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Amazon has seen some wide success with a few of its original television shows, especially with shows like Catastrophe, Hand of God, and the Golden Globe and Emmy-award winning hit Transparent. To build off of the success of these original shows, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea for the company to make its way into the live TV streaming business. And according to a new report from Bloomberg, Amazon is planning to do just that.

Amazon is said to be exploring the creation of a live online television streaming service that would include programming from major players such as CBS and NBC. Now, Amazon already offers its Prime Video streaming service which is more akin to Netflix or Hulu. This new streaming service, though, would make Amazon a competitor with Dish Network’s Sling TV by offering a host of live content that’s normally only available to those with a cable subscription.

The report notes that Amazon is still in the early stages of creating this service, so there’s a chance that the company has no plans to enter the live TV streaming business at all. With more and more major players entering the live TV streaming space, we’d say this is a logical next step for Amazon. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if we hear anything else regarding Amazon’s plans.