Zedge 4.0 – Everything you need to know

by: Joe HindyDecember 19, 2013

Zedge is a very popular and widely used app that people use to download wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones, and games. Today, the Zedge developers have released an update to Zedge 4.0. It brought with it a much needed design overhaul and a few new features. To see them in action, check the video above or keep reading for more info!

Zedge app review
That said, the new Zedge is beautiful. In the old interface, it was functional but wasn’t much to look at. You selected a category from the main screen and started scrolling. Again, it was functional, but not overly optimized.

In the new interface, the new design elements allow Zedge to spread out its content and make it easier to search and sort. The pop out menu from the left lets you easily switch to whatever content you need to search and swiping between categories lets you narrow your search faster and easier. This allows users to use Zedge in ways that were unavailable in the prior design.

Zedge 4.0 review
Aside from the easier navigation, the new design also puts an emphasis on all of its content rather than just some of it. It’s easier to stumble on the gaming and live wallpapers sections because it’s easier to see what those sections can offer.

The last thing we’ll talk about is the new recommendations. The app allows you to surf just like you normally would, but it will now make better recommendations than it used to.

Zedge 4.0 update
At the end of the day, this update is just what the doctor ordered for Zedge. Its dated design was functional, but it was time for a change. It is worth noting that the content itself is pretty much the same, but with these new features, it’ll be easier to surf more of that content faster. Let’s face it, the old design was not the Get it on Google Playway to surf through 100,000 wallpapers. If you haven’t tried it, we recommend you do. It is a free app. Just click the button to grab it.

  • Balraj

    Blocked in India
    Any idea how to access it? That would be very helpful

  • John Garlits

    It lost the ability to custom-select multiple wallpaper categories, and it won’t work in landscape. The overall update is good visually, but it needs work to catch up to some of the functionality it used to have.

  • Dooberskystein

    it woulda been good, but without the ability to see all the NEWEST wallpapers as they’re added, especially if u like to upload, I’m staying on 3.5. Also no support for Nexus 7 2013, or support, but with wrong sized wallpapers which would fit the old N7. And the new app creates a HUGE ass data cache and uses up a lot of data on my plan (4GB mobile share)

  • Nick
  • ztalsii

    How do I login to the new Zedge and see the hundreds of ringtones I previously downloaded.?

  • Charlene Gillette

    Everytime i set a ringtone, it makes my phone silent. Even when i turn the volume on full blast. i set a ringtone for my alarm and it didnt go off cause i was using a ringtone from Zedge. Not sure whats up with that. I thought it was my phone and got a new one by paying my warranty and found out its actually the Zedge app putting my phone on silent even when the volume is all the way up.