Alcatel is far from a household name, especially in the US market, but over the last couple years they have been slowly upping their game with a number of phenomenal devices including the Idol 4 series. At IFA 2016, Alcatel hopes to continue pushing forward with its vision of affordable yet capable handsets. With that in mind, the company has introduced the Alcatel Shine Lite.

As you might guess from the name, a big part of the appeal is the phone’s 5MP front shooter that has flash baked in for an enhanced selfie experience. Aside from the selfie-minded front cam, the Shine Lite also offers a 13MP rear cam, a fingerprint scanner, and a premium looking build. The rest of the specs are a bit fuzzy at this stage, though Alcatel does confirm the phone has a 5-inch 720p display. Considering the target pricing, we can safely say the phone uses either an entry-level Snapdragon or a MediaTek chip.

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As is the case with many other Alcatel devices, the real defining feature for the phone isn’t its hardware or software — it’s the pricing. The Shine Lite is expected to debut at 199 Euros, or roughly $225. The Shine Lite will hit Europe, Asia, and North America later this month.

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