Acer StarVR 2

With the big virtual reality trend on the rise, it looks like Acer is looking to try its hand at making more than just VR-ready computers. Acer has just announced it’s teaming up with Starbreeze, a game development studio from Sweden, to help design, manufacture, promote and sell the game company’s StarVR headset.

First announced back in June 2015 at E3, Starbreeze’s StarVR virtual reality headset features two built-in 5.5-inch Quad HD screens, a 210-degree horizontal wide field of view, position tracking as well as “IMU and optical sensor fusion” for a low-latency experience. You can learn more about StarVR at this link.

Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze, says:

Since our launch in June 2015, we have had an amazing start with StarVR. By partnering with Acer we shift gears yet again to firmly position us as the leader in top-end VR experiences. Acer is an excellent, experienced and prominent hardware partner that will accelerate us in realizing and producing a high-definition, high-fidelity VR headset. We’ve been working with a clear roadmap for our VR strategy from day one, and are now about to realize one of the first major collaborations we set out to achieve. The future for StarVR is now set and extremely exciting.

This new partnership is beneficial for both parties involved. Starbreeze gets some additional name recognition and help finishing up its VR headset, while Acer gets a bit of help entering the VR headset space for the first time. Additional details on the partnership can be found in the press release below.

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