Though this is not an Android Wear device, or an advanced wearable for that matter, the Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch may be the perfect device for someone simply looking to get into the smart watch game. Is it the right device for you? We hope to help answer that question in this quick first look.

Let’s start by touching on the design, which may look a little bit familiar to you. This is because it is very similar to the good ol’ sports watches many of you are still fans of. It certainly resembles the classic G-Shock watches. Thankfully this is not the only look you can go for. Replaceable shells are an option, as one can easily put the removable unit into these bodies. This makes customization really easy, all around.

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Just don’t expect bells and whistles coming out of this thing. This is a very simplistic watch available for Android devices, as it runs off its own set of applications. You can look at your heart rate and perform a series of other simple tasks.

We have already seen this software implementation in last year’s Alcatel One Touch Smart Watch, But why the different naming scheme? This is, for all intents and purposes, just a successor to last year’s device. Only this time around the manufacturer is re-branding it to go with the Go Play smartphones.

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On the inside we find a 1.22-inch display with a 240×204 resolution. Furthermore, this little gadget is powered by a Cortex M4 chipset and a 225 mAh battery. This should be enough to keep you going for about 2-5 days without recharging, thanks to the Go Watch’s simplified functionality. And powering that battery up should only take about an hour.

One cool part about the Go Watch is that it tries to assess your mood in certain unique ways. Press the new “Go” button and all the sensors will start triggering, including the heart rate monitor. The device will then give you suggestions on what you should do to improve your feelings. Screaming, loving and walking are just a few examples of what you may need at the moment. You can also easily share what you are up to, as the device is conveniently connected to all your social networks.

With all that said, we believe this could be a great option for the younger crowd, or for those who simply don’t need a very complicated and advanced smart watch. It helps that it will come at a pretty accessible price point, too — though no exact pricing has been revealed just yet.

And that’s it for our first quick look. Hit the comments to share your thoughts and keep it tuned to Android Authority. Remember we are your source for all things Android and we are currently going nuts at IFA 2015. You don’t want to miss any of this!

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