Angry Birds is about to get its first-ever sequel, well, ignoring the many, many spin-off sequels that Rovio has already thrown our way including Angry Birds Star Wars, Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Fight, and countless others (well, they can be counted .. And they number 14).

While calling this new title “Angry Birds 2” seems a bit funny considering the many chapters this game has already seen, we can hope this means that the game will offer the same classic gameplay as the original but expanded in a greater way that goes beyond what we’ve seen in bird-flinging spin-offs like Star Wars or Space. Some fetching new graphics or a new camera angle (3D bird flicking anyone) would be pretty cool too. For now, all we can do is speculate what the sequel will bring, but Rovio has announced it will be hitting Google Play, and all other major app stores, July 30th.

The big question is whether Angry Birds 2 can recapture the magic of the original, as well as the attention. Angry Birds is still a highly known franchise, but the reality is it’s not nearly as popular as it once was and many smartphone users are growing weary of the series. The obvious answer would be to give the birds a break and try something new, but for now Rovio seems content to keep milking the cash cow dry.

What kind of changes would it take to make you interested in Angry Birds 2? Or are you simply sick of the birdies at this point?