While we already suspected that the upcoming November 24th Xiaomi event would focus on the Redmi Note 2 Pro, yesterday Xiaomi teased an image of the device, showing off the back and its integrated fingerprint scanner. The Note 2 Pro is expected to be the first handset from the company to offer a full metal body and a fingerprint scanner, but is that all we’ll see on the 24th? Apparently not.

Xiaomi has now revealed yet another image, this time showing off what is believed to be the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. The image tells us very little about what to expect from the Mi Pad 2, but thankfully the device recently was spotted on GeekBench. While not a lot of spec details were revealed, allegedly the tablet will be powered a 2.24GHz Intel X5-Z8500 SOC, as opposed to the NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip found in the original. As for the software, we can expect the tablet to run Xiaomi’s MIUI, built on top of Android.

So with both the Redmi Note 2 Pro and Mi Pad 2 expected to be shown off on November 24th, the event is certainly shaping up to be a memorable one. Now the big question that remains is if Xiaomi has any more surprises in store for us, or if the two devices will be the only new announcements on offer.

What do you think, excited for the Note 2 Pro or the Mi Pad 2? Share your comments down below.

Andrew Grush
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  • Tajwar

    And could be a dual-boot device

  • Arion PT

    Hey! Will you do a Xiaomi Mi4C review?

  • Why intel and why not Qualcomm

    • Mohd Danial

      Qualcomm overheats

    • s2weden2000

      price/performance ratio …

  • Iwanova

    I hope mipad 2 come with proper kernel source not like the first one.

  • Benjaminlikes GPlus


  • catapult

    im in a love-hate relationship with my mipad, its a grt piece of hardware, nice display, powerful chip, grt battery life, but the software is not optimised well, it gets laggy sometimes due to the miui, inspite of the powerful nvidia tegra k1, not a fan of miui afterall, till this date its still on kitkat 4.4, and all the xiaomi app goodies in thier phones are still absent. it could pretty much be my first and last xiaomi product

    • s2weden2000

      they said longtime ago that themes and alot of the phone included software is not included or will be..different usage scenario …

      • catapult

        That doesn’t explain the software issues, does it!!!?

  • flye

    MIUI 7 is stiill on Android 4.4
    Good hardware, junk software.
    And xiaomi is not going to release their source code.

    My advice is to skip it.

  • ébrenjáró

    I hope it comes with GPS not like the 1.

  • John

    No source code for Mipad = no love for Xiaomi. Customers remember how you treated them Xiaomi and until you fix this issue, there will be no love for you in the community.