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More alleged LG G4 renders show front and sides... and an outdated logo

Not even 24 hours after a leak claiming to depict an early press render of the LG G4's rear hit, the front and sides are now making their rounds as well.

Published onMarch 11, 2015


2014 was a very good year for LG. Despite the fact that its smartphone market share didn’t actually increase, it saw mobile phone sales rise by over 10 million units. This was in no small part thanks to the LG G3 flagship, the world’s first mainstream device to feature a QHD display. The same handset would, just months later, then become one of the first mainstream devices to be updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop, a feat that impressed even the most skeptical critics.

Yesterday we brought you a picture that claimed to be of an early press-render for LG’s 2015 flagship, the G4, which is expected to pack a 5.5-inch screen, Snapdragon 810 SoC and high resolution back/front cameras. Today, the leak has become more of a steady drip as the sides and front are now making rounds courtesy of none other than French website Nowhereelse:

Not much appears to have changed from the front, save for the removal of the old LG logo.

As you will notice, the device itself definitely appears to be curved, not just the back but also the front as well. This subtle curve appears to be similar to that of the new LG Magna and Spirit mid-rangers, which feature a slightly curved LCD screen.

The camera is also clearly a very large part of the top bezel which corroborates the rumors of a 5-megapixel front facing shooter. This might very well indicate there will be additional camera-related software on-board to take advantage of the component. Also note the sides which look quite similar to those of the Flex 2 and suggesting that, interestingly enough, the new bendable handset might have been designed along side the G4 as opposed to the G3 which many had assumed was the case.

One thing that is a bit curious (suggesting these renders might be quite old/early) is that the logo at the bottom of the device is clearly the pre-2015 version. Take a look at the G Flex 2 and see what we mean:

lg g flex 2 unboxing aa (6 of 31)
The G Flex 2 is the first device to feature LG’s new, smoother logo.

Notice the font used on the above image is much cleaner and thinner. More specifically, the bottom right portion of the “G” is rounded whereas in the old logo, it wasn’t. You can see this as well by taking a look at the company’s exhibition booth designs, with the old logo appearing on the left side, and the new logo on the right:

Rounding out the leak, we have the side and back of the device which highlight the curve as well as suggest LG will once again be making use of metal-like plastics:

Those fearing Korea’s other conglomerate may have pulled a Samsung and opted to create a uni-body design need not fear, as a pry point can clearly be seem along the bottom left side of the back, which may-or-may-not have self-healing functionality. While this will likely indicate the presence of microSD expansion, the G Flex 2 also featured a removable rear yet lacked the ability to swap out the battery. Hopefully LG will either seal-in an ample power cell or else allow owners to replace it.

lg curved edge display (2)
LG curved it because it can, but until a product releases it’s unlikely to have lots of fans.

Despite the fact LG’s G4 has yet to be officially unveiled, it hasn’t stopped the company from already trying to build up hype for an even more premiumhigher flagship. While nothing is being hinted, we suspect it will either come in the form of a Galaxy Note-type G4 variant, or else a LG Curve which would make use of the company’s double dual edge display, similar to what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Any thoughts on the leaks? Assuming these pictures are indeed an indication of the final product, are you happy with the ergonomics?

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