The “endless runner” genre has become a haven for free-to-play titles, particularly those that have a license tagged to it. Adventure Time Run: The Ooo Expedition is one such game, though at least there is a bit of variation.

As the name implies, Adventure Time Run is an endless runner that lets you swipe to avoid obstacles and collect things, all the while you visit multiple worlds. With the coins you collect, you can improve your character’s attributes, such as defense, attack, and HP.

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You do not have to pump all your coins into one character because the game lets you play as characters besides Finn – Jake the Dog, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Flame Princess, Earl of Lemongrab, and Fionna are also playable characters. They are not all available from the get-go, since there are different requirements you must fulfill to unlock them.

Regardless of the character you choose, the attributes are included because Adventure Time Run throws in a bit of variation when you jump through portals. For example, one level I played turned into a shooter, while another section had me run away from the Ice King and avoid his attacks.

Unfortunately, Adventure Time Run is also free-to-play, which, in this context, means plenty of in-app purchases. From diamonds and coins to hearts necessary to refill your play meter, there is little that can’t be purchased. Even changing your nickname costs diamonds, which, you guessed it, are purchasable with real-world money.

Of course, you can just grind through the game and not spend a dime, and at least Adventure Time Run offers multiple ways to reward you with coins and diamonds. Still, the game is a mobile free-to-play endless runner based on a popular property, so you should pay attention to your monthly statements if you are a parent.

If Adventure Time Run sounds right up your alley, you can download it at the link below.

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