Amazon has just announced the Echo Look, a device that uses a camera to keep you looking your best. It’s a bit of a crazy idea, but it also serves as an indication of how digital assistants can evolve to fit more specific needs. What’s the next step? “A person familiar with plans” has told CNET the popular online retailer is planning to launch yet another Echo product; one that will come with a built-in screen.

The source states the Echo team may be feeling pressured after Google’s announcement that its device can recognize different users. This may be pushing Amazon to launch its upcoming project sooner than expected as it tries to keep up with competition. In fact, he says this screen-bearing device could launch as soon as next month, but the release date is not set just yet.

Amazon had good head start in this business, but Google is definitely catching up with great features, sound quality and a competitiveve price tag. This move could be part of Amazon’s efforts to make itself stand out in this market.

Now we have to wonder what this screen will exactly do. I could see it becoming a good recipe tool, news hub or security camera monitor.

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