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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi may not be the most prominent device maker in the world, but they’re sure trying to change that. At the company’s Mi Fan Festival 2015 in celebration of its 5th anniversary, Xiaomi discounted quite a few popular smartphones and accessories in hopes to achieve record-breaking numbers. As it turns out, they did just that.

By the end of the 12-hour long festival, Xiaomi sold a total of 2.12 million smartphones and recorded a total revenue of RMB 2.08 billion (~$335 million US). This is compared to the 1.3 million phones sold at last year’s festival. In addition, the company sold over 38,000 Mi TVs, 200,000 Mi Bands and 247,000 Mi Power Strips. Xiaomi says total revenue from accessories alone totaled roughly RMB 190 million.

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Xiaomi sold devices in seven different regions this year, with Malaysia, India and Indonesia being added to the list this time around.

In 2014 alone, Xiaomi sold a little over 61 million smartphones worldwide, which bumped them up to the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Obviously the company won’t produce results like this every day, but boasting 2.12 million devices in a mere 12 hours is a feat that not many OEMs could accomplish.

With Xiaomi’s anticipated growth of 30% overall this year, the company may be well on their way to achieving that goal.


Xiaomi sells 2.12 million phones in 12 hours during Mi Fan Festival 2015
Total revenue of RMB2.08 billion

9 April 2015 Mi Fan Festival 2015, the huge online party held to celebrate Xiaomi’s 5th birthday, ended on a high yesterday after Xiaomi achieved its best-ever single-day online sales performance. The company announced today that it sold 2.12 million phones and recorded total revenue of RMB2.08 billion (about US$335 million) over 12 hours.

Mi Fan Festival 2015 was concurrently held in seven markets this year. For the first time ever, Malaysia, India and Indonesia joined the party too.

With its latest achievement, Xiaomi beat its own record last year for the number of phones sold and total revenue during Singles Day 2014. Halfway through the event at 4.04p.m., Xiaomi already announced total revenue of RMB1.57 billion, surpassing the full-day results of both Mi Fan Festival 2014 and Singles Day 2014.

The 12-hour-long event proved that Xiaomi is truly an Internet company, with the e-commerce model being an extremely successful way of reaching its users. The company also sold a variety of products other than smartphones.

Over 38,000 Mi TVs and over 770,000 smart appliances were sold, including 200,000 Mi Bands and 247,000 Mi Power Strips. In fact, revenue from accessories stood at RMB190 million after 12 hours.

Xiaomi also demonstrated its commitment to fast delivery, with 500,000 orders shipped in 12 hours and the first order reaching a customer at 11.27a.m. – just 1 hour 27 minutes into the sale. In total, 3.05 million orders were made online over the course of 12 hours.

In 2014, Xiaomi sold 61.12 million smartphones and recorded total revenue of RMB74.3 billion. Analyst firm IDC ranked Xiaomi as the top smartphone vendor in China last year.[/press]

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  • Foramex

    Apple gets the same revenue, but needs to sell only a handful devices… #whothehellbuysiWatch/phone
    Only avg of 150$ a piece… That’s something we need to see more here… Go Xiaomi

  • Joe Ung

    You know what else is nice? I’ve spent just about the same amount of money at http://www.rubmaps.com, but actually gotten laid. Get with it nerds.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    Did they make a profit? They discounted items that already sell dirt cheap. They have to be losing money

    • Boonlumsion Piyapon

      I think they did make profit.

    • thomas sim

      I’m one of those who purchased number of accessories ( power bank etc ) myself, and those heavily discounted items are actually older products.

      • My Galaxy Prime

        I’ve read 2 articles about this and they leave the reader under the assumption that they sold brand new items.

        • Airyl


          • My Galaxy Prime

            Why would there be a problem?

        • mi

          redmi 2A, minote pink edition, piston 3, mi smart scale, new 55″ Mitv, mi selfie stick, mi power strip are brand new this sale.

          • My Galaxy Prime

            And they sold them at a reduced price? I’m not sure how smart that is but I’m sure someone did their research before making that call.

        • thomas sim

          Not to be causing confusion, it’s brand new item, just not new product. Reason I’m pointing out ‘older product’ because most new product only launch at China before other getting it, or not.

    • Karly Johnston

      They don’t make profit. It only exists to create jobs.

      • My Galaxy Prime

        I guess that’s not such a bad thing but how do you pay workers without profits?

    • Mohit

      Those are profits brother… You can imagine how cheap a smartphone is manufactured.

      • My Galaxy Prime

        I can imagine but that’s different than hard numbers. 2 articles I’ve read mention revenue but makes no mention of profits unless I missed it.

    • meir cohen

      Don’t you worry my friend. They know what they are doing.

      • My Galaxy Prime

        Hope so because they barely made a profit in 2013 and 14. But it doesn’t affect my pockets at all.

  • record

    Guinness World Record

  • Lan90

    Xiaomi company push it gadget crazily outrage at china…why not to other s country too?I m one of xiaomi users xiaomi mi note ….malaysia