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Android N allows you to change your device's display size [Diving into Android N]

March 9, 2016
Android N DPI-AA

Android users have been able to tweak the system font in the settings menu for quite awhile now, and there’s a new option in Android N that brings that feature to the next level.

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If you’ve ever had trouble viewing the content on your Android device’s screen, this new feature is for you. Android N includes the ability to set a different display size, which will magnify all elements on the screen to help improve device accessibility for users with low or impaired vision. And if you’re on the opposite end of that spectrum and would like things to be a bit smaller on your device, you can change that too. To access this new feature, head to Settings>Display>Display size.

Display size screenshot

When you get to this new menu, you’ll be able to use the slider at the bottom to either increase or decrease the display size. Up above that you can swipe through three different previews to help you decide which display size to choose. Once you exit out of this menu, you’re all set — your display size should now be changed.

Google says this new feature should not require developers to make any changes to the code in their apps. Just to be safe though, developers should review the feature to make sure it works properly. For more detailed information on this change, follow the Android Developers link attached below.