Texting is sometimes a drag because, well, you have put some effort to use your fingers on a keypad after all. How about sending text messages with your voice? That’s what AT&T wants to offer its users who also own an Amazon Echo or Echo Doc connected speaker.

The wireless carrier announced today that, starting on Friday, Nov. 18, it will release the AT&T Send Message skill for the Echo speakers. The new skill will allow users to ask Alexa (the digital assistant that’s part of the Echo speakers) to have AT&T text one of their contacts. Alexa will then ask the user to say the actual text message to be delivered to that contact. The new skill will let users add up to 10 frequent contacts. Keep in mind this new feature is only for qualified AT&T wireless customers so you are out of luck if you are using another carrier.

AT&T also announced today that both the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers will be available to purchase at the carrier’s retail stores starting on Friday. The price for the larger Echo will be $179 while the much smaller Echo Dot will sell for $49.