We’ve seen multiple different approaches to smartwatch design over the last few years, with some companies like Pebble taking the button control route, while platforms like Android Wear rely on touch and voice. Looking for a third option? Aria is an add-on module that you clip onto your Android Wear or Pebble Time watch, allowing you to control either of these platforms with various gestures.

So how does it work? The Aria measures the movement in your wrist, making it easy to control your watch for those moments when your other hand isn’t free such as when you are on the phone, drinking something, holding something — you get the idea. The only catch with the Aria is that it is yet another product that doesn’t exist yet, with a planned Kickstarter launch supposedly set for sometime in the next few weeks. Once it hits on Kickstarter, the Aria will be available in two versions, one for Android Wear and one for Pebble Time.

The Pebble Time model is a cheaper $69 unit that will connect directly to the Pebble Time with no need for its own battery or Bluetooth connection. For Android Wear owners, a more expensive $169 model will contain a battery, Bluetooth, and everything else it needs to work nicely with Android Wear. This model will also include a robust SDK and is aimed primarily at developers. This more expensive version could also theoretically be made to work with other watch platforms that support Bluetooth devices, including the Gear line.

We admit this is sort of a cool idea but at $169, at least for the ‘fuller featured’ unit that plays nicely with Android Wear, we have a feeling few people are actually going to bite on this one. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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