image_60An Android enthusiast with an old (and discontinued) Dell Axim x51v has recently found the nerve to create a working port of Android for the device. Furthermore, we can now follow his exploits on his purpose built blog. Running the Cupcake branch of Android, the custom Axim x51v has a 624 Mhz CPU which should allow it to run the OS without breaking a sweat. More information and video after the jump.

The author has mapped some keys to act as the Menu and Back buttons and although there are quite a few functions that the author admits are not fully working just yet, the touchscreen works, along with the keyboard. Once Wi-Fi and Bluetooth get involved in the mix we are more than half way there. This is another great of example of how a lightweight OS such as Android can bring new life into old, but perfectly respectable, devices.

AxDroid – Android on Dell Axim x51v from Ertan D. on Vimeo.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.