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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week! - Android Apps Weekly

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! This week we talk about a couple of huge game releases, some awesome Google Play sales, and the latest Humble Bundle!

Published onSeptember 25, 2015

Android Apps Weekly FIFA 16

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security suite free antivirus Android Apps Weekly
Security Suite Free Antivirus

[Price: Free]
This week’s Android Apps Weekly is sponsored by Security Suite Free Antivirus! This simple and minimal antivirus application scans your applications and files to make sure there are no threats to your device. It’s unique deep scanning feature spots malware inside of applications even if it’s hard to find and it’ll even open up and check on ZIP files. On top of that, the app provides real-time protection while browsing the web and will scan files as you download them and apps as you install them. Along with that, you’ll find links to test the service for yourself, a host of video tutorials, and a gorgeous, Material Design inspired interface complete with video tutorials on how to use it. It’s totally free and it’s available right now in the Google Play Store.

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! Here are your headlines for this week:

  • Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it was bringing 360-degree videos to your news feed. This is likely to keep pace with YouTube which has supported VR style videos for some time. The feature is already rolling out for Android and on the web with iOS getting it later for once.
  • Google Play is giving away a ton of free music this week with their “Very Best of” collection of music. Some of the free music you can get is 311, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Sly & The Family Stone, and many others. Check it out while you still can!
  • Both the Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto series of games are currently on sale in the Google Play Store. These are two franchises known for their high quality game play and long stories. You’ll want to take advantage of this deal if you can, while you can.
  • Monument Valley developers ustwo have announced that they’ll be releasing a VR game called Land’s End. It’s done up with the same awesome design the company is known for and it’ll be launching on October 30th. The only issue is that it’ll be exclusively for the Samsung Gear VR.
  • The latest Humble Bundle is out! This time around you can find games such as Real Boxing, Great Little War Game 2, Tiny Guardians, and more. The average price is less than $5 right now and this is a great lineup of games even for a Humble Bundle. Check it out!

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fifa 16 ultimate team Android Apps Weekly
FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the latest iteration of the popular FIFA franchise on mobile and it’s now available to everyone on the Google Play Store. The game features graphical enhancements from last year’s version along with updated rosters, a new engine for better controls and AI, and more. It boasts 10,000 players from 500 licensed teams and, of course, the all-important Ultimate Team functionality returns. It’s free to play and it’s already fairly popular.

stick with android Android Apps Weekly
Stick with Android

[Price: Free]
In response to the perceived insult that was Apple’s Move to iOS, another Android developer released Stick with Android. The premise is simple, you click the button and you get to stick with Android. Of course, the app doesn’t really do anything, but it’s a tongue-in-cheek gesture to mock Apple’s application. If you want to check it out, the link is below. It’s worth reading the 5-star reviews at the very least.

stick with Android Android Apps Weekly

khan academy Android Apps Weekly
Khan Academy

[Price: Free]
Khan Academy has been around for a while but the application has been in beta. With their most recent update, the application has been released to the public to decent reviews so far. For those who don’t know, Khan Academy is a learning platform where you can brush up on old knowledge and obtain some new knowledge. Included is 10,000 instructional videos and complete syncing between your device and their web interface. It’s also free.

khan academy Android Apps Weekly

outlook groups Android Apps Weekly
Outlook Groups

[Price: Free]
Outlook Groups is a new application out of Microsoft that is meant to be used with their newly released Microsoft Office 2016. With it you can engage with other people with an Office 365 account and you can do things like participate in email conversations, share photos, collaborate using OneNote, and edit Office documents with other people. It’s provides a great deal of functionality and it’s worth a shot if you have or plan to get Office 2016.

outlook groups Android Apps Weekly

eternity warriors 4 Android Apps Weekly
Eternity Warriors 4

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Last up this week is Eternity Warriors 4. This is the latest iteration of the popular Eternity Warriors franchise. In this hack-and-slash RPG, you’ll engage in a quest to defeat bad guys and collect tons of loot. The title features guilds, PvP battles in an arena, and the developers are adding new events to play through on a pretty consistent basis. It has some release day bugs but we imagine those will get ironed out sooner or later.

Wrap up

If we missed any great Android apps or games news that we shouldn’t have, tell us about it in the comments! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!

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