The worst Android phones of all time

by: Simon HillApril 18, 2013

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Innovation grows out of experimentation. New designs, new features, new hooks for potential customers can lead to awesome new devices, except when they don’t, because sometimes they won’t.  Diversity has been a driving force behind Android’s rise to prominence, but it is a double-edged sword, because sometimes manufacturers produce really awful phones. We’ve already looked at the best Android phones of all time, now we turn our attention to the worst.

Samsung Moment

The 3.2-inch AMOLED concealed a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and the Moment featured a 3.2MP camera. Inside there was an 800MHz processor with 256MB of RAM. The specs weren’t that bad on paper for 2009, but the phone had some serious issues. Freezing randomly, crashing randomly, dropping calls, and a data lock up issue that Samsung and Sprint never solved.

Samsung m900 Moment for Sprint

Motorola Backflip

A big chunky smartphone with an exposed keyboard, the Backflip’s design was odd. It also featured Backtrack, which was a touchpad on the back of the display. The keyboard was unresponsive and the touchpad was easy to accidentally touch. The screen was 3.1 inches with a 320×480 pixel resolution. Inside there was a lack of processing power, we’re talking a 528MHz Qualcomm processor and 256MB of RAM. That’s before you mention MotoBlur on top of Android 1.5.


HTC Wildfire

You get what you pay for, and in the case of the budget Wildfire you got a 3.2-inch display with a 240×320 pixel resolution. Inside was a 528 MHz ARMv6 processor and 384 MB of RAM. It was cheap, but you can see why. The screen was enough to make your eyes bleed. It was slightly improved upon by the HTC Wildfire S, but neither phone was much fun to use.

HTC Wildfire White


Remember SatNavs? People used to pay a lot of money for them before Google gave it all away for free. Garmin obviously decided, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, and so it engaged Asus to make an Android phone and then slapped a truly horrible interface on top of it. It was also ugly, had poor battery life, and a weak set of specs. The good news is – nobody bought it.


Motorola Citrus

Another disastrous budget release, the Citrus had a 3-inch 240×320 pixel resolution display with the demented Backtrack touchpad for accidental scrolling. It wasn’t too speedy either, with a 528 MHz ARM 11 processor and 256 MB of RAM. Round it off with a 3MP camera and you’ve got a total turkey.


HTC ChaCha

Rumors about a Facebook phone had been floating around for a while, but no one was prepared for something as disappointing as this. The ChaCha looked like a cheap BlackBerry and had a dedicated Facebook button to keep you hooked up and sharing at every available opportunity. Small screen, basic specs, and horrible name – this was a budget device for Facebook addicts only.


LG Optimus V

Entry-level can mean awful, and it did in the case of the Optimus V from LG. It was slow, it was packed with bloatware, it didn’t have a flash, the screen was poor, and the battery life was terrible. The reviews weren’t bad, but the user feedback was damning, with complaints about bad call quality, bugs, and that battery.


Kyocera Echo

When you type “worst Android phone” into Google, Kyocera Echo pops up in the related searches list. Instead of going for a bigger touchscreen, Kyocera decided to include two 3.5-inch screens which could be slotted together, thanks to a weird hinge mechanism, to create one big 4.7-inch screen. The dual screen display could be used for tablet mode, but the big black border in the middle detracted from the effect. It also lacked apps to take advantage of the potential, it wasn’t packing enough processing power, and it came up woefully short in the battery department.


Samsung Dart

A 3-inch plastic display with a 240×320 pixel resolution in the summer of 2011 was not acceptable, even on an entry-level release.  Needless to say the Dart was also underpowered, with a 600MHz processor under the hood. Even given away free on contract this phone was a terrible rip-off.


Samsung Droid Charge

It may have had a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and an 8MP camera, but it also had a 1GHz single core processor and atrocious battery life. Sluggish, buggy, and packed with bloatware, the Droid Charge was a flawed release and it was overpriced to boot.


HTC Evo 3D

For a brief period back in 2011 the 3D craze was going to conquer all. As it turned out most people didn’t really care about 3D all that much and they definitely didn’t want it on their phones. You can’t fault HTC for trying to find the next big thing, but you can fault them for making a chunky, gimmicky handset with a battery life problem.


LG Optimus 3D

Hot on the heels of the Evo 3D was LG’s Optimus 3D (also known as the Thrill 4G). Just like HTC’s 3D phone it was chunky and relied on a single gimmick that never took off. It combined an ugly interface, with an old version of Android, poor battery life, and lots of bloatware.


Samsung DoubleTime

Another chunky flip open entry on the list, the DoubleTime had a 3.2-inch, 480×320 pixel screen on the outside and another one on the inside, alongside an amazingly ugly keyboard with pink highlights. Two bad screens don’t add up to one good one. The DoubleTime was also really slow (800 MHz Scorpion, 256MB RAM) and had a horrible 3.15MP camera.


Dishonorable mentions

It has not been easy to keep this list to a manageable size and we could go on and on. Instead we’ll wrap up with a few extra flops that almost made the cut. The Motorola Cliq and its successors were far from perfect. The HTC Rhyme was a patronizing attempt to court the girly market, complete with a purple flashing charm. The Samsung Continuum was another dual-screen dud. The LG Intuition was an incredibly angular attempt to compete with the Samsung Note (but is it really a phone?) The LG DoublePlay was yet another attempt at the dual-screen form factor. The LG G2X was buggy, the Motorola Droid Bionic was chunky and buggy, and the Sanyo Zio was cheap, slow and buggy.

Did we miss your worst Android phone? Post a comment and tell us what gets your vote and why.

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  • Andrew Myrick

    HTC Evo 4G. Literally the worst phone I have ever owned.

    • JosephHindy

      I don’t know what you are smoking, most gracious sir, but it is obviously something. The EVO 4G was among the best phones of its day.

      • MasterMuffin


        • Adam Koueider

          I am currently admiring your wonderful drawing…

          • MasterMuffin

            Not my drawing, a popular meme :)

          • Adam Koueider

            Really, I need to get out more. (Or rather stay in more and search those meme websites)

          • MasterMuffin

            Yes, being alone on computer surfing web because of boredom is totally the way of living :D

          • Adam Koueider

            Mum I don’t need to get out anymore you know why, because I got a follower on twitter okay mum. THATS IT LIFE COMPLETE.

            P.S. Well if we don’t do that then we might miss out on some amazing thing…

          • MasterMuffin

            If it’s worth it you’ll just hear it from your friends :)

          • fixxmyhead

            dont u work?

          • MasterMuffin

            That comment was sarcastic and didn’t represent my life:)

      • Nech

        the evo 4g was horrible. the evo 3d wasnt bad.

      • Andrew Myrick

        The Evo 4G turned me towards the ways of Apple. Then I came back to my senses after playing with an S3. Waiting to order my N4.

        • JosephHindy

          That’s your opinion and your opinion is not reflected by the millions of happy people who used the HTC EVO 4G.

          • Andrew Myrick

            Thank you. I wasn’t aware that I was speaking for the millions of people who used the HTC EVO 4G. I thought the comment thread was for what YOUR worst Android phone was. Guess I was wrong.

          • JosephHindy

            The comment thread is for comments. You can’t tell me I’m doing it wrong without you doing it wrong. You didn’t say your experience was bad, you said the phone was bad and evidence suggests that you’re wrong. I wouldn’t have commented if you complained about your experience, but the phone was amazing in its day. So calling it a bad phone is just flat out wrong.

          • Andrew Myrick

            Oh well, I guess I’m not entitled to my own opinions. My apologies. Next time I try and comment I’ll be sure to ask if it’s ok with you. Happy trolling.

          • JosephHindy

            Opinions are opinions, but you don’t say that it’s your opinion. You say it like it’s truth. Next time, start out “in my opinion”, so your language is clear. Saying “this is a bad phone” makes it sound like you’re trying to pass it off as fact…then backing down to the “it’s just an opinion.” Start out there, don’t end there, that makes you the troll.

    • Infinite7154

      The OG Evo was my first Android phone. I was the first 4G phone and had the most powerful specs of its time. And developers were all over it. You could change rom’s every week and have something new.

      • Andrew Myrick

        I did root and rom but it still was too much of a mess for me. It lagged. Shut off randomly. Wouldn’t load the market. All kinds of stuff.

  • Motorola Triumph was pretty terrible

  • Where is xperia play…had three xplay at home and all the three got the flex cable problem after one to two months of use

  • Colby

    Don’t forget about the Motorola Cliq! Had to put it in AIRPLANE MODE just to run Angry Birds. Pathetic! And not to mention the terrible overlay of MotoBlur

    • Thank you, that thing was a piece of trash, i HATED buying that thing. I should have opted for a damn blackberry.

  • PM

    Verizons HTC DROID Eros. Don’t no which was worse, the phone or the pathetic customer service when I had to replace it. Went through 6 before they would let me upgrade for free

  • MasterMuffin

    I think Samsung Galaxy Mini deserves a dishonorable mention, DAMN OVERPRICED for the DAMN LAG

    • with its amazing display:D

      • MasterMuffin

        Almost like retina! :D

        • pinky

          yea yea you can tell what ever you want its not so bad!
          i think you’ve got nokia 7650 and you are teling about galaxy mini

          i haven ‘ t got mini now but it wasnt that bad

          • MasterMuffin

            Keep telling that to yourself

    • Asad Mohammad

      Damn! that phone was shit

      Slow, terrible camera and screen
      only phone that beat it was htc wildfire(screen made my eyes bleed)

      • MasterMuffin

        Never seen wildfire, but I got cancer ’cause mini was so bad!

        • Adam Koueider

          well if it was that bad (to give you cancer) then surely I smell a lawsuit coming. Or maybe I’m just smelling the blood from AAsad Mohammad

        • badass camel :)

          Be quite. that is terrible to say you know the amount of people suffering from cancer and then the worlds idiot makes fun of it.

          • MasterMuffin

            Does your funny bone have a cancer or something? And yes, this is a terrible and terribly offensive joke

      • kels589

        you could have made the wildfires screen lower you idiot i had it once and it was ok and samsung galaxy mini was way worse than the wildfire

        • Arsh Kumaran

          My brother used to have a wildfire but on the bright side he now has a nexus 6

    • Long Longosn

      And the Galaxy Y, and the Galaxy Ace… basically anything that contains “galaxy” but does not contain “S”, “tab”, or “note”. And the “tab” series is pretty questionable. I’m sure one day we’ll be reminiscing about the horrible screen quality of all the Samsung tablets too.

    • Muhammad Ghassani

      Galaxy Mini is not an Android , if I’m not mistaken :)

      • MasterMuffin

        Well it sure does feel like a symbian device :D

      • pinky

        yes it is android and very good one because it is cheap and it could do anything what can do other androids

    • BMOGamer

      Same goes for every other galaxy device.

  • I have to say HTC Sensation was a horrible phone too! It had a terrible battery life, random reboots, the paint on the back started to come of after a week and it’s died after a year with no reason!

    • Adam Koueider

      Haha not to mention the massive problem of the volume rocker falling out. A quick google search will result in dozens of forums speaking of this problem

      • Guest

        And its felt like it is made of LEGO or something because everytime you touched it it made some squeaky noise…:D

      • And its felt like it is made of LEGO or something because everytime you touched its made some squeaky noise…:D

  • I didn’t have the LG optimus V but I did have the LG Optimus S…god that phone was horrible. Tiny Screen, low internal storage, horrible battery, and CONSTANT crashing. Only good I can say it was mostly bloatware free.

  • Vini

    Happy for Sony doesn’t make part of this list! Best phones ever! o/

    • Adam Koueider

      They don’t make many budget devices soooo….

      • yes, in other words, they don’t make dumb phones :)

        • Adam Koueider

          Not necessarily, some people don’t quite have the money to buy S4s and HTC Ones so budget device that are well made are great. Some of Samsung’s more recent budget phones are great. Jellybean, decent camera and a decent processor. Sure they aren’t GS4’s but for some people thats enough.

        • Adam Koueider

          Not necessarily, some people don’t quite have the money to buy S4s and HTC Ones so budget device that are well made are great. Some of Samsung’s more recent budget phones are great. Jellybean, decent camera and a decent processor. Sure they aren’t GS4’s but for some people thats enough.

          • talonace

            I agree with you. I have heard alot of bad things about these newer high end devices. Not biting on them myself. I’ll stick with my LG Lucid. Mid-level phone that most people shun from but, it can sure run with some of the big dogs.

          • Adam Koueider

            And for those who can’t afford a $600 phone there is always the Nexus 4.

          • talonace

            I wouldn’t mind the Nexus 4. I am not afraid of a little change. Never had a samsung smartphone. Last time I had a samsung was back in 2001, lol! Old school!

          • Adam Koueider

            Nexus 4 is an LG smartphone by the way.

          • Steve

            Subcontracted to LGE by Samsung. Nexus 4 was the phone that Apple claimed copied its iPhone 4.

          • lil bit

            Yeah, which cost more than $600. Thanx for your great advice, lets all buy the most overpriced phone of all times.

          • Adam Koueider

            I’m sorry to say, but the Nexus 4 costs a very respectable $300. For those specs I’d say you were picking up a bargain.

          • erick

            $300 in USA and other Google Play regions.
            For everyone else, it $550

          • Steve

            $369 for the 16GB from Google Play, but in Canada most carriers add up to $180, despite the fact that it’s stupid to lock it to one carrier.

        • vishnupuran

          your right, they pretty much stay in the middle with their overpriced phones…

    • Allanitomwesh

      xperia x8

    • SonyEricsson Xperia X10MiniPRO

    • A person

      They shold of with the XPERIA Play. It was a fail. It was supposed to be a gaming device with its gamepad back in 2011. It only packed a 1ghz single core processor with 512mb of ram and on top of all of that s*it, it had 400mb of storage. Probably enough room for 1 game. I don’t know how it didn’t make the list.

  • OPTIMUS VU. how the hell is that not on the list? A square phone that has a stylus without a space for it. Cant use it with one hand properly. Just bad in every way.

    • Rohan Makkar

      yeah!, just hate it’s square design…

    • Ivan Myring

      It is mentioned at the end (Vu)

  • Drise

    I’m surprised I didn’t see the LG Revolution. It was slow, bulky, terrible battery life, had Bing as its default (and unchangeable) search engine, and was completely forgotten update and development-wise as a device.

    • Carlos G

      I agree! I had that phone for almost the full 2 year contract. It was AWFUL. Not only that, it seemed to be one of the more difficult phones to root (I finally got fed up with the bloatware and wanted vanilla Android). I went from the original Droid to the Revolution. It left a bad taste in my mouth for Android. But now that I’m on the Nexus 4, Android tastes great again.

      • Steve

        Yes but Nexus 4 has “bugs” like it wants to focus when you use the camera. iPhone is already in focus, so it lets you take multiple pictures by banging on the button!

        Meanwhile Nexus 4 still has to focus. Android would rather you use video. Yet you need to be able to take a bunch of pictures for GooglePlus’ animatedGIF addition to Photos.

        Though it does have better resolution than iPhone4.

  • Motorola Charm.

  • HTC Wildifire S is the worst, memory fills for no reason, constantly freezes, and Facebook always crashes. Also my Samsung Galaxy S2 always freezes.

    • Adam Koueider

      Update it to JellyBean it suddenly becomes almost as good as the S3 and the text looks crystal clear for some reason (Font change?)

      • Sadly for some odd reason there is no update available for it, even though it is unlocked :/

        • Adam Koueider

          Have you tried using Kies. It usually shows up there first. Also if that doesn’t work you can try flashing it with Odin, if you’re prepared to go down that road.

          • Yep I have tried Kies, still nothing. I am very tempted to flash it with Odin but I am afraid of something happening as it is still in contract.

  • fixxmyhead

    u forgot the htc first

  • Josh York

    Yep, you forgot one. The awful Samsung Behold 2. Most depressing conversation I had with an acquaintance of mine was when I asked why he had opted for an iPhone (I think the 4?) instead of Android. He told me he and his wife had been using Android and didn’t like it. Turns out, the dreaded Behold 2 was the “Android” in question. Slow, silly rotating cube UI, and not upgraded at all by Samsung. I didn’t even own it and I despise that phone for the users it undoubtedly sent to Apple. Ugh.

  • Aaron Stedfast

    LG KH5200 Andro-1 (Korean version of GW620 Eve). That is, unless you count my old HTC TyTn II (Kaiser/ATT Tilt), which was my first attempt at a using a custom ROM, replacing WinMo with Cupcake!

  • Filip Justin

    Xperia Arc.. Why? Because when Samsung released the S2, this was instantly demolished. I’ve owned the Xperia Arc since it launched and despite the good camera performance, the device crashes, is full of Sony bloat which becomes a pain because it only has 300 MB of available RAM and ROM (which is the reason why despite it’s CPU, it gets wiped out in performance by lots of phones).. The display is decent in terms of resolution for 2011 and it is even quite well lit, but you can see the blacklighting bleed from the sides of the phone and blacks are actually greys.. Not even the phone’s shell is on par with competitors of that age. The front casing of the phone (just on top next to the light/motion sensors) cracked. It is still usable but i wonder how much longer will it last before it breaks down (note that I have not once dropped my phone, however I would have thrown it out on the window from a 5 story building)

    • The Arc/Arc S is very resistant despite being made of cheap plastic that squeaks a lot. I know someone who drops it (Arc S) every time. It’s all dented, scratched and the paint has fallen apart. It’s horrible to look at. And yet, the screen is barely scratched and the phone is working perfectly. Yes, the software is hideous, but surprisingly, both cm9 and cm10 work quite well (just a bit slow at times). It’s by far not in the list of worst phones.

  • anil

    At one point, I had 3 backup batteries charged with me at any given time cause the Samsung Charge wouldnt last past noon.

  • HTC Thunderbolt

    • I’m surprised this POS phone didn’t make it on the main list. The Thunderbolt was heavy, clunky, buggy, and battery life was horrible. You were lucky to get half a day on a full charge. I’ll never own another HTC phone – I don’t care how wonderful the HTC One claims to be :-P

      • keep in mind that it was the first LTE phone, I’m sure HTC didn’t expect that to affect the battery life, which might have been good with 3g, HTC is only to blame for the UI which was improved in sense 4.

        • RanRu

          The first LTE phone was actually the Samsung Craft on MetroPCS, not that that was a good phone, either.

      • Arsh Kumaran

        How about the htc one m9?

    • Scott Ricketts

      This right here is why as awesome as the HTC One looks, I can’t bring myself to seriously consider it. I remember all too well the pain of going from a Nexus One with oodles of ROMs and tweaks to the Thunderbolt with… Jack and Squat. Not to mention it took nearly two years to get it ICS? Really?

    • Amen, budget phones sucking is understandable, flagship phones not really being flagship phones and sucking makes this phone the single worst Android release IMO.

    • lil bit

      HTC has made some semi-official apologies for the Thunderbolt, but my opinion is stil that Thunderbolt is representative for HTC phones, most of them are pretty bad, like for example the HTC One with its defective capacitive buttons, it will never be fixed with a software update, those who have bought of the early batches will have to live with the problem. Its a manufacturing defect, as usual with HTC.

      • BMOGamer

        Lmao you are so stupid. If that is the case. The Fact that most of Samsung phones are pretty bad. I mean look at the s4 and it’s crappy Oled screen dying out. How about the lag on a Quad Core device? Samsung can’t make sh*t, HTC has a much better record then them. Look at all the Galaxy minis and crap out.

    • aheuud

      I had this phone, and seemed to be the only one without a battery problem. It was a fantastic device and now that I’m on the DNA, all I can say is I miss the kickstand.

  • Anthony Moraga

    Voted for the droid charge, from a droid charge… >.<
    "I cannot self-terminate"

    • talonace


  • Parker Johnson

    Despite all its flaws, the Optimus V actually suited my needs. Root it and custom ROM it, put an über light launcher, and it was a decent entry level phone 2 years ago when I had it

    • I own the other variant of Optimus V , the Optimus One since 3 years ago as its as an entry lvl phone it works great but once you root it you will be astonished with the amount of custom ROMs available over there , this device has still an active ROM development with a mighty number of extra options available

  • Seb123

    HTC Wildfire and HTC Chacha was shi’t!

  • gibsonlp

    Motorola Droid X. Had to pull the battery multiple times a day to unlock it. Very slow. All around horrible experience.

    • I have never once had a problem with my phone, not above and beyond anything my friends with different phones experianced atleast. Infact my phone is the only one which actually made it through the end of the 2 year contract in fairly perfect condition (the black stuff on the battery plate pealed off). No scratches on the screen or cracks, all the features still work. I still have it now, im waiting for the s4 to come out so i can upgrade

      • John Borgen

        Yeah, My DroidX was a solid performer. I hated the fact that there was a locked boot-loader but that didn’t really take very long to crack…then things got really good. Plus, I was able to sell it for $250 and buy a GNex when they came out.

  • NCSUgolfer01

    Droid X

  • NCSUgolfer01

    Droid X

  • Seth Forbus

    I seriously don’t miss my HTC Hero. That has to be the worst android phone I’ve ever had.

  • Seth Forbus

    I seriously don’t miss my HTC Hero. That has to be the worst android phone I’ve ever had.

  • smasta

    Samsung Sidekick 4G. Terribly underpowered even for it’s time, and an awful buggy interface stuck on 2.2. Literally the only redeeming factor was it’s keyboard

  • Taaha

    Honestly IMO majority of Android phones suck balls. I LOVE ANDROID AND ALWAYS WILL but I can only count maybe 10 or 15 phones that are actually DAMN GOOD compared to the hundreds of shitty attempts at a phone

  • OMG THE HTC THUNDERBOLT THE HTC THUNDERBOLT THE HTC THUNDERBOLT! (Maybe if I say it 3 times, a house will land on it)

  • Derekthedeadly

    The Samsung Continuum. What a waste of my time that was. Hands down worst phone I’ve EVER used. And I had one of those phones with the two-way e-ink keyboard.

  • Hoz

    Samsung Galaxy Spica is the worst Android phone I have ever used

  • Ian Ranson

    Nice to know the phone I own at the moment is the 3rd worst of all time – the HTC Wildfire – although it can be made bearable by overclocking and using custom ROMs. Waiting for it to finally die (robustness is its best feature) then I will replace it with a nice shiny/glittery Nexus 4!

  • Dinjunito

    Samsung Admire…..Piece of…..

  • Justin Winker

    Never had an issue with my Bionic, so I’m not sure why it made this list… It’s still running strong today, but now with 4.1.2!

  • jon

    Lg g2x

  • Mortil

    SonyEricsson Xperia X10MiniPRO

  • Marcel g

    LG Vortex on Verizon

  • Zach Armstrong

    Droid Incredible 2 that phone was a joke it crashed all the time

  • geospa300

    The HTC wildfire was my first smartphone and I loved it.
    Its all I needed at the time and for 2 years it surged its purposes for the price I paid.

  • spade

    alcatel one touch on wind mobile Canada

  • Sl_Don

    Acer liquid E install 2 apps and you can no longer receive texts

  • henrihenrynl

    the dart, represents the galaxy budgets too i think, also never understood the hero, goes to show when you give it a catchy name ppl will buy it.

  • Simon Belmont

    You know the 3D aspect of the EVO 3D wasn’t the only draw. It was Sprint’s first dual core processor equipped phone with 1 GB of RAM and a qHD screen. People always focus on the 3D as being a gimmick, but the phone’s specifications were extremely good at the time (still are, really). It’s the reason I bought one, along with a great development community.

    By the way, I’ve always gotten really good battery life from my EVO 3D. It lasts at least 24 hours with heavy usage on mobile data and longer on Wi-Fi.

  • Simon Belmont

    I’m surprised phones like the Samsung Intercept and Transform weren’t mentioned. They truly were awful.

    They had a GPU, but no drivers to use it with OpenGL. So, no hardware acceleration of graphics, so gaming absolutely blew, even on Angry Birds.

  • Steve Tomassetti

    Most phones on this list you could root, wipe bloat, over clock and use a2sd for extra ram…and then there’s the Garminfone…
    Completely worthless

  • HTC Thunderbolt. What good is a phone that reboots itself for 3 minutes when you take it out of your pocket to call someone?

  • Samsung Galaxy Fit
    Just like a Galaxy Mini, only with less storage and a even more horrible screen

  • I don’t think the Optimus V should be on this list. It isn’t the most glamorous of phones, but I had one for a short time and thought it was a competent and capable little device.

  • htc wildfire doesnt deserve to be one of the worst phones of the year

  • me


    • John Borgen

      I tend to agree, at least a dishonorable mention. This phone was a very big disappointment for me and the reason I’ll likely never buy Motorola again.

  • Rohan Makkar

    So rightly said about HTC ChaCha. It’s a poor’s Blackberry. I regret writing about it and HTC Salsa which was launched together with it:

  • Gavin Brown

    My HTC wildfire ended up being smashed with a hammer, drove me bonkers , screen freezing every time an important call came through………………….

  • How about the Motorola photon? Bad camera and stuck on Gingerbread forever!

    • Photon was like the weird brother of my Motorola Atrix 4G, which had great hardware but was also stuck on Gingerbread forever. Camera was great, i just ended up pulling the battery a lot because of the bloatware. I tried CM10 on it but the camera drivers were non existent.

  • Sterling Stewart

    all of them,on this list and sprint,IS THE WORST 4G LTE EVER!

  • I havnt had a bad phone yet, but one of my friends on my plan got the HTC lightning bolt or w/e it was, one of the first 4g phones on the market not to long after i got mine and she is now on her third or fourth one, the things keep on taking shits (and none of them have been from something like dropping or water related issues)

  • iphone series for the worst smartphone ever !!

    • talonace

      How can you say that the most stable OS is the worst ever? Just wondering? I own an Android device myself and i have owned iPhones and I have to sadly admit one thing……….iOS is much more stable than Android……….for now.

  • plsDieHtcYouSuck

    Simplified version of this list would say “most HTCs ever made”. Desire Z Was my worst.

  • photoRew Andy

    any HTC phone with Sense, cos, Sense is rubbish if you want to customise your Droid. ,

    • You’re blaming the UI of an android phone, which means it can be rooted and changed. The hardware is fine, except the initial batches which were rushed. It happens to all companies not just HTC. No HTC flagship has been anything but on-par or above the competition’s hardware, it’s just the UI.

  • robrrt

    My Charge hasn’t been *too* bad, but I’ll likely eat those words after I upgrade in a couple of months

  • anonymous

    Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510 is one of the crapiest android phones out there…

  • DisHonorable mention has to go the the “LG G2X”. Talk about a phone with tons of extras that worked terribly right out of the box. Plus, LG made promises to fix it but didn’t follow through on even one of them.

  • patelkedar

    Ugh Evo 3D user but didn’t completely expect that to be here… mostly because of it being a flagship at one time.

    Anyway, great list. I do agree Kyocera Echo — LOLphone

  • Stephen

    Any HTC or LG phone in the history of ever. High failure rates, notorious lag, low volume of updates. Unacceptable.

  • Mark Lavallee

    haha I read this thinking “hey I wonder if the Samsung Moment is on this”. Honestly it wasn’t a terrible phone, but it wasn’t a great phone either. The screen was very nice at the time. If you had sprint anyway. It’s no wonder the iPhone ruled back then. I was upgrading from an Instinct S30 so to me it was awesome regardless. It’s still around here somewhere, my daughter uses it as a toy.

  • Huey

    Anyone remember the Motorola Flipout? Even worse than Backflip!

  • Justin Wilson

    I love the slim design and aluminin body but HTC One V is worse the the LG Optimus V as far as being Buggy as all get out… you’ll wait 10 minutes for the dialer to finally dial the number you tapped. Next up is the Mtorola Defy XT. Limited memory and a GPS chip that cannot maintain a signal lock no matter how many replacement phones the carrier sends you. Both of these are a real shame because the physical design of the device… (size, materials) …were my idea of ideal. I prefer the 3.7 inch screen size since my eyesight is perfectly fine.

  • Justin Wilson

    I love the slim design and aluminin body but HTC One V is worse the the LG Optimus V as far as being Buggy as all get out… you’ll wait 10 minutes for the dialer to finally dial the number you tapped. Next up is the Mtorola Defy XT. Limited memory and a GPS chip that cannot maintain a signal lock no matter how many replacement phones the carrier sends you. Both of these are a real shame because the physical design of the device… (size, materials) …were my idea of ideal. I prefer the 3.7 inch screen size since my eyesight is perfectly fine.

  • Evo what?

    Apart from the 3D which I agree is a gimmick, the EVO3D is not that bad. I have it till this day and it is still quite powerful. It doesn’t mach sammys S2 with the processor, but overall it is very well balanced. qHD screen is more than ok even now. The battery was shit with sense 3 and even 3.6. I rooted this badboy to get sense 4,1 and all of the unnecessary android stuff deleted and it flies now.. battery also got +30% use.

    As a phone at that time it was quite powerful. apart from 3d and being a bit more heavy it’s a very good phone. dropped it 1000x times and apart from small dents in the metal housing around the screen there is no further damage..

    The samsung dart looks ridiculous to me. I also have a lg optimus l3 and the screen is as worse as on the wildfire, but it is quite recent lol…

  • Maranello Santiago

    The EVO 3D doesn’t deserve to be in that list. I can’t speak for the others, never owned them.

  • howitzerr

    Garminfone, thats what happen when you try to outsmart Google. Samsung is soon to fall in this trap, trying to replace Google play, Now, translation, talk…

  • CpuKnight

    Wtf the G2X was awesome. My sister’s G2X survived a car running over it and no it was not buggy. It was pretty powerful being one of the first if not the first Dual-Core phone :)

    • dgarra

      The G2X was terrible. It was a decently built phone (unless you got around any water at all) with some of the worst android software to date. Got burned on that one.

      • nishantsirohi123

        LG never updated it beyond ICS, despite it being the flagship
        most first time droid users love with LG with the optimus one, and as a result most first time android users bought it next, and got burned

  • jeffmd

    Are you serious? Evo 3d? I love my freaking evo 3d. I see more detail in low resolution 3d images then the highest resolution of 2d images. It makes a HUGE difference when you can see the Z axis of.well..everything when trying to determine details in a picture. Also it had a dual core cpu with a descent 3d chip in it and a very high resolution screen for the time. The pixel density was probably the highest for its time. This list is a joke.

  • galaxy ace

  • Set or Fix File Permissions on Android Devices >>>>>

  • jailewis

    I Think that the Samsung Infuse was the worst Android Smartphone I ever had. The battery life was awful. The phone would freeze and crash and randomly shut down with out warning.

  • Chloe

    It’s probably not the absolute worst, but I think the Samsung Galaxy Ace had some huge issues.

    Despite being perfectly useable for simple tasks, it was very slow and you couldn’t have many apps installed; this is because, for some reason, even if you try to install an app onto the SD card, it still manages to take up space in the internal memory, which is tiny. This defeats the object of buying a large SD card, because it won’t work anyway. There is, as far as I know, no way to fix this, though my device may have been faulty (I don’t think so, because other people I know who own an Ace have the same problem).

    Not to mention all the bloatware which made internal storage even more painfully small than it already was. This included apps such as Bejeweled and Breakout, which you have to pay for if you want to use, but cannot be deleted, and an app called ‘Win Cash’, which also cannot be deleted.

    On top of all it’s problems, this phone wasn’t that cheap either (£15/ $23 per month for two years.) And I didn’t even get it when it was new.

    • nishantsirohi123

      I guess u got the carrier locked version, because international model did not have these games

      my wife still uses one, she is more than happy with it, uses it for whatsapp and facebook,

      and the phone has good enough processor to run gingerbread smoothly

      and the camera and sound quality are excellent.
      really you got 5 megapixel, auto focus camera with flash

  • yus

    experia tx.. poor batery life

  • czar

    LG-GW620 is also one of the Worst

  • intercept hater

    Samsung intercept.

  • nishantsirohi123

    my colleague is using HTC desire x
    and the camera quality has deteriorated after 3 months
    don’t know what happened

    and who says sony devices have great camera

    horribly noisy images

  • The HTC Sensation SUCKS!!!! It crashes all the time!!! I can’t wait to get rid of this phone. I’m scarred for HTC’s forever!!

  • ALl phones have their issues, for example now the S II is a bit unstable, but i´m sure that Garmin shoud never try to make a phone, it was Pathetic

    • Hansfen

      Still have 2 Garmin A50, love them and lend them out for traveling.

      People just didn’t get it, so price dropped and that made me MORE happy for them. Try finding a spot at night in the Alps of Italy. !

  • Leon

    Backflip? Oh come on guys, I had one and I STILL LOVE HIM. ¿Why can’t Android phones have a damn keyboard? =(

    • The Motorola Photon Q does, and is a pretty updated, modern phone. Just Sayin.

  • My wife gave me a HUGE ration of shit when I upgraded from my Moment. I made sure to show her this post and say SEE??? SEE????

  • Clinton Branch

    i vote for mine the Huawei M920

  • Matt Fiebke

    samsung stratosphere

  • Mike Bastable

    any LG deserves its place here, because of awful customer support and lying helpdesk employees, TRULY awful: Never buy LG guys!!!!!!

    • pratsarolkar

      Stuck with lg Optimus 3dmax :(

  • Steve

    You missed the Samsung Gio. Memory is limited to 384 MB but you only had access to about 200. It never upgraded about Gingerbread, but the home button (a real one) and power button would sometimes allow screenshot mode.

    Once enabled, pressing Home button would take screenshots.

    Battery life sucked. 3.2MP camera lacked autofocus.

  • alex

    I own htc cha cha and I can admit that is the worse phone I have ever had. Bad keyboard, smar touch buttons that are activating during the conversation (for instance, it has a mute button that is activating during the conversation, and the conversation partener cannot hear you) it is horrible and really difficult to use.

  • Bob

    The iPhone is the worst android phone ever!

  • ValHalladead76

    Worst Android phones? Naturally it would be the one Im currently using, Samsungs Stratosphere. Tempermental and works when it feels like it. Much like my ex-girlfriend except I count on my phone to get me through the 12hrs a day I spend on it for work. Freezes up and overheats at least few times daily. Have to factory reset every other week. Bloatware takes up too much memory and apps crash that came factory installed.Trying to get tech support from Verizon or Samsung is pathetic and a waste of time. Much like Windows trouble shooters, we know there’s problem but not gonna fixit!!

  • Shannon Tan (김정우)™

    The Galaxy S (1st Gen) was the first & worst Android phone I ever used, no flash, loads of lag and freezing that drove me insane. Made me wanna throw that f**king phone outta me 10th floor apartment

  • Kshitij sinha

    Hate sony…so much lag..its shitt..nd the other phone which should have been here is SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND…

  • haqaaaa

    samsung galaxy europa for sure 500 mhz 256mb ram and it freezes at every corner absolutely hated and will definitely regret wasting 90 euros on that crap

  • wowzuki

    LG Optimus L7

  • JoJo

    Have you EVER owned a CoolPad????
    It will knock the WIND out of your lungs how bad this phone is.
    Battery life is pitiful and I don’t even wanna MENTION the quality of the camera… WORST. PHONE. EVER.

  • me

    What about the samsung sidekick 4g. Apps downloaded don’t seem to work.

  • >>>sg<<<

    I think that the world’s worst phone is Samsung galaxy S4 b’coz it’s made by samsung.

  • David

    I bought an LG smart phone. The most user unfriendly phone I have ever seen. A piece of “s” or LG – no difference. Do not patronize. I paid 140.00 and it is worthless as a fart in a space suit. Next I will complain to “Rip Off .com” since I hate LG with a passion.

  • stevejobswasascammer

    LG optimus 2X, laggiest phone i have ever used, sometimes takes up to 3 minutes to load the default dialer (right after a factory reset even). I often joke that if I ever need to make an emergency call, i’ll die before the damn dialer loads.

  • naruto13

    For me the horrible android phone is LG E400 it is has android 2.3.6 with 240×320 pixels resolution and 3.0 mega pixels in usually bugs and freezes cannot transfer into sd card only internal which has 1g

  • gavin

    You guys have definitely not seen the dell aero.. thats the shittiest android device ever..

  • srvlover

    While the 3D aspect might be ‘gimmicky’, my HTC 3D kicks some serious arse! (And being rooted is even better!) No way this phone should be on this list.

  • Jon

    I believe the LG Optimus M is the biggest POS in phone history, jut my 2 cents worth.

  • MobileSerenityNow

    Galaxy S3.



  • DuffPuff333

    ZTE Arizona (500 MHz processor,terrible screen,2 MP camera), AKAI-PHA 3850

  • Nicholas Webb

    The Kyocera Rise was a nightmare. I had to remove the battery at least twice a day to unfreeze it, not to mention the countless force closes I had countless times a day.

  • Michael

    LG Revolution was the worst ever. Slow as hell, bad call quality, froze a lot, interface lagged, apps crashed, and tons of bloatware. Worst of all VZ replaced google with Bing.

  • David Hammond.

    I’m using an Optimus V right now to type this in. It really isn’t that bad a phone, although I must have been lucky because I had virtually no problems with it other than the slow processor which only lags when you INTENTIONALLY run too many apps. I’ve had this for 2 years as of November 4th and I see it as one of the best. Dropped calls? blame the service not the phone, you all buy something before you review or research it. I spent nearly 8 months researching this and other devices before I made my decision, yeah, it may be obsolete after that but people are soo impatient and lazy these days. All that speed and power just to have it outclassed the next day. it’s all about what you do with it and how well it works; you don’t buy a Honda accord and expect it to outrun a Lamborghini do you?

  • Lewis Wilkins

    Samsung Galaxy Y.
    Android 2.3.6
    3 inch screen
    242 MB RAM
    2MP Camera
    140MB internal memory
    Incompatible with every useful or popular app on the market, or if compatible, won’t work.
    Keeps rejecting texts, asking me to delete some old texts even though my inbox, outbox etc. are all empty.
    Bought brand new, came with a low-memory notification taken up by all the crap apps that were built in that can’t be deleted.

    All this for £60

  • hahaha

    Your phones are not compatible to yours cause you dont know the hidden tricks of it

  • chrischoy9 .

    The LG GT540 deserves to be on the list. It was over priced, for 400 dollars, it was laggy, it was released in the time of android 2.2 and came preloaded with ancient 1.6 but unfortunate it only received an update to 2.1 in Q1 of 2011.

    The worst thing of all…
    IT had a resistive touchscreen!

  • BMOGamer

    Fact is Every Single Non Galaxy S/2/3/4 and Note device sucks monkey balls. EVERY SINGLE. Samsung makes lots are garbage. Also the Evo 3d has a very good phone. You were not forced to use the freaking 3d idiots.

    edit: Did I mention how over priced Samsung phone s are, Al that money for some cheap ass plastic flimsy toy, ALL SAMSUNG PHONES

  • winnie

    Just want to say my man has a LG Optimus V from virgin mobile , and yes it sucked after he put what he wanted in it, After owning it for over a year, he was out of room, even just getting a text….So did some research on getting permission to be the administrator of his owned phone…(rooted) …not high jacked, or hacked, but full operating usage, and now all is what you would want when owning a phone…Problem now is the battery is not lasting more than 24 hours…If there is something I can do, other than getting a new one Any helpful advice would be appreciate

  • winnie

    Sorry to all who uses this sight first time not sure if I did it right…

  • tattedupboy

    My very first Android phone, the Motorola i9 on Boost Mobile, was the absolute worst!

  • anon

    htc one v is pretty bad

  • tasosX98

    And also the Vodafone V858 which was made by Huawei and also known as Huawei U8120. It had a terrible 528MHz proccessor that struggled to keep 2 apps running at the same time. Tons of app crashes and phone restarts along with poor laggy camera (2MP) and 320×240 display make this a bad phone. At least Vodafone decided to produce more powerful phones later.

  • krishna

    sony xperia is worst phone that i have ever experienced

  • AndroidStar

    Motorola Defy because every Moto was bad until Google bought Motorola’s mobile division

  • Arthur Zheng


  • brenden pragasam

    I remember getting a Samsung moment as my first android phone, and was actually so desperate that I went no contract and got an evo 3d, both pretty bad. I do remain though that the worst phone I’d the blu life jr, because it is still being sold with 4.1 and 256mb of RAM. Sad.

  • Cvdash

    Samsung Galaxy fckin Young.

  • Akiko Shinjimura

    The Samsung Galaxy Precedent; Small $45 Smartphone with small memory, lag, and apps always crash on it, even the OS likes to crash on it. A most definite dishonorable mention.

  • tobeq

    You forgot LG Swift L3

  • Gerd

    That is news from yesterday. The top spot today goes to
    Samsungs Galaxy Note 5 the phone for japes a downgrade in every department.
    Breakable glass on sides, no waterproof, no SD card, a smaller non removable
    battery, unchanged CPU speed, no IR bluster and still just a single speaker
    unusable for serious work.

  • Dark Penguin

    My first Android was an LG Optimus S, which I believe was simply the Sprint version of the V(irgin) model listed here. Though it was weak in many respects, I was able to greatly improve it by rooting it, and then eventually flashing CM on it. I think it was CM7 back then, though I could be wrong. HydroRom worked well, also, but I believe there was some kind of scandal surrounding that custom ROM, or its builder, so I won’t say anything more about it.

    Since my days with the Optimus S, I’ve in succession two newer models, each more powerful than the last by an order of magnitude. The improvement in performance has been definite, but seemingly more incremental in size. It’s as if you increase the memory and processing speed by an order of magnitude, but the improvement grows only logarithmically.

    I’m not saying I’d go back to the Optimus S, but it did work pretty well for me at the time.

  • Niko Zguri

    you forgot Samsung Galaxy S Advance. that phone is atrocious! hands down of Samsung’s absolute worst!

  • beachbum68

    I would like to nominate the T-Mobile LG MyTouch/E739. Single core processor, not enough memory, freezes, lockups, useless phone made worse by T-Mobile’s “Genius” bloatware which cripples the phone if you attempt to remove it. The only choice was to root and search XDA for a better rom. The new rom did make a huge difference but too little too late. Whoever planned this fiasco should be banned from the industry. WORST PHONE EVER.

  • Carrie Selesnick

    Prepaid phones are the worst phones ever, they are chunky, and combines an ugly interface, with an old version of Android, poor battery life, and lots of bloatware.

  • Ronald Sumlin

    There was never a worse choice for a phone than the samsung note 3. The receiver is horrible. I get a signal at home and work but hardly any anywhere else. It was after the 14 day return period that I found this out so I’m stuck with a $700 paperweight.
    For anyone looking to have the security of emergency communication or the opportunity to access the web the note 3 is the worst possible choice.
    No it’s not my carrier. My wife, son and I are all on the same verizon account and they always have coverage.

  • Matty032

    The Moment was my first android phone, and my worst. Locked up constantly. The Droid X was my second android phone, and was a POS as well.

  • Harry

    I think ANY LG phone should top the list! I have had 3 of them and they’re all junk!