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The Asus ROG Phone 2 price has been revealed in China as its pre-orders go live on (h/t Gadgets360). The gaming-focused handset can be reserved in a couple of flavors, including an intriguing Tencent version, ahead of its release on July 31.

The Tencent-affiliated model retails for 3,499 yuan (~$509) and comes with 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM. The standard version of the phone, arriving with 12GB RAM and 128GB ROM, costs 5,999 yuan (~$873) — this model is likely the global variant.

Meanwhile, the standard model of the original ROG Phone cost 5999 yuan (~$873) when it launched in China last year for 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM. There was also an 8GB RAM + 512GB ROM version that cost 7,999 yuan (~$1,164).

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Asus has a couple of other ROG Phone 2 variants lined up for the future, a Zhizun model for 7,999 (~$1,164) and an Esports Armour version for 12,999 (~$1,891), but they’re probably China-only.

What does that mean for us?

I haven’t found many English-language details regarding the Tencent model, but I suspect this arrives with certain apps, offers, or UI elements promoting the game publishing giant. It might be something like what Amazon used to offer with its discounted, ad-subsized devices. Regardless, I doubt the Tencent model, like the Zhizum and Esports models, will make it outside of China anyway, so let’s park that for the moment.

Editor's Pick

The original ROG phone cost $899 in the U.S., so given that the standard ROG Phone 2 comes with the same price in China, we can expect the ROG Phone 2 would cost $899 in the U.S. also. For that, the ROG Phone 2 offers a better chipset, better cameras, more RAM, and a better display than its predecessor.

Though the standard variant’s potential $899 price may not excite your wallet quite like the Tencent model’s price does, it’s rare that we see a phone sequel offer flat-out upgrades without a corresponding price hike. We’ve called the phone’s specs insane, and we called it “overkill” in our ROG Phone 2 hands-on; $899 still seems like excellent value.

Of course, we still don’t have confirmed prices for the phone outside of China, but we’re in a good spot so far. Asus is set to launch the ROG Phone 2 next week in China and the international launch is tipped for September. The phone is expected to arrive in the U.S. and E.U.

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