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When it comes to saving money and getting a deal on cellular service, prepaid plans tend to be the best choice, especially if you get service via MVNOs, which tend to have more aggressive pricing than traditional carriers. That said, recently even the big US carriers have been doing more to make their prepaid plans stand out and for AT&T GoPhone that means adding rollover data to select prepaid plans.

Starting May 15th AT&T will allow any unused data from one month carry over to the next, though this carried balance only lasts 30 days and so you can’t keep hording data over a larger period of time. Furthermore, the data rollover option will only apply to the $45 (1.5GB data) and $60 prepaid (4GB) plans. In addition to rolling over high-speed data, AT&T also offers unlimited reduced speeds once you run out of your allotment, though the speeds are as low as 128kbps.

Even with the addition of rollover data, it is pretty hard to recommend AT&T GoPhone’s service when there are plenty of other options out there that offer more. Then again, some folks prefer dealing with bigger carries (which generally have better customer service) than smaller MVNOs, so there’s always that. What do you think of AT&T’s GoPhone service, especially with the latest additional perk? Let us know in the comments.

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