls seem a bit iffy at first, but maybe you get used to it in time. Further research is required on the part of this writer (because I guarantee you, more Aurora: Quarantine is what I’ll be doing once I finish this article). However, the developers say they are looking into integrating hardware controller functionality.

Currently, this game is going for an introductory discount rate of $1.47, which is 30 percent off what the normal price will be once the promotion ends. Might as well scoop it up now and see what you think. Click the button below to get this ball rolling, then let us know what you think of the game in the comments!

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