Xiaomi became the world’s 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer last quarter

by: Robert TriggsOctober 28, 2014

Hugo Barra Xiaomi -19

Not long after becoming the largest smartphone vendor in China, Xiaomi has now claimed the spot as the third larger smartphone manufacturer in the world, according to market researcher IHS iSuppli.

The company sold 19 million smartphones in the third quarter of this year, the vast majority of which were sold in its home nation of China. In the second quarter of the year Xiaomi managed to sell 15.1 million smartphones, 14.6 of which were sold in China, according to Strategy Analytics. This suggests a quarter on quarter sales growth of 26 percent, which is very high indeed. Rival Huawei, which was ranked third last year, managed 16.8 million smartphone sales in the third quarter.

Looking at Xiaomi’s longer term sales, you can see just how sudden its rise to the top has been.

Xiaomi Q3 2014 smartphone sales

That is pretty remarkable growth spurt for a company that was only established four years ago. The company’s growth has mostly been led by the explosion of the Chinese smartphone industry and heavy local demand, but this trend is unlikely to continue forever.

Recently, Xiaomi has been attempting to expand beyond its core Chinese market, selling smartphones in Singapore, Hong Kong, and most recently in India too. Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra recently announced that the company was expanding its data centers around the world to better reach consumers outside of China.

Xiaomi still hasn’t released any sales or profit figures of its own, neither yearly or quarterly, so it’s hard to tell just how much money the company is making from this huge growth in sales. Despite the cutthroat pricing of its handsets, the sheer volume of customers is sure to leave plenty of cash around for future investments and expansion.

We will have to wait and see just how ambitious Xiaomi is and whether the company can become an equally well known brand outside of China over the next few years.

  • Nabeel

    I guess it might not be correct Coz they aren’t selling it through Retailers…. Here in India they are selling it online …..That too in limited sessions…!!..And they aren’t even selling in Major markets directly Like US,UK,Australia…And many..?…So How..?

    • Humayun ìbn Kamran

      China can be the biggest market for any smartphone manufacturer and secondly.. In India.. It may be selling through flipkart but the response is massive.. They have sold more than 1 million smartphons here in India.. :D

  • Ruby H.

    Great news… The world desperately needs a 3rd player like Xiaomi. Lovin’ my RedMi Note… Taught me never to spend more than $200 in a mobile phone until I win the lottery.

  • Derek923

    I have never seen a Xiaomi phone. I can’t even pronounce the name. I just learned
    of it of Recent and they are already winning third place? What about renounce
    names like LG, Motorola, Sonny, HTC, even Huawei that are everywhere. I
    think they still need to redo the calculation and come out with better results.

    • Your ignorance isn’t reason enough for a recalculation..

      • MasterMuffin

        ^ This

      • Derek923

        You don’t need to go to the palace to know who is the King. I bet you, this Xiaomi thing is not known. I have never seen any if their phones, I don’t know where they sell them, LG is everywhere, HTC is everywhere.
        I still believe some figures were left behind or added in a wrong list.

        • Cole Raney

          They sell in China, the biggest smartphone market in the world. China has about 4 times the population of the US, the third most populous country. It also has about twice the population of Europe, the third most populous continent. Of course they can get up to thord place.

          • pratyush997

            ^ THIS.

        • Girish Sahu

          Even the sell in INDIA and its like crazy with more than million phones sold in 15-20 secs, Yes its 15-20 secs as they only sell online through flipkart.
          Proud owner of Mi3 …

  • Me

    so half million sold outside of china. and that makes them the third largest?

    • Arun Golla

      Last time I checked, china is on earth. So yes.

      • MasterMuffin

        Wait my American map isn’t correct??

        • Look again.. China must be somewhere in Alaska

  • Mochammad Santaka

    Heeeey, I know where that was taken. Didn’t know you guys were in Indonesia.

  • Wow! Their phones are really powerful and got great camera too! (Mi3, Mi4)

  • MasterMuffin

    Nice! I bet 99% of people (outside of Asia) wouldn’t know what this company does if they heard the name :)

  • Viswanathan P


  • Acaa Aca

    so it’s samsung, apple and xiaomi. not bad for a phone mostly only sold in China.

  • Karly Johnston

    They are big in China but they can get away with anything there. Building consumer brands internationally isnt going to happen with their OPO style tactics.

  • PhoneGuy

    Huawei is still better in terms of quality. Xiaomi is just good at advertising. In singapore at least, you never see a huawei advertisement ANYWHERE but Xiaomi advertises like some insane company, which may have lead to the this result. Both Huawei and Xiaomi are budget friendly phones and either of them will still kick Samsung’s ass but if i were to compare, Huawei would be better overall due the the quality/price ratio. While XIaomi does nothing but rip people off, Huawei Rips People off and brings new things to the table, with the first 64 bit mid range smart phone, the first oem to have sapphire glass and so much more.

    And before i get attacked by xiaomi fans, i do have a redmi 1s(comparing it to the huawei honor 3c), but it sucks. On paper, it looks good but when you use it for a month or two, oh god. The lag kicks in… Even a 512mb ram phone would be faster. And that’s where Xiaomi sucks at, the optimisation. Despite the good hardware and aesthetically nice interface, the coding pretty much sucks. It’s optimized and overheats alot. Hell, i can cook an egg with it XD Huawei on the other hand, has the UI looking uglier but more optimised and their phones doesn’t overheat much. Sure, it is slower on paper but when it comes down to the user experience overall, Huawei wins with their design, and that their devices are made to last. And unfortunately, Huawei’s weakness and strength is the pricing. While it’s good, Xiaomi beats it..but Huawei does pack more value in their phones, just that XIaomi packs less value in a decent phone. Look at the ASCEND MATE 7 and tell me in the face your xiaomi has better build quality than that….

    In Short:
    Huawei is better and packs more value for money, but devices are slightly more expensive than XiaoMi though better in Quality.
    Xiaomi is better in pricing but packs lesser value for money. The devices are slightly cheaper than Huawei’s. However, the phones itself is decent so people stop at that, and doesn’t really go for the higher prices but better(from experience) Huawei.

    If Xiaomi and Huawei did a merger, i’ll be so freaking excited as they can patch their own weaknesses and be a badass “Huami” band. Huawei with the exterior quality and stable optimisations(HELL, they have been pushing updates for the Huawei Honor 3c Constantly every 15 days to test for bugs) and XIaomi for that competitive pricing and that attractive looking MIUI

    • pratyush997

      Dude, I’ve never ever faqin ever seen any Xiaomi advert.
      I know that your are Huawei fanboy but get your facts together.

    • rubens

      I have the Xiomi Mi3 pay 285USD to change a Samsung SIV… really is better than Samsung SIV I think that is a little worse than SV and LG3… in a Year of use, I can say that for example in Battery and materials are better than any other brand that i know (Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Sony…) and is working fine, probably is the best relation quality-price in the world just in that moment.

  • Cole Raney

    Hopefully they pass Apple soon. I’d rather Samsung and Xiaomi be the top 2 than Samsung and Apple. Heck, I’d really like if every major android phone manufacturer surpass Apple. Of course that won’t happen.

  • rohit choudhary

    xiaomi all the way!
    got my redmi 1s here in india for 98$ .
    thats freaking unbelievable
    98$ yes 98$
    it serves as a good second phone to my lg g2

  • rubens

    Xiomi Definetly is not the 3th Competitor… Lenovo, Huawey are strongest than, but probably is the 5th.. The point is that make phones that is (for hardware) exactly the same than Apple, or Samsung, or LG, but for the 50% of the price… And that the point, althougth today is not the best choice because the post-service outside of China and India is not exist, but if not, is the best choice all over the world, and that is amazing.