Xiaomi to release Windows 10 for its Mi 4 later this week

by: Robert TriggsDecember 1, 2015

Windows 10 Xiaomi Mi 4

Xiaomi has quickly risen to success on the back of its low cost hardware and heavily customized Android-based operating system but the company is looking to try something new with software. Xiaomi has announced that it will begin offering Windows 10 as an option to Chinese owners of its Mi 4 smartphone starting on December 3rd.

Around nine months ago, Xiaomi and Microsoft announced a development partnership and began working with a small selection of beta testers to trial run Windows 10 on its Mi 4 smartphone. Xiaomi is now ready to offer this software as a public release.

The Mi 4 will not be the first Xiaomi device to offer Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The newly announced Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 also has a version that supports Windows 10 out of the box and a boosted 64GB of internal memory, implying that Xiaomi is looking to support the OS on new devices too.

xiaomi mi 4 windows 10 microsoft (1)How it began: Xiaomi testing waters with Microsoft, will let users try out Windows 1030

While additional choice is always welcome, it’s not exactly clear what Xiaomi has to gain by offering two operating systems, as the extra support is sure to be resource consuming. Perhaps the company is looking to better cater for the business market, an area that Android could arguable use some improvement in. Additional information may will come to light once the public release goes live. For Microsoft, which has a miniscule share of the smartphone market, a custom ROM for a popular handset is a cost effective way to put its software into a number of consumer’s hands. Especially as the company has minimal manufacturing capabilities after relinquishing control of Nokia.

The public release of Windows 10 for the Mi 4 is going to be interesting to observe and might signify the start of a longer running partnership between the two companies.

  • Eden

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    • God

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      • Aroda

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  • pwgc

    Not sure that there is much of a downside for Xiaomi. Meanwhile, Microsoft have made clear that they are focusing on three segments for Windows 10 mobile: Enthusiasts, Enterprise and Value. Xiaomi could have an interest in all three, but particularly Enterprise. I suspect Microsoft will put big dollars behind OEM’s who are willing to get with the program, even in a comparatively small way. So for Xiaomi, why not?

    • Karly Johnston

      Xiaomi and enterprise… never gonna happen.

  • not a fan

    Meanwhile Oneplus releases cases for iPhones. Xiaomi really one upped all other OEMs with this move .

  • Guaire

    Xiaomi can be able to offer security, fluidity, better memory management, faster updates, longer support with Windows over their own Android skin. Well.. at least those are what Windows fans says for their favorite OS usually. I have yet to try.

    Though I think Microsoft would have a better deal if they can convince Xiaomi to building Windows phones. Windows 10 not going anywhere with Lumia. Windows mobile OS have near zero share in China which is the largest smartphone market of the world and Xiaomi is #1 smartphone manufacturer there. Also Xiaomi growing in India which is second largest smartphone market and planning to launch in several emerging markets not to mention they are already launched in several other large markets like Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia and Philippines.

    Xiaomi have been building $320 flagships in the past and likely they will repeat that in the future.

    While Microsoft trying to sell Lumia 950 XL with outdated and troublesome chip from the first day, if Xiaomi can be able to come out with a SD820 flagship in a stylish and premium build at half the price of the 950 XL it might be the reason for a lot of people to give Windows a chance first time.

  • hendrike

    Xiaomi has no service center in my city, not even in my country.
    Better go with Nokia/Samsung/LG, their service center & after-sales support are excellent.

  • s2weden2000

    ch0ice …

  • Karly Johnston

    As screwed up a MIUI is, it lets me record phone calls, manage all aspects of app permissions, lets me change default functions and tells me my selfie age… Windows hardly holds a candle…. oh wait, Play Store blew it out.

    • Aroda

      Heard of Cyanogenmod?