The virtual reality marketplace on Google Play is getting pretty competitive. The availability of Google Cardboard and other smartphone kits is making development and consumption of the cutting-edge medium increasingly easy. Hundreds of tourism and relaxation themed VR apps have inundated the market, so what makes Ascape – 360° Virtual Tours stand out? Ascape offers the best of both worlds for both VR content creators and VR consumers.

For those who want to use their smartphone for a temporary reprieve from their everyday life, Ascape provides an increasingly diverse library of daily virtual tours that seeks to inspire, relax, and awe. The app is completely free, so suddenly a trip to a tropical island or sunny California just got a lot cheaper. Unlike a lot of VR apps, Ascape is putting some pretty high standards on their audio and visual quality, so you’re guaranteed an unbroken, professionally formatted experience. It’s also, naturally, compatible with any smartphone kit including Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR ONE, DoDo Case VR, Homido, Durovis Dive, and Fibrum.


Furthermore, Ascape has established the first pay-per-download model for VR creators, which is guaranteed to attract a wide variety of VR content. Because of their high standards of quality, Ascape offers an initial $100 upon the acceptance of cinematic, travel-related VR videos. After that, creators earn an additional $0.10 each time their experience is downloaded by a unique visitor. For creators who are willing to make their content Ascape-exclusive, Ascape is offering even higher returns per download.

This combination works well for both parties. High pay potential attracts a variety of content creators, and an ever-increasing library of high-quality, curated content is sure to draw a large userbase. Especially since the app is available for free. The larger the userbase, the higher the pay potential for the creators, the more content Ascape attracts, etc… I assume you see where I’m going here.

There have been some complaints that Ascape overwhelms some lower-end devices, but with their high bar for quality, it’s inevitable that some devices get left behind. Ready to get your hands on some new VR content? Are you a VR creator looking to publish? Check out Ascape in the Google Play Store and see what the world has in store.

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