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Vivo’s V series builds on a legacy of innovation in mobile photography

vivo is cementing its place as a selfie king with the vivo V series.

Published onDecember 3, 2020

vivo v20 series

vivo is making waves with its new V20 lineup of phones designed to bring industry-leading front camera capabilities to users in a sleek and stylish package. Catering to consumers’ needs, vivo is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in both smartphone photography technology and design.

vivo has an impressive track record of innovation, and all that hard work went into the V20 series. Let’s dig into the V20 series devices, some of the innovations that brought them here, and vivo’s user-centric approach to innovation that has enabled the company to stay ahead of the industry and bring us the tech we never knew we needed.

V20 in focus: The ultimate selfie experience

In an age where phones are packing in the pixels and adding more rear-facing lenses, the vivo V20 series stands out by reimagining the selfie camera experience. With industry-leading front-facing camera technology, it’s here to help document your life, inspiring joy with a creative and simple design.

Both the premium V20 Pro and the V20 pack 44MP main selfie shooters, while the budget-friendly V20 SE is no slouch with a 32MP lens. After years of gathering consumer feedback and insights, vivo has brought helpful features like Super Night Mode and Tripod Mode for impressive night shots and remarkable image stabilization. While the front-facing camera is the crown jewel of the V20 series, all three models sport powerful triple rear camera setups too — excellent for aspiring photographers.

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Another key development is the addition of Eye Autofocus to both the V20 and V20 Pro devices. Paired with a powerful FD facial recognition algorithm, independently developed by vivo, Eye Autofocus can precisely track motion in real-time and eliminate out-of-focus content in different scenarios to capture every delightful moment.

Design-driven innovation: Addressing user needs with style

vivo v20 pro

The idea behind vivo’s sleek, stylish design is to make the V20 series an extension of the user’s daily life and independent style. Smart and creative design can go a long way in addressing various issues. Here are some of the things vivo got right with the V20 design.

Through device hardware stack optimization, the phones have become slimmer, allowing for long-time use without becoming a burden. With the use of AG Matte Glass, your devices look more stylish and are comfortable to hold. vivo also understands your need to keep the screen clean, so AF coating is used to help you get rid of fingerprints. If that’s not enough, the V20 series features a Dual Tone Step camera design which neatly arranges the rear cameras in thin cascading layers, resulting in the perfect combination of technology and style.

The vivo vision: A culture of breakthrough innovations


vivo is devoted to comprehensive R&D efforts that culminate in cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly designs. It’s easy to see such examples in the groundbreaking Elevating Front Camera on the vivo APEX and NEX or the Gimbal CameraSystem of the vivo X50 flagship series. Recently, vivo introduced the award-winning IFEA concept, a device embedded with a detachable pop-up front camera module, controlled manually or by remote voice activation. These innovative features solidify vivo’s prominence as a leading tech giant that is spearheading smartphone development.

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vivo has been honing the front camera of the V series ever since its conception in 2011. Each iteration in the series has seen tremendous improvement, and each version has its own distinct look and feel. vivo was the first company to offer gesture-based navigation on the V7 Plus and an in-display fingerprint reader on the V11. The Elevating Front Camera featured on the V15 provides the first 32MP selfie camera in the smartphone industry, along with a gorgeous Ultra FullView Display with a 90.95% screen-to-body ratio.

By infusing innovative technology and trendsetting design, the V series provides ultra-immersive experiences packaged in a sleek, contemporary, and minimalist aesthetic. Smart devices are a necessity in our personal and professional lives and are an important tool of self-expression, which is why vivo is always striving for new heights.

Meaningful innovation with the people in mind

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Each generation of the V series adapts to the evolving needs of smartphone users that value mobile photography. Yet, vivo never innovates for the sake of innovation; this mantra is embedded in the company core philosophy. It serves as a moral guide for vivo employees in their day-to-day duties, fostering the spirit of meaningful innovation to create technology products that are tailored to the needs of customers.

Both the technology and the design-driven innovations of the V20 series are intended to promote feelings of pleasure and joy for users. vivo’s commitment to this is evidenced by the company’s new “Joy Of Humanity” mantra. Embracing every opportunity to satisfy consumers’ demand, vivo relentlessly breaks the boundaries of its technical development process and continues to provide limitless possibilities to users amid its constant pursuit of innovations and investment in R&D.

Vivo’s industrial design is also centered around consumer needs. Standing in customers’ shoes, vivo’s industrial design team is a mix of design talent and specialists in consumer and market trends beyond just the smartphone market. The consumer trend research team, together with three other departments, focuses on product appearance, materials, and concept to ensure vivo tailors its different products to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

All of this innovation is powered by vivo’s 10,000-strong R&D expert workforce across nine state-of-the-art global innovation centers, including dedicated units in Tokyo and San Diego that specialize in camera technology. To explore the limitless possibilities of mobile photography, vivo also launched the VISION+ visual content ecosystem, which centers around the theme of “Joy Image” as its core foundation, universally heightening the standards of mobile photography. vivo has assembled a team of 30 elite photographers to combine their perspective with the expertise of engineers, creating tools of visual aesthetic exploration that provide stunning clarity.

The new V20 series is the latest milestone in vivo’s innovative history. To learn more about the new V20, click the link below.

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