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Double-charge with AUKEY’s Dynamic Connect

Aukey's technology is the perfect solution for when you need to juice up multiple devices.

Published onNovember 29, 2019

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Companies like to compete against each other to see which of their chargers can be the quickest to juice you up to 100%. AUKEY is changing the game with its new line of chargers that pack incredible features like Dynamic Detect.

AUKEY doesn’t make just one charger, either. You can choose from five different chargers with different combinations of USB-C and USB-A ports to power up all of your devices. With AUKEY’s chargers, a single charging device will receive the full 60W charging speeds, but in total the AUKEY PA-D5 can charge up to 63W. When you plug in two devices, the priority device will pull 45W and the secondary one will access 18W.

Double the charging with Dynamic Detect


The headline feature of AUKEY’s chargers is the ability to use Dynamic Detect. Using one or both ports in your charger will automatically adjust the output for each device. There are unique variants that range from 30W of total output up to 60W. The AUKEY PA-D4 has one port to charge your phone extremely fast at 60W to get you up and running in no time.

This makes the AUKEY PA-D5 the digital nomad’s perfect solution. Hunker down in your favorite coffee shop without having to worry about keeping track of your cables. It’s also the ideal home office solution. Anywhere you want to juice up your two primary devices, this handy product makes it a breeze.

Charge with the power of GaN


How can AUKEY supercharge its chargers so efficiently? It all starts with the power of Gallium Nitride, or GaN. GaN is progressively replacing traditional silicon elements in electronics, and for good reason. GaN is over 1,000 times more efficient than silicon when it comes to conducting electrons, which means much faster charging.

GaN costs less, uses less power, and takes up less space than traditional silicon elements. AUKEY uses all of these benefits in its chargers to make them faster, smaller, and more affordable than other competitors. Leave your old charger behind and join AUKEY and GaN in the future.

Smaller footprint, bigger charging


The AUKEY Dynamic Detect chargers have the power and portability to be the only charger you ever need. The prongs fold into the body so your charger won’t get stuck on anything else you carry. Think about packing for vacation: sure, you need to have your charging cables, but do you really need all of the outlet plugs? Replace them all with just one AUKEY charger.

I mentioned above that there are five models of AUKEY charger, and you can find them all described below:

  • PA-D1 30W Charger: One USB A and one USB C port
  • PA-D2 36W Charger: Two USB C ports
  • PA-D3 60W Charger: One USB A and one USB C port
  • PA-D4 60W Charger: One USB C port
  • PA-D5 60W Charger: Two USB C ports

My personal favorite of the list is the AUKEY PA-D5 60W Charger, between the power and the two USB-C ports, it has everything I need. It’s on sale right now on Amazon for just $50, and it’s saved tons of time that I would normally have spent charging my devices. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, too.

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