Why I switched to the iPhone…. (and back again)

by: Joshua VergaraJanuary 28, 2016

As some of you may know, I took the month of December off, before jumping back into the fray at CES 2016. During my time off, while deciding which device to use as my daily driver, I thought about giving a phone that I haven’t used for a prolonged period a chance.

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Granted, we have used the latest iPhones in a series of in-depth comparisons against its Android competition, but never as my only daily driver, and so I now had the opportunity to see what the craze as such was all about by using this smartphone on the daily. Of course, this did this take a lot of my friends by surprise, as seen in the image above, but here’s why I switched to the iPhone 6S….and switched right back again.

nexus 6 vs iphone 6 plus aa (17 of 24)See also: How to switch from iPhone to Android and keep all your stuff30

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At the start, it has to be admitted that the iPhone is a very well-designed phone, and that is driven home by the fact that quite a few Android OEMs design smartphones that are inspired by it, with some more obvious than others. Here, I had my hands on the new rose gold edition of the device however, and lets just say that this color iteration will likely not be universally popular, and really boils down to individual preferences, which holds true even when it comes to some Android devices out there.

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In looking to protect the device, and in part hide the fact that I was using an iPhone, I decided to pick up a case, and found one from a rather surprising source, OnePlus. It really goes to show how robust Apple’s third-party accessory ecosystem is, considering that OnePlus, an Android device manufacturer, also has available a protective case for the iPhone, even if OnePlus did seem to be taking a shot at the device with the tag “Get a grip” on the inside of the case.

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As far as the different features go, I did initially under-rate the silence toggle found on the left side of the phone, since I keep my phones on silent the majority of the time because of using a smartwatch. The silence toggle does prove to be useful however, given that it muted pretty much everything on the phone, and is far more simple to use compared to the somewhat confusing software implementation seen with most Android devices, that can take some getting used to.

nexus 6 vs iphone 6 plus aa (17 of 24)See also: How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

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3D Touch is of course, the big new feature that was introduced with the latest iPhone, and while this feature does have potential, and is a quick and easy way to get to shortcuts of different applications, it’s not something that I ended up using all that often. Ultimately, if it wasn’t a feature available with the phone, it’s not something that I would have noticed.

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The biggest issue I had by far with the iPhone 6S was battery life, resulting in my becoming “that guy”, you know, the one that is frantically searching and asking around for an iPhone charger. More commonly, I became the person with the phone that was almost dead at the end of the day. That said, the standby time of the device is actually pretty impressive, and if there was enough of a charge, I could leave the phone just sitting there, and not have much of a problem when I came back to it.

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For the longest time, the iPhone camera was touted as the best in the business, but with Android doing a great job in this regard in 2015, this time around, I found the camera of the iPhone 6S to offer a mostly standard experience. I actually didn’t find too much that was a whole lot better or worse when compared to plenty of other good Android cameras out there. When the iPhone 6S camera is doing well, it really does do a wonderful job, with pictures offering a lot of detail, and with the right depth of color to them.

However, the camera does suffer in lower light conditions, as expected, and as such, you won’t find the iPhone camera to be particularly superior to any good Android cameras. The Auto mode of the iPhone does work well, but a manual mode would certainly have been appreciated, to have more control to cater the shot to exactly how I wanted it.

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Moving on to the fingerprint scanner, it has to be admitted that the fingerprint readers found on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus happen to be some of the best that are out there. They rival that of the Nexus 6P, and I would put both fingerprint reader implementations at par. No matter how quickly you remove your finger from the home button, it’s always going to jump right into the interface, and is something that proves to be extremely reliable.

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You might not be surprised to know that I didn’t have that many problems using the iPhone as my daily driver, but the main reason for that is the fact that I actually enjoy cross-platforming. I make sure that a lot of the applications that I use can be used on both Android and iOS, such as Cloud Magic. It has to mentioned here that Google Maps is vastly better than Apple Maps though, with the former being a lot more accurate, and is also easier to use for navigation, even if that may be because I’m already so used to it.

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After the one month trial, I arrived at a big realization when getting the Nexus 6P back in my hands, and that is the fact that customization takes on two different premises as far as these two competing ecosystems are concerned. On one hand is the iPhone, with its user interface the unchanged sea of icons across multiple homescreens, and while ease of use is undeniably a big plus here, it did feel like a somewhat sterile experience.

Meanwhile on Android, you can cater exactly where you want the apps to be or rely on the app drawer, so there is always something extra that you will be doing to make the experience more personal. That customization extends to everything from the wallpapers, lockscreen, and even what launcher is being used, and the ability to make it your own is what makes Android stand out.

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Basically, with Android, customization comes from within, but in the case of the iPhone, it is seen only externally. With a variety of cases, covers, and third-party accessories available for the iPhone, the personalization comes from you would like your device to look from the outside, while the inside remains a kind of ubiquitous experience. Of course, that was what iOS was intended to do, and Apple certainly did achieve that.

All said and done, having the actual customization, and having my phone be literally mine from the inside and out is what makes me gravitate to Android. Of course, that is a position that a lot of people have taken, but that is something I started to appreciate even more, while using the iPhone 6S during the month of December as my daily driver. Ultimately, once I made my return to Android after a month break, I haven’t looked back.

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  • Perfect

    i recently switched to Iphone & so far i am loving it it’s not the device it’s the well managed OS, but still Android is my first love i been using Note 4 with AOSP ROM & despite some issues i loved it nothing can beat customization in Android.

    • Милен Стефанов

      iOS is “well managed” ??? Are you retard? Or fucking idiot? Or may be you suck negros dick? Only moron like you can like iOS…

  • Luka Bulatović

    Until I saw that you went back in brackets I was like “What?!?!?!”

  • Waiting for haters in the comments section.

  • Arch Angelos

    I Switch to the 6s plus just a couple a days ago and I don’t have any battery issues, since you have the 6P why choose the 6s over the 6s plus? Starting the day at 7am and ending at 11pm with heavy game usage I still have 20% left. I’m enjoying my iphone so far(i’m in love with the smoothness) but perhaps I will buy another android device sometime this year.

    • HotelQuebec

      Did you even watch the video? He pulled what he had out of his desk drawer. And, the 6S Plus isn’t pocket friendly since it’s the biggest physical phone with the smallest screen size with the waste bezel space.

      • Arch Angelos

        Nope I just read the written review. The 6s plus fits in my pocket just fine and there are a couple of phones bigger than it as well. What do you mean he pulled what he had out of his desk drawer? He says in the written review that he switch back to the Nexus 6p from the iPhone 6s.

  • Lim Ming Quan


    • John Doe


  • Jonathan A. Gonzalvo Aristy

    I did a similar jump, and am currently using an iPhone 6 64gb as my daily driver. Made the jump from a Galaxy S5 (best phone ever for me as far as durability, extsdcard support and it’s pretty quick too), and I miss everything about android. I’m not really into modding nor used to do a lot of customization when I had my s5, but it surely is a plus to have the freedom to move things around almost at free will. The same goes for being able to add music, files, and pretty much anything on the go, without having to mess with iTunes or 3rd party software. As an android and Google fanboy, iTunes can get a bit confusing at times when it comes to syncing media (or maybe it’s just me). The only one thing I find that I don’t really want to live behind is TouchID and how well Apple integrates it into apps I use on a regular basis like Amazon, eBay, etc etc. This makes my life so much easier and makes doing some tasks a lot faster on the iphone than I would on an Android device. But yeah, I kinda miss my durable s5, no matter how “premium” my iphone 6 is!

    • Eren

      I am graphic designer and I actually can’t stand design of iphone 6s. First, apple copied htc one m7 and it’s obviously. Secondly, big apple logo was always immature ,unnecessary and ostentatiously. Thirdly, this phone is ugly in any case. 5s was really nice, I must admit but 6 looks like toy for teenagers. Fifthly, ios icons looks like fairy kingdom and I prefer minimalistic, mature icons from 6.0 Marshmallow…

  • King Butt-Touches

    Guessing you didn’t deep dive into using iMessage, possibly one of the biggest pros to the Apple ecosystem. Oh, and Hangouts is (and has always been) better on iOS if that doesn’t float your boat.

    I’ve owned around 15 different Android flagships, but I always come back to the iPhone. They do so many things right, straight out of the box, that I don’t miss all the fiddly bits on Android. I will say that 3D Touch is a useless gimmick (except for keyboard cursor movement) and that Apple has a ways to go to catch up to the 2015/2016 Samsung/LG cameras.

    • Max Fireman

      15 flagship devices? Piss off liar.

      • King Butt-Touches

        Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Nexus S3, S4, S5, S6, Note 4, Note 5
        Motorola Droid, Droid X, Droid X2, Moto X, Moto X 2015, Nexus 6
        HTC M7, HTC M8

        Tablets: Galaxy Tab 2, Moto Xoom

        That’s 17, actually.

        • adaffasd

          I find the lack of a Xperia Z line phone disturbing. Owner of a still useful Z1, bought the month it was released. Have some minor complaints, but would still pick a Xperia Z5 over all the others (including the Premium).
          You should try it. I like HTC devices a lot too.

          • King Butt-Touches

            Been on Verizon for ever for reasons. Totally get the Sony shaft. I’d love to give them a whirl someday.

      • krazyfrog

        Some people actually have money.

    • HotelQuebec

      iMessage is very limited and isn’t cross platform compared to Hangouts with Google Voice #.

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      Not sure, but have you ever heard about Hangouts?

      If not, check it out, because it make iMessage to looks like a joke.

      • King Butt-Touches

        The same Hangouts I mentioned in my original post? Not only can you not write correctly, apparently it spread to your reading ability too. Sad for you.

        • Tom-Helge Andersen

          What was wrong in the text i wrote in my earlier post?

          And what’s better with Hangouts for iOS over Hangouts on Android?

          • Depends on the phone. The iPhone experience is similar to a mid-range android phone. On higher end Android phones of course it’s better because the screen and the speakers will be much better than the iPhone’s.

        • Sagor Sikdar

          You’re so sad. I hope you find peace and let others live their choice! Pretty certain you will try to type a witty/insulting reply to this.

    • trwb

      The iphone doesn’t do customization, file management, and freedom from itunes right, out of the box. It doesn’t do them at all actually.

      • King Butt-Touches

        It’s entirely possible to use an iPhone without ever plugging into iTunes, including full system backups that Android can’t do period.

        • trwb

          Full system backup would be nice. Still sticking with my Nexus though.

        • Just about everything on Android is backed up in cloud now. I don’t even have to restore app data anymore when I log into a new phone. It’s just my phone. I wish Apple did this better.

    • I always own both types of phones at the same time, so I never suffer the iPhone confirmation bias. I’m always keenly aware of how far behind the iPhone is on design and stability.

  • Brock

    Have you ever tried jailbreaking and modding the iPhone?

    • Emmet

      You wouldn’t have to jailbreak if it had more custom-ability from the start.

  • Peter

    “and in part hide the fact that I was using an iPhone”

    Are you 12 or something? Honestly…pathetic. No idea why the hell I still visit this site…

    • Max Fireman

      GTFO then.

    • staylow

      It’s akin to your buddy wearing the “other teams” jersey but showing up to watch a game with the team he’s been rooting for the last few years playing. I completely get it. Besides it’s not that serious.

  • jrod3737

    Plainly and simply, the iPhone is Jony Ive’s phone. I’m not Jony Ive. Ralph Lauren doesn’t tell me that if I don’t wear the shirt that he picked out that I’m dumb. Elon Musk doesn’t tell me that if I don’t drive the car he likely has specially designed for him that I’m an idiot. Why does Jony Ive tell me that about my phone? It’s a really nice phone, and I’m happy it works for him. Just not for me.

    • nezlobnyj

      a bit different things you’re talking about (still valid though). If Tesla or Ralph Lauren would allow you to customize their product to your taste – that would be more of Android approach. But do they (I’m not talking about cutting off sleeves or re-painting you new Model S but rather the fabric or engine)? No. So they are more reminiscent of Apple in this way. And to my humble opinion there aren’t lots of brands you can really compare to Android, almost everyone gives you what they ultimately see as their subjective to taste and social studies “the best” for you).
      Just wanted to point that out) Cheers, friend.

      • I can order 100,000 different kinds of pizza. I can order millions of different books. I can order thousands of different cars. I can order millions of shirts. I can have millions of different alcoholic beverages. Android is just normal. It offers the flexibility that a GOOD product should.

        • itskai

          And apple offers a good product as well for uses who want a great out of box experience without needing to do maintenance and house keeping to fix issues. As they say ‘it just works’.

    • Samuel Matthews

      Nexus 5X, 6P, 6 and more is now on sale online below

  • Eren

    I am graphic designer and I actually can’t stand design of iphone 6s. First, apple copied htc one m7 and it’s obviously. Secondly, big apple logo was always immature ,unnecessary and ostentatiously. Thirdly, this phone is ugly in any case. 5s was really nice, I must admit but 6 looks like toy for teenagers. Fifthly, ios icons looks like fairy kingdom and I prefer minimalistic, mature icons from 6.0 Marshmallow…

    • Juschan

      well thats your opinion if you are a designer i guess u already designed products better sold than this ugly iPhone and its childish os right? im just wondering…

      • trwb

        I’m also a designer and the ios icons/interface is just dated design. It tries to cater to the general public but ends up being just a disgusting mess.

        • Juschan

          and androids icons with all their different sizes and shapes r more modern and less messy ?

          • scoupdogg

            yes. they are icons, not some platte of colors

          • Juschan

            if you say so sir ..

          • Jason Brian Chapa

            Nothing wrong with different shapes. Looks down at my home screen with Google launcher. All icons appear the same size to me.

          • It doesn’t matter. They can be whatever you want them to be. You aren’t trapped in a dayglo nightmare of suck.

          • Damien

            Different sizes? What phone have you been using?!?
            As others have mentioned it’s way too easy to change the default icons and the shapes/frames of them.

    • Brad Fortin

      “Secondly, big apple logo was always immature ,unnecessary and ostentatiously.”

      I assume you find the big Samsung/HTC/Sony logo and carrier logo on the front of most Android phones to be equally immature, unnecessary, and ostentatious?

      • I don’t think anybody likes garish advertising of any kind. But in Apple’s case, it’s half eaten food. Every time I see the logo I think of some rotting Apple with a bite out of it in a garbage can. And that’s disgusting.

        • itskai

          and when I seean android logo, it looks similar to a trash can. Which to be fair, the OS is crap to me.

    • blairh

      If you go with a case you never see the logo. Most Android devices have their logo on the front of the f’ing phone.

      How is the iPhone ugly in a case? What?!?!

      • s2weden2000

        it is because of the stupid button..hello 2008 …

      • Damien

        That’s if you can find a bloody case without the logo portion cut out.

        • blairh

          The majority of iPhone cases don’t have a logo cutout.

          • Damien

            Man I must be visiting the wrong stalls then… P.S As someone who owns both iOS and Android devices, what are you doing on here? lol :-P

  • Edwin Ibarra

    So the only reason you gave as to why you switched back was customization. Is that all?

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      Personalization of a device that you are using every day is important to be able to use the device in the most effective way YOU as a user want to use them in and not to how Apple or other brands tells you how to use the devices THEIR ways.

      Pretty much everything is customizable to some points today, so i don’t see the reason why the iPhones shouldn’t have the same abilities.

      Just to make a good point out of this. Would you use a car without the ability to adjust the steering wheel as a daily driver?

      I wouldn’t.

      • abazigal

        I would argue it’s more that for some people, Apple would do a far better job of customising their phone than they ever will, or more than they can be bothered to.

        So in a sense, that’s why we buy an iPhone. We pay Apple to make these decisions and trade offs for us so that we don’t have to, and trust that these trade-offs are made in a manner which affords us the best user experience (for us).

        For someone who is never going to adjust his steering wheel, does the option to do so really matter that much?

        • Tom-Helge Andersen

          I believe most peoples would adjust the steering wheel so they can have as much comfort as possible while driving. Because who doesn’t like comfort while driving?

          Believe me, i do enjoy my awesome comfort while using my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ with Nova Launcher Prime and DAB Light Icon pack and some widgets. The OS looks really clean and slick now.

          I can give you a picture of how it looks if you want that.

          • abazigal

            I do, and In this case, the car would already come in a configuration that already affords me the most comfort, so there is no need for me to adjust it any more. That it doesn’t meet the needs of the person standing next to me is irrelevant because that’s not what I look for in a phone.

            One can argue that there isn’t this one size fits all configuration which meets everyone’s needs, and that’s precisely the point. That’s why 80% of people around the world aren’t using the iPhone for one reason or another. But this also means that 20% of the people are, which is still a very large number in an absolute sense.

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            Just because you think a new car is configured out of the car dealer to suit YOU best, it’s not the case for many others. The car that might work really well for you without adjusting anything might be the worst car to drive because of really poor comfort as they get the car. So they need to be able to adjust different things before they can start using the car as a daily driver.

            In fact, i just took the driver licence (class B) 23rd of December 2015 which is just some few days over a month ago. And the car i was driving was completely new. And EVERYTIME i was going to drive it, i had to adjust the seat, steering wheel and the side mirrors to be able to sit in a comfortable way and to be able to drive better.

            TLDR: Customization is important no matter how you looks at it.

          • abazigal

            Which is my point. We each buy the option which suits our needs the best. For me, that’s the iPhone, because the lack of configuration options relative to Android devices doesn’t really matter to me, I am satisfied with how the phone works out of the box, and there are other strengths of the Apple ecosystem which I prize more and am willing to pay for.
            Another person who prefers Android for its customisability is always free to choose it. I am not saying that customisation isn’t important. It just isn’t the be-all and end-all of what makes a great smartphone, and it’s not always the first thing people will look for in a phone either.
            The iPhone isn’t for everyone. I recognise and accept that. And the iPhone doesn’t have to be for everyone, because even a small percentage market share of a very large user base is still a significant number of phones sold (not to mention that each iPhone sold this way is immensely profitable).

          • I don’t envy you the task of arguing against customization. It’s an argument you will always lose because it makes no sense. You can cripple Android to make it just as inefficient as iOS if you want.

          • I believe they are hovering near 10 percent again actually after last quarter’s bloodbath where they lost market share in every market but China, and only gained a few percent there.

  • I use both systems, and I remained with the 6s Plus this time around because of the video OIS, which the Nexus lacks. Hopefully they will add it in 2016 because I use it a lot. And it would be nice to bring back wireless charging…. I miss that a lot as well. I use Telegram as it works on both systems and has more chat functionality than Hangouts, but I use Hangouts for video chat. Both systems have their pros and cons. There is no real equivalent to Garage Band on Android, but the main problem is the audio latency there, which Android has yet to fix. Either way, I have to admit that, outside of OIS, pictures on both systems are pretty much the same now.

    P.D. The battery on the 6s Plus lasts the whole day. Would never have touched the normal 6s.

  • staylow

    I pretty much agree with all that’s been said. The sea of icons on your home screens looks cluttered and unorganized to me, app drawer. Force touch feels like long press on Android, still not sure I understand the hype. And of course customization, that I simply can’t go without. iOS is smooth, no doubt and its easy to navigate but the above points negate that for me. Oh, and lets be honest, your “rose gold” phone was really just pink…and that’s probably why you added the case.

  • mediatico

    All this is summarized in that both systems are good and ultimately depends on each person’s particular taste. I am an Android fan, but I respect anyone with an iPhone, because is also a great device. But I must admit that Android was somewhat inferior to iOS before the Jelly Bean version. As of today, both are excellent systems and aimed at different audiences.
    Just let’s not start talking about Windows Phone.

  • LastKings31

    I get what Joshua is saying. That’s why I own an LG G4 and just bought an ipod touch 6G for whenever I need the ios ecosystem. It’s the best thing to do really.

    • peerpressure

      I have the Fire phone and an iPad 3. It’s jailbroken and still running on iOS 8. No point in upgrading except for running into planned obsolescence. I like having both since I came from an iPhone, so I still have all my apps I spent money on from before.

      • Jason Brian Chapa

        We found the one guy with a Fire phone!

  • Pavlos

    If you are not using the iPhone, care to mail it to me? :) I switched from iPhone to One Plus and now I want to switch back, but I have no money :P :P

  • Andrés

    gift me that Iphone :( haha, right now I lack of one and I suffer so much hahaha

  • Sadeq Sadeq

    Any comments on some useful things like transferring music or other documents without the use of a cloud service? Did you get used to iTunes?

    • People don’t get used to iTunes. They tolerate it.

  • I’ve been on Android for 2 years now but before that was an Apple fan. Then a prominent security expert found a backdoor in iOS and it made me realise that Apple is nothing but a big, greedy, lying corporation now. Any spirit of “Think different” is long gone.

    All those years I knew Android offered far more choice, power and customisation but I felt secure with Apple, thinking they were big on privacy. So I put up with the same evolved devices year after year.

    But after that backdoor was found I said “stuff it, since iOS isn’t secure and Apple are a bunch of liars taking us all for fools I’m going to Android where I at least can enjoy choice, power and customisation, as well as not pay through my nose for the privilege”.

    So I got an Xperia Z2 and experienced just how much I’d been missing out on, and how vastly superior the Z2 and Android are, compared to ios.

    In my experience Android is every bit as smooth as iOS and it looks way better. Material design is far superior to ios and with a simple icon pack and nice wallpaper it looks awesome. iOS users can only get that in their dreams.

    As for battery life, I always have at least 20% left by 10pm, and it’s off the charger at 6am, with Normal use. Don’t forget, that it has things running in the background e.g. Email, Pocket Casts, WhatsApp, app update downloads etc.

    I have an iPhone 6 company phone (yuk) and battery life is slightly better on that, but then again nothing is allowed to run in the background compared to Android – no wonder then that battery life is better. That’s what Doze in Marshmallow copies and people who use it say battery life is amazing.

    Considering that nothing runs on iOS, battery life should be way better than it is.

    And as for performance, my. Oneplus X runs circles around the iPhone 6. I find switching between apps, launch times, the fingerprint sensor and keyboard to be terribly slow on the iPhone 6 – seriously. I’m often grumbling at the phone out of frustration.

    Josh you did the right thing coming back. iPhone sucks hard, just like Apple.

    • peerpressure

      Well, you can get a different icon pack on your iPhone, you just have to jailbreak it first. I switched from a jailbroken iPhone 4S to Android. The ability to tweak my phone as much as I wanted, without dealing with the instability of a jailbreak, was such an eyeopener.

      • Or you could just get a real android phone. Right now iOS is already the least secure mobile OS. A Jailbroken iphone is one of the least secure devices on Earth. There are hacker groups writing stuff like KeyRaider that specifically targets that poor security.

      • Yes you can jailbreak it, and I’ve done that in the past, but in my experience it made the phone less stable and prone to crashing.

        My Oneplus X allows me to select any icon pack installed, so in seconds I can change it out. And on other phones which don’t offer that, it’s as simple as installing a launcher from the Play Store. No root required, which is great for the average user.

        • peerpressure

          Yeah, completely agree. I remember getting a cool jailbroken app on my phone, and because of that, my camera wouldn’t work. I had to unjailbreak and re-jb to get it to work again. Like I was saying, the fact that I didn’t have to jailbreak / root my Android phone to make changes like that to the theme and function was an eye-opener.

    • blairh

      I’ve never heard a single person complain about Touch ID being slow. In fact the latest iPhone’s Touch ID is so fast it’s crazy.

      • Depends. It fails when you really need it. It’s not as reliable as the one on my 6P. It’s also bad if you finger is damp.

        • blairh

          What do you mean it fails when you really need it? It has never failed me. Yes, it’s not great when your finger is wet. Why, does the 6P fingerprint work all the time when your finger is wet? Also I expect the next Touch ID will be better with wet fingers.

          • The 6P (huawei’s tech) will read a finger soaking wet. And I mean my iPhone fingerprint reader fails when I really need it. Like i’m trying to get into my building and my arms are full, and I don’t have my keyfob. So I just need to get into my phone to use an app to unlock the door. That’s when it will fail. Oh, and because of how poorly placed the fingerprint reader is, there’s a good chance I’m going to drop the phone trying to unlock it one handed.

          • blairh

            Is it really that difficult for you to place your thumb on the lower center bezel? I find that hard to believe.

            I also don’t understand how Touch ID fails you when you really need it. Aside from a wet thumb, I have never once had Touch ID fail me.

            If the 6P works with a wet thumb then yes, that is an advantage over Touch ID. My counter is 3 points. One, I can’t confirm this for myself. Two, seeing as Touch ID got even faster last gen I expect Apple is working to make the next Touch ID work under wet fingers, Three, I rarely if ever have a wet finger that needs to unlock my iPhone.

          • Well, consider the scenario. You are struggling to get in a door with your arms full. Of course your fingers are a little damp. Look, I’m sorry Apple’s design isn’t perfect. You have to understand they aren’t shooting for perfect. They are shooting for margins.

          • blairh

            Sounds like you suffer from clammy hands. Sucks for you. The only times my fingers are wet are if I get caught in the rain or after getting out of the shower/washing my face. I have zero issues with the placement of Touch ID. Sorry if you do.

          • When it’s 100 degrees out and I’m wearing a suit, yes. Yes I do. It’s called being normal.

          • blairh

            I doubt it hits 100 often where you live and if it does, sucks for you.

            Also, my fingertips don’t get wet no matter how much I sweat. You clearly have sweaty fingers/clammy hands.

          • So you are just going to repeat yourself now because you are out of ideas.

          • blairh

            I’m not out of any ideas. I’m simply stating the obvious. People don’t normally get wet fingertips when sweating.

          • Yeah. Other than perfectly normal people. Which is why bicycles and baseball bats and many other things have grips. Because it happens.

          • blairh

            Oh really? Wooden baseball bats have grips?

            WTF is your point? The Nexus 6P provides no additional grip.

            I took at look at your terrible blog. There is no way you own an iPhone as you previously claimed. Judging by your posts you are clearly a huge Android fanboy who just shits on the iPhone. And a terrible speller to boot.

          • You’ve already outed yourself as a youngin’ with serious confirmation bias. Ask any shooter how long it takes your hands to start sweating when you are holding something tightly. Or just fill your hands with grocery bag handles. Join us here in the real world when you are done failing at your attempts to defend a multinational corporation that doesn’t care about you, or even know you exist.

          • blairh

            Judging by your comment history all you do is shit on Apple. You seem to need a life and a clue. You are nothing but an Android fanboy who makes sweeping negative comments about the iPhone. Great use of your life Scott.

            Apple doesn’t give a shit about us. And nor does Google, your pride and joy that you dedicate your shitty blog to. Get with it. We are discussing a product. All companies want your money. You want to irrationally hate Apple? Go ahead. Like I give a fuck.

            I’m sorry you are prone to sweaty fingertips. I have never had a problem unlocking my iPhone when sweaty. And I work out 5 times a week at the gym.

          • I’m an Apple and Google product user that finds little children like you highly amusing. Kids that spend all day defending the iPhone mommy and daddy got them for christmas. You make it obvious.

          • blairh

            You’ve reverted to childish name calling because your pathetic attempts to try to counter me have exposed you with all of my replies.

            Scott, go look at your Disqus comment history and then look at mine. You are the one who spends all their time defending Android and shitting on Apple while I’m the one who has both praised and criticized both Apple and Android. I love how with each reply you just dig yourself into a deeper hole.

            Furthermore YOU are the one with a garbage blogger site praising Android and shitting on Apple.

            So let’s recap. YOU are the one making the effort to leave one anti-Apple pro-Android post after another. YOU are the one taking the time to write a blog that shits on Apple and praises Google and Android. And if that weren’t enough, YOU are the one trying to call me a fanboy and a child.

            I’ve loved your replies Scott because you make it so easy to call you out on the fanboy and hypocrite that you so clearly are.

            And it’s ironic that you’d call anyone a child when your blog shows the world you don’t even fucking know how to spell the word ‘crying’.

          • No, you are acting like a kid so I’m treating you like one. Just like I’d treat one of my own children. Get used to it. Alternately, grow up some. Start acting and speaking more maturely. Don’t make it so obvious you should have parental supervision.

          • blairh

            I know it’s embarrassing Scott to have digital proof via our back and forth that exposed all your bullshit reasons why Android is better than using an iPhone. I know. It hurts. Don’t worry you have that horrible fanboy blog that you write to ‘crye’ to.

          • I own both. I know which is better for me. I’m not counting Apple out though. They have plenty of time to fire Tim Cook and get someone with passion in his role. Tim has the passion of light beer.

      • Yes the latest iPhone has much improved touch ID but the 6 lags for about 2 seconds.

        • blairh

          As a 6 Plus Owner that is absolutely not true. I would describe the unlock time as half a second versus the instantaneous speed of the latest iPhone’s. 2 seconds? Absolutely not.

          • I can only tell you my experience, and I have read similar experiences online in the past. Perhaps it only affected some phones? Maybe they used different sensors in the phones, as they do with the displays? Who knows?

          • blairh

            I don’t know. I have not read nor experienced anything resembling a 2 second lag for Touch ID on my iPhone 6 Plus.

            I would describe Touch ID as ‘almost instant’ on the iPhone 6/6 Plus and ‘instant’ on the iPhone 6S/6S Plus.

          • Yes on the S models it’s instant. But I’m using the original 6, not the S. It’s the non-S that’s the slow one.

          • blairh

            Well I think the original 6/6 Plus Touch ID is still extremely fast. We are talking half a second. I don’t know why yours would lag. That is not normal.

    • Brad Fortin

      Wait, so the deal-breaker was a security vulnerability and you decided to switch to a non-Nexus device? Android is going to be just as insecure if you’re not getting timely updates to patch newly-discovered vulnerabilities.

    • fariz ascariz

      why apple user so serious? calm down.
      simple term for:
      ios= u follow me(ios)
      android = i(android) follow u
      its ANDROID AUTHORITY, not IOS AUTHORITY. keep walking… ?

  • Ratacit

    I use an Xperia Z3 Dual. For me what makes it my choice, as opposed to an iPhone is:
    – Dual SIM as I often travel abroad
    – (average yet still there) waterproofness as i like outdoor activities and trail running. Not being afraid of a splash is great
    – Ability to plug an otg and easily transfer files i need

  • apolloa

    I currently have an iPhone 6S, I replaced my aging Nexus 5 with it. I did import and try a Note 5 first but all that did was confirm I am a small phone man haha, so it went back.
    I am so bored of the snorefest iOS is, and it is buggy, I am going to buy the Xperia Z6 / Z7 Compact once it’s out and see if it’s better, if so I’ll sell the iPhone. Yeah really not liking it, the screen is dull, iOS is dull, 3D Touch is a waste of time, no back button is so infuriating.
    I did try an iPad Mini once and thought the same plus the build quality was poor so replaced that with my lovely Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact which I find a lot better then my iPhone.

    The only good things about the iPhone are the finger print reader, and that if I sell it I’ll most likely get enough money to cover the cost of an Xperia Z6 / Z7 Compact!! You try to love an iPhone until you turn it on, so dull…

  • Scr-U-gle

    Forgot to mention that the iPhone will get five years of software support and the android will be lucky if it gets Googles “upto 18 months”.

    I don’t have to wait for updates, and the NSA are not all up in my shit either.

    • scoupdogg

      well, lets see i owned iphone 4s, when released, AWESOME Call apps opens in about 7 secs, some app (photo i think) or something opens in 20 BLOODY seconds *PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE* experience (bought backup android phone).
      next update fixes these LONG loading time to a Little better (and introduces another annoying bug and the cycle continues), but not at all a Daily Driver.
      Inshort i threw the phone after that, and i only heard problems in blogs, rather than WOW! i can update to the Latest Software!!

      at the same time galaxy nexus s, stops update,
      google apps update continue, phone is Perfectly Workable only outdated.
      THATS the difference b/w apple and google.

      • Scr-U-gle

        I guess you didn’t bother going to one of the many Apple Stores (you never mention it in your long ass rambling), where they would probably diagnosed it as mine was, and given the fix.

        Just because you are not smart enough to find and fix an issue, does that make your bullshit any truer!

        Another MoRoid who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    • Have you actually tried to use an updated iPhone 4? Heck, iPhone 5? Apple “supports” them for 5 years in the sense that the OS will install, then suck really bad and be incredibly slow.

  • Mohit Hiralal

    Android might have bugs, crashes and glitches. The iPhone’s build quality is almost unmatched by any other phone out there, but what you is missing in iOS is making it your phone. All there is to the phone is the boring home screen full of icons and a ‘dynamic’ wallpaper. I was on the fence about getting an iPhone or android. But then I went for the best phone ever made (in my opinion), Oneplus One. CyanogenMod is amazing, the level customization is fun, something that iPhone users will never experience.

  • bklm1234

    I always have an iphone (3g, 3gs, 4s, 5s, 6s) even I’m primarily an Android user. Iphone is fast, stable, but lacking my must-haves so it remains an incomplete phone to me. My must-haves include wifi-tethering, microSD, text-to-speech any content easily (Android ingenious Share capability since 2.0?). I feel the advantages of iPhone has over Android are trivial to non-existent now. Sure it’s faster but top Android devices are not slow. Lollipop and Marshmallow are as stable (or iOS has become less stable). Nexus 6P and LG G4 (which is my all time favorite Android phone) offer experience reminiscent of iPhone’s smoothness and speed. Things just work and work well.

    • Stable isn’t a word I’d use to describe iOS since iOS 7.

  • Alam Siddiqui

    It feels like The Verge’s review of every android phone ever.

  • Nallaikumaran

    Apple authority…

  • Stoffsprenger

    let’s be honest, iPhones were always good but nothing that special compared to many competitors’ products.

    But iPhones have that something extra:
    Everybody knows that iPhones are absurdly expensive, and the apple on the back stands for “I have 750€ to buy me this, now I’m one of the cool kids”

    For us, this is laughable, but a big fraction of iPhone buyers have bought the phone for immature reasons.

    Some people think that iPhones are reliable and have great quality (hard and software), I agree to a certain degree, but they’re way too overpriced for that ammount of quality..

    • They have marketing, and a biased valley press willing to always have a double standard for Apple. That’s it. All the rest is your imagination.

  • Kody

    I like it. Very impartial and I agree with the conclusion, the iPhone is great but the customization of android wins me over.

  • chanman

    what I find the maddest about iPhones (which may be a plus for some more paranoid people out there) is that if I need to borrow a friend’s phone to do something, there is NO way I can find an app with any sense of efficiency. Everyone has their own idiosyncratic way of laying out their apps.
    While this is true on Android as well, most OEMs leave the app tray in, and there they are always alphabetized. So much easier.

    • This was actually measured. It typically takes anywhere from 20-30 percent longer to do the same things on iOS as they do on Android. The zealots spin this as “higher user engagement” but it just really means it’s easier to do things on Android. People do the exact same things with their phones.

  • blairh

    iOS apps are better designed and operational versus their Android equivalents in most cases.

    iPhone allows me to get immediate one-on-one service at my local Apple store.

    FaceTime makes video chatting simple and easy with friends and family using iPhone’s. iMessage is rock solid.

    No need to run Clean Master to clean up the building junk weekly on my smartphone.

    Updates are guaranteed assuming iPhone isn’t ancient.

    Much higher resale value versus any Android phone.

    I used Android for years but I’m back at my iPhone and I do feel it’s overall the best experience.

    • Some games, typically, simple ones, are better on the iPhone. The reverse is true for higher end games. You aren’t getting Nvidia games on an iPhone.

      The Apple store experience is now “Apple Court” where they try to make any problems your fault, and they try to sell you as much crap as possible. I don’t know too many people that look forward to going there anymore. It didn’t used to be this way.

      Facetime isn’t compatible with the phones that 87 percent of the world uses so it does not matter.

      There’s no need to run “clean master” at all on anything.

      Updates are guaranteed on every high end phone now. Apple does get credit for having this on their midrange phones though.

      Resale value really depends on the phone. But I’m not poor so I don’t care about resale value. I’ll pay more for a higher quality phone. Apple doesn’t make that phone.

      I always own both. That way I don’t suffer confirmation bias, and I’m always keenly aware of how far behind Apple is.

      • blairh

        The reverse is not true with iPhone’s. I’ve used plenty of higher end games on the iPhone with zero issues.

        Apple app store is just fine on the iPhone. I don’t know what the issue would be. It’s well organized and easy to use. What is it missing?

        What do you mean ‘it doesn’t matter?’ You realize FaceTime is also compatible with iPad’s and Macs? So whether your friend uses an Android device say in Italy it doesn’t mean you still can’t FaceTime with them. Also, for the sake of our discussion, we are both American, I’m assuming, and the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in our country. Meaning FaceTime is hugely popular among Americans and their friends/family.

        I owned 5 Android devices in a two year span. I absolutely had to run Clean Master with every one of them. If I didn’t I would see my GB’s being eaten up by God knows what with simple general use with my Android device. So yes, I did have to run it.

        Timely updates are not guaranteed. It’s simply not universal due to carriers getting in the way. With the iPhone it doesn’t matter what carrier you use. As long as your device is compatible you will receive the update on day one. And owning an Android smartphone for 2 years, let’s say, is not guarantee you will be running the latest Android update when you approach the 2 year mark.

        I’m not poor either. (You sound like a huge douche on this point by the way.) But getting more money for your iPhone when you are ready to resell it is a clear advantage over getting less for your Android phone. ‘Higher quality phone’ is just your personal feelings about the iPhone getting in the way.

        What’s the point of always owning both? Why own a device that is so clearly ‘far behind’ in your eyes?

        If you don’t like the iPhone, cool, but your counter points are ridiculous. You seem to clearly not want to acknowledge the obvious advantages to the iPhone owning experience.

        • The simple reality is that there are high end games you simply can’t get for iOS that only run on Android. There’s also the huge emulation gap. If you like playing great classic games, you don’t want an iPhone.

          Wait until the first time something breaks and the Apple store tries to tell you it’s your fault. Which will be the first thing they do now. “water damage” being the most popular reason they invent to not honor their warranty. I had to make them open up a macbook that clearly smelled like burnt silicon because they tried to claim “water damage”. Clearly they’ve decided to try to “increase their margins” in the Apple store by shafting their users.

          Facetime doesn’t matter, again, because it’s not an open standard. It doesn’t work with the devices most people own. I don’t understand why this is a hard concept to grasp. This weakness with facetime is why most of my friends use Whatsapp now instead, and why there are about ten times as many Whatsapp users.

          You never had to run clean master. Not once. You read a story about it, and you are making things up. It’s pretty obvious.

          Timely updates are guaranteed with the right phones. Right now that’s regular OS updates and monthly security patching. Samsung and Nexus phones receive these, and other makers are joining the program. You simply have nothing to complain about. Unlike say, an iPhone user. iOS topped the most vulnerable operating systems list two years in a row.

          • blairh

            Please provide me some examples of high end games you can’t get on iOS. My guess is that they are niche games. I’ve never read a comment online about someone bitching that so and so game isn’t available on iOS. Also I have no desire to use an emulator.

            Actually I’ve dealt with the genius bar several times as I’ve owned an iPhone since 2008 (aside from 2 years with Android in between). My experience has always been first class. On my first iPhone I had an issue after my warranty expired (my iPhone was randomly turning off). They replaced my iPhone with a refurbished device as soon as they saw the issue. Another time I had purple like circles appearing in my pictures. Again, they replaced my iPhone with zero issues. Yes, some people have had issues with Apple and their devices with respect to service. This is bound to happen with any huge company handling hardware complaints daily. But in general they have an excellent reputation when it comes to handling repairs and service fairly and in a pleasant manner. Good luck when your Samsung or HTC device has issues and your carrier tells you to call the OEM. The fact that I can get immediate one on one in person great service at my local Apple store (or when I’m on the road) is invaluable. This cannot be disputed.

            I love how you can claim FaceTime doesn’t matter. Try telling that to the countless number of people across the world who use it. I FaceTime with my cousin in Italy all the time on her iPad. Doesn’t matter right??? How the hell you can say you I don’t grasp this concept? If I can FaceTime anyone in the world with a Mac, iPhone, or iPad how is this not INCREDIBLY important and useful? My question is how do YOU not understand this?

            Well seeing that WhatsApp doesn’t offer video calling I’m curious how your friends have used it in place of FaceTime.

            Are you seriously going to try to compare WhatsApp versus FaceTime users? WhatsApp is a messenger and audio service. FaceTime is a video and audio service. You can’t do video calls on WhatsApp. You can’t message on FaceTime. And you are seriously going to compare both???

            I owned 5 Android devices in 2 years. (Go look at my post history if you don’t believe me.) I had to run CC with every phone. There was no way to rid the junk files that built up on every single Android device that I used otherwise. Why the fuck would I lie about this? You think I spend time in my life to make up lies about a bad experience I had using Android? Fucking seriously?

            Yes, I keep hearing about how Android is always fixing this, and yet all I read on tech forums is users complaining about their Android device getting late updates or missing out on the updates entirely. This remains a huge problem with Android. You cannot deny this. Nothing compares to what Apple offers which is a uniform and timely update across all platforms at the very same moment. You know this too.

            iOS vulnerable? Give me a fucking break. This is why Forture 500 companies are rushing to provide their employees with iPhone’s across the board. Please man.

            You honestly don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. It’s pretty clear you are either trolling or coming up with nonsensical reasons why the iPhone isn’t the obvious overall better owning experience.

            Of all the things you’ve replied about the only thing that makes any sense is the 6P fingerprint reader working with a wet finger, and even then I’m just assuming you aren’t lying.

          • Well, people like you and children like simple games. Those are the top sellers. The iPhone is a neat toy. But you aren’t playing Gunjack with it. I doubt it could even handle it. That’s just one example. The rest are PC games ported to Android that can’t even work on iOS. And you have like you said “niche devices” like the Nvidia products that Apple has absolutely nothing that compares. Again, it depends on if you want the best or not. Some people will pay more for products better than Apple’s.

          • blairh

            That ‘neat toy’ is the single most popular smartphone in the world. Seems like a lot of people are enjoying their ‘neat toy’.

            Yeah you aren’t playing Gunjack. Because Gunjack is a fucking VR game that requires you to purchase and use an VR headset. Really? That’s your fucking example?

            You seem to not want to acknowledge that 99% of consumers play the games that are available on both iOS and Android. The fact that your example is a game that requires a VR set says everything.

            Do you seriously think that any games not available to be played on an iPhone hurts their sales? Seriously? The audience for PC ported games and Nvidia (which again requires a separate device to be used in conjunction, just like VR) is a niche audience. Sure, if playing such games is so important to you, go Android. You are also talking about incorporating other products into your mobile gaming experience. Has not catering to this niche audience hurt Apple in any significant way? Of course not. Also, as you probably aren’t aware, Apple is deeply into working on VR headsets. It’s only a matter of time before they join Samsung in this regard.

            Pay more for producs better than Apple’s? What are you even getting at? iPhone’s tend to be pricer than just about any Android phone (with the exception of some Android flagships). If anything it’s proof that people will pay more for an iPhone versus an Android alternative.

            I just hope you can comprehend that making blanket statements like ‘Android is best’, ‘Android is better’, is utter nonsense. What I’ve said from the start is not that the iPhone is better (even thought I personally feel it is) but rather that when you factor in the overall experience (service, iPhone itself, resale) it’s clear that Apple has a huge advantage over any Android device owning experience.

  • SamsaraGuru

    Apple is not really particularly interested in innovation but rather stable sameness that doesn’t upset or make people have to think too hard about new things. They are a marketing company disguised as a tech company that has as its real goal selling you a device that will then keep you trapped in their system forever and a day feeding their cash cows. The devices are akin to a drug dealer getting you hooked and then – no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    To this end they have succeeded to the fullest extent of Steve Jobs dreams and as much as anyone capitalized on fan crazed thinking. To their credit they are the only ones who have managed to systematize their marketing into a steady income stream that has made them pretty much recession proof – as well as proofed against the reality that what they are offering ain’t exactly that great from the technology standpoint.

    I, personally, won’t have anything whatsoever to do with Apple or any of its products as I value the freedom to choose rather than allowing Apple to rule by making the rules that best serve them – irrespective of whether they help or hinder my goals and freedom.

    I have a best friend who for years was wedded to his iPhone and couldn’t be dissuaded – recently he got himself a Nexus 6P and he reports, “I feel like I was just let out of prison now that I am free of Apple!”

  • s2weden2000

    welcome back to the most popular 0s in the world …

  • Omar S. Masohood

    customization is a weak point really, especially coming from a seasoned android user. of course u won’t feel at home using an iOS or any other OSes for that matter. u mentioned wallpaper, lockscreen and launcher. I’m just curious, as an android user, whenever u switch to another android phone, do u settle for the same wallpaper, lock screen and launcher, or do u switch them everytime? i know MKBHD doesn’t. he customizes every single phone he reviews to his personal presets, ie the same wallpaper, lock screen, icon arrangement, widgets and widgets placements and launcher. does ANY android user here wishes to change launchers EVERY DAY? i believe most of us settle for that one launcher we’re used to and others as well. as habitual creatures, we develop a sense of routine and muscle memory when we use our phone. we know that particular app is there where we want it, we know that particular settings toggle is there. and so on.. u can customize an iOS to ur personal liking, although quite limited. but seriously pick on a more solid and valid point please. like how Apple decided to allow 3rd party keyboard, it’s just about time when they’re gonna allow 3rd party launcher (although i myself feel it’s quite unlikely). point is, as an android seasoned reviewer, saying the iOS doesn’t feel like my android is just something personal and not a solid review to imply iOS is bad. how many percent of android users actually end up changing their lockscreen and launchers anyways? i know my parents and my wife doesn’t. they get used to their touchwiz and miui. similarly, it’s just about time before u get used to the iOS personalization

  • Raf4

    After being a long time android phone user, I made the same move two weeks ago that Joshua did switching to iPhone from a Galaxy Note Edge. I would have to say that the lack of customability that Joshua does not like, is what I appreciate most about the iPhone. In my experience, switching to an ecosystem that is fully stable, predictable and not requiring a constant intervention of tweaking this and that, is been a profoundly calming experience for me.

  • ichuck7

    I had pretty much the same experience. I had the iPhone for 4 years (07-11) then android for four years. When I tried out the 6 plus for 2 months, I had to change back. The customization is a no go. But I also mourn the lack of apps that let me multitask like Facebook messenger with the chat heads. There are a lot of good things with the iPhone, like being able to seamlessly text from an iPad, macbook, or phone. But at the end of the day, android is just for me.

  • Scr-U-gle

    try looking at a landscape photo on an android phone, what are those big black walls?

    so free they need to put black walls around the photos

  • Narayan Danak

    Joshua, I respect what you said here and because those are your point of views. But what the word “ADVERTISEMENT” means on the page?
    Now my point of views,
    0. Why you wanted to hide that you were using an IPhone? You are AndroidAuthority but that does not mean you can not use an IPhone?
    1. You seem to be biased around IPhone’s capabilities in negative manner.
    2. Battery on IPhone lasts more than any Android device. I have logical reasons to prove it. it has display that is less resolution and OS that is known to have more power efficient.
    3. No one can beat IPhone’s camera. I have used Android devices and IPhone. I can bet on that.
    4. I agree with you on customization front that Android is better. But IOS is not so inconvenient as well.
    5. Google maps are better than Apple maps is true, but you have google maps app for IOS.
    6. IOS more stable than Android and you did not mention it.

    As I said, I respect your point of views. I would say best thing anyone can do is respect other’s point of views. However, you seem to be inspired by external factors while writing this.

  • sean toohey

    I just made the full switch from iOS/apple. I had tried Android a few years back and now it’s right there. I also have two Nexus devices so that helps. Only thing I really miss is the music creation apps on iOS.. I’m getting g a surface pro to deal with that.