Amazon Kindle Lite app

Amazon has announced the launch of Kindle Lite, a lightweight alternative to its Kindle app. An India-first product, the Amazon Kindle Lite app is developed for readers using smartphones with limited storage and on 2G/3G networks.

Kindle Lite consumes less memory while providing a seamless reading experience, even over slow internet connections and patchy networks. The app is less than 2MB and downloads in under a minute on your phone. You can read instantly and do not need to wait for eBooks to download completely to begin reading. It also allows you to actively manage storage for downloaded eBooks as well as monitor your data usage over WiFi or mobile networks.

Amazon Kindle Lite

Amazon had launched the Kindle Lite app as an open beta on Google Play Store last year to improve the customer experience with faster downloads, instant reading, and a lighter app.

The app is available for all Android smartphones but is limited to the Indian market at the moment. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it in the comments!