When asked to play some tunes, Amazon Echo’s hostess Alexa has long been able to play Amazon Music, Prime Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and TuneIn. A major player absent on this list has been Spotify, and the A-to-Z company says that this product was one of the most requested streaming services their users have been asking for. Today, Amazon finally secured Spotify functionality, bringing millions of songs to millions of users overnight.

Toni Reid, the director of Amazon Alexa, says that streaming music is one of the most used feature of Amazon Echo. Bringing Spotify to the voice-controlled wireless home speaker has been in the plans for a while, but it seems that securing access to this massively popular music service was something of a hassle. Now 20 million paying Spotify subscribers just got a new device to play their favorite songs on.

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Paying is the key word here. This service is only available through Amazon Echo for paid Spotify subscribers. Those who are coasting along on the free version won’t be able to access this feature, alas. Still, this is a big move for Amazon. Echo was something of an unexpected success, so bringing new services to the platform is a sign of good health for the device. Amazon will also be tauting the Echo in their first-ever Super Bowl commercial come game day this year.

What are your thoughts regarding Spotify’s arrival to the Amazon Echo? Personally, I’d like to see Google Play Music make it to this list, since that’s my go-to music streaming service. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

(Update: live now in the app) Spotify to launch video content on Android this week