The arrival of a new Android OS version leaves us all asking one big question – will my device receive the update?

To help narrow down your search we have put together a master list of all the devices which will be receiving Android Lollipop at some point in the future. We’ll be updating the list regularly, so if you find a source that confirms another handset will be lucky enough to receive Lollipop, please do let us know.

Without further delay:


HTC has been pretty open about its update policy and announced that it would be bringing Android Lollipop to its HTC One range within 90 days of the OS’ launch. A leaked roadmap and unconfirmed sources also suggests that Lollipop will be heading to a number of other handsets.

  • One (M8) – confirmed by HTC
  • One (M7) – confirmed by HTC
  • One (M7) Dual SIM
  • One (M8) Dual SIM
  • One Mini 2
  • One Mini – confirmed by HTC
  • One E8
  • One E8 Dual SIM
  • One Max
  • Butterfly S
  • Butterfly 2
  • Desire EYE
  • Desire 816
  • Desire 610


A Facebook post on the company’s official German account has stated that the LG G3 will receive Lollipop this year, with the G2 to follow shortly afterwards. Other devices have not been mentioned so far.

  • G3 – confirmed, scheduled for Q4 2014
  • G2 – confirmed


Following the announcement of the Nexus 6, Motorola confirmed that its recent range of handsets would all recieve an update to Lollipop. The following have all been confirmed directly by Motorola.

  • Moto X (1st Gen. & 2nd Gen.)
  • Moto G (1st Gen. & 2nd Gen.)
  • Moto G with 4G LTE
  • Moto E
  • Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini


After releasing details on its new Nexus devices, Google confirmed that handsets and tablets going back to the Nexus 4 would be receiving Lollipop. The latest reports suggest that an OTA update is scheduled for November 3rd 2014.

The Nexus 4, 5, 7 (WiFi & LTE), and Nexus 10 have all been confirmed by Google and the Nexus 6 and 9 will ship with the latest OS. Google mentioned that GPE handsets would also be among the first to receive an update.


With just one handset to maintain, the OnePlus One will see Lollipop within 3 months of the OS’ release.


Just like LG, Samsung hasn’t given out any official information regarding handset updates. The only hint we’ve seen of Android 5.0 on a Samsung device comes from a leaked preview build running on the Galaxy S5.


Sony has announced that it will be bringing Android 5.0 to all Xperia Z devices, not just its flagships. All of the following have been confirmed by Sony, although a timeframe has not been listed.

  • Xperia Z3
  • Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
  • Xperia Z3v
  • Xperia Z2
  • Xperia Z1
  • Xperia Z1 Compact
  • Xperia Z
  • Xperia Tablet Z
  • Xperia Z Ultra
  • Xperia ZL
  • Xperia ZR

Android One

The Karbonn Sparkle V, Micromax Canvas A1, and Spice Dream Uno will receive Android Lollipop “soon” after the full launch of the new version.

  • Karbonn Sparkle V – guaranteed by Google
  • Micromax Canvas A1 – guaranteed by Google
  • Spice Dream Uno – guaranteed by Google


Asus has detailed an update timetable on its official forum for its ZenFone series and a couple of PadFone devices. The ZenFone and PadFone S updates are scheduled for April 2015, with the PadFone Infinity to follow a couple of months later.

ASUS lollipop updates


The Nvidia Shield Tablet will receive an update to Lollipop in November, according to a video posted to the company’s official Youtube channel.

  • SHIELD Tablet – confirmed by Nvidia for November

We’ll be updating the list with the latest news when we hear it, so stick this page in your bookmarks. If you have any questions or want to send us a tip about Lollipop updates, head on over to our forums and drop us a line.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • jobber99

    HTC M7 has gone from JB to KitKat and now Lollipop–is that a record for a non-nexus?

    • Jaden Keuten

      S III went from ICS to 4.1 to 4.3 to 4.4.

      • Stoyan Angelow’

        S2 went from gingerbread to jelly bean.

      • Hinuk Mattila

        No just american 2gb ram models got 4.4 international s3 got only 4.1 and 4.3 updates.

        • hoggleboggle

          Interesting that they claim 1gb version of the s3 doesn’t have enough memory to upgrade to 4.4. I thought kitkat was supposed to benefit older, weaker powered phones, or am I getting my android releases mixed up?

          • n900mixalot

            No you’re not getting anything mixed up. The Galaxy Nexus didn’t even get official KitKat … I know there was more involved but … it still went directly against what Google was bragging about …

          • A.M

            yes you can install 4.4.4 on the s3 manually the official version me I don’t wait on OEM I trust the ROM community to update my device Stock 4.4.2 ROM 4.4.4 & I’ll be on L

          • Simon Belmont

            Yeah. Thank TouchWiz for that.

            Apparently, it on top of Android 4.4 was too much for the i9300. Shame.

      • Simon Belmont

        Well. Actually the M7 went from Android 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 (in some regions) to 4.3, and then to 4.4.2, and then to 4.4.3, and now to Lollipop 5.0, and it also updated from Sense 5.0 to 5.5 to 6.0, so I think it wins in this case.

        HTC has done an exemplary job of updates on the One series. I hope they continue that trend, and the transparency about the status.

    • Борис Михаилов


  • Nabeel


    • Syukri Lajin

      my guess is, the latest flagships(note 4, S5, note3) will receive lolipop. 99% confidence. other mid ends, well.. good luck

      • Jaden Keuten

        And the S4 will too.

        • Hellz

          yea in the fall of 2015

          • SContrerasMer

            The SII recived Android 4.1 on the winter of 2011, a bit late but not too much

          • MWisBest

            …didn’t the Galaxy Nexus launch with 4.0 in the FALL of 2011??

          • SContrerasMer

            I fucking hate this keyboard i have ,i meant 2012!

          • comawhite94

            That’s amazing considering that 4.1 came out in summer of 2012.

        • yungqb7

          I hope the gs4 gpe gets it, then there’s some hope for a developer to port that over to the verizon variant.

      • Pedro Cunha

        I Hope you right… i choose Note 3 over Xperia Z2 because of lack of updates in my old Xperia S (die as 4.1.2 just one year ago…) Now i am with Sumsung and same update problem again! My next smartphone it will be a Nexus… (but that camera… :( )

        • 5zan

          Always buy Motorola if you want updates

          • asdf

            * Nexus

          • avi

            Exactly ,,, my cheao Moto E for native will get Loliipop and I am with S4 on samy mercy and that will be if possible at the q4 2015

        • ♜Donzzy™

          Note 3 for sure will get the update. Samsung gives a 2-year (or more) span of major OS update to its flagship devices.

        • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

          I have a Z2, and mine is confirmed for Android L.

        • [S]unjay

          Should’ve gotten the Z2

        • SContrerasMer

          when talking of updates Motorola is a great option, you should consider the new Moto X
          My Moto G 4G Will recive Lollipop soon, i hope

        • Jake

          You could just flash the CM or any other roms like AOSP, AOKP if u want latest update.

          • Pedro Cunha

            I dont like to flash custom ROMs, i think if i pay for a premium device, the updates should be premium too!

          • Jake

            yea bro that is also true, but in android case getting os update is very difficult from OEM except moto and nexus devices.
            That what i dont like hence I prefer the CM

        • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker
    • n900mixalot

      Seriously. Don’t even worry about Samsung. Safest bet, you won’t get it. You want updates, you don’t get a Samsung. Easy as that.

      But what will L offer to you that isn’t already available? L will just jack everything up and by the time it’s stable, your device will be out of the update cycle.

      • Nabeel

        anyways when i got updated to kitkat from jb i didnt notice any design notice….literally sayin….if you wanna see …buy the damm nexus or moto…never buy samsung if u love to see lets take a oath to do so…:P

        • n900mixalot

          I’d never take that oath! I love what Samsung does … I just don’t worry much about when they’ll update my Samsung devices to catch up to Google’s updates anymore.

          • Nabeel

            Let me guess … Have a Note…????

          • n900mixalot

            Of course I do. We are a masochistic yet loyal bunch!

        • othesick

          i personally hate samsung but they do have a lot of features. some people such as myself call that bloatware. they bog down the phone after a while but they do have some pretty cool features that i would never use

      • hoggleboggle

        Based on what facts? So far every Samsung galaxy phone from the note 2 up has received an update to kitkat 4.4 and up until now they have been one of the quickest to update outside of the nexus range. They have a much better upgrade history than HTC or Sony.

        • n900mixalot

          KitKat is a year old, and it’s ollllld news. Samsung is still rolling out 4.4.4 … and don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Samsung for not being able to keep up with Google’s incessant, incremental, garbage updates.

          • hoggleboggle

            Yet Samsung were one of the first ones to release kitkat onto the note 3 back in January. 4.4.4 is the third iteration of kitkat and little more than Bugfixes and tweaks. Regardless, it shows that Samsung have one of the best track records for updating their phones.

          • n900mixalot

            Hey, I’ll give it to you. They do TRY … with their phones. But again, if you want a phone that is guaranteed updates for a little while at least, and first, you get a Nexus. Samsung can update my Note 10.1(2012) now … ANY DAY NOW Samsung … still on official 4.1.2 … supposed to be a flagship tablet …

          • Whiskey Rye Bread

            “I like what Samsung does with Android on their devices but Google’s handling of Android and updates is annoying as all get out.”

            The logic in this one is lacking.

          • n900mixalot

            The reasoning in this one is absent. You give me nothing to reply to. What you quoted is my statement so if you’re asking me to support it give me some grounds and I’ll clarify my point. I think I’ve supported it enough unless you already asking me to explain why Google pushes put update with such volume that it becomes overly burdensome for OEMs to keep up.

          • Whiskey Rye Bread

            I would argue that Samsung shouldn’t add 10GB worth of their software to android so it makes it so hard to update. My friend has a note 4 and it has a few good features, mainly only the multitasking. The majority is a waste of space. Why keep apps that people don’t use. Samsung is using Google’s OS, not the other way around.

          • n900mixalot

            I see what you mean now. Thanks for clearing it up. The Note sure isn’t for everyone. What I have found is that I like what Samsung has done with Android more than I like stock Android.

            Google may enable most of Samsung’s features but they go way above and beyond what Google has done. So far so that it does take up a lot of room. That’s one reason I am all for Samsung taking the power away from Google and building their feature set on top of Tizen. They could then create Google Experience devices, as well as their own feature-rich devices, and I don’t doubt that that is their intention.

            One thing I have noticed is that when Samsung has the control, like with their watches, upupdates aare forthcoming far more regularly than with their Android phones. Instead of having to rely on Google, or having to figure out what Google changed in order to effect their own updates, they’ll solve the update slowdown themselves.

          • Whiskey Rye Bread

            So then why can Motorola add useful features and their own apps to their phones but still get fast updates?
            It’s not even about straight up updating fast, alot of their products they just straight up stop supporting. I have a Samsung galaxy tablet from 2012 that still hasn’t gotten kitkat.

            Samsung would be literally the best OEM if they could just cutout everything people don’t use and keep the few useful ones in.

          • n900mixalot

            Motorola adds a handful of useful features, but they don’t have things like floating window, multi-window, and Air Command, or a lot of other screen-sharing and proprietary features that Samsung is keeping around for a reason. A ton of what is built in adds functionality like SideSync (which is actually awesome), the different camera modes, the S-Pen, gesture control, smart-accessory control, and all of the S-Health features.

            Motorola sees value in remaining close to stock and relying on Google to do the heavy lifting with the Moto X. They do skin and feature the Droid phones more, but Motorola doesn’t have the extensive “ecosystem” of laptops, cameras, watches, etc. that Sammy has.

            I don’t know that I use every single feature, but I and a lot of others do use a lot of them. I think they’d certainly cull the features people didn’t use in favor of others. They do know what people are using.

            As for tablets, I’m right there with you. The Note 10.1(2012) that I have has been passed over, over, and over, and over.

          • avi

            Wel Samsung ,, how many features they will add and how much time they took it to release update ,,
            there skin will suck you hard ,,,
            I own s4 and myb native has moto e,, and man,, sometimes his e perform much faster thanmy s4,,, whether it is opening camera,browser ,,connecting to wifi,,etc ,,,

          • daisyboots

            Samsung is about power features (S-Pen, floating windows) which if unused end up being bloat, and do take more work to update. Moto is about a few very useful features, and lightness and sleekness. As has been said many times from different perspectives above, it’s a trade off. Get the phone that does what you want, and you’ll likely be happy – updates or no :)
            If one buys an SUV loaded to the gills to drive exclusively in the city, should they complain about price and low gas mileage? They can, but one might also say that they could have bought a sub compact (or slightly bigger) car.
            You can’t always have everything :)

          • Dvoraak

            There’s been little spoken of Tizen for the last 6 months except in Samsung wearables. I really seriously doubt you’re ever going to see Tizen phones outside of Korea….. Tizen phones will have “features” that have all been borrowed by other OEMs now but a Samsung Tizen won’t be “feature rich” without the Google ecosystem behind it. If they go exclusively with Tizen they will instantly cut their market share into a small fraction of what it is. Nobody’s gonna rush to buy into a brand new, limited ecosystem. If they go Tizen and Google simultaneously, they cripple Tizen’s ecosystem even more. I don’t think Samsung conquered the smartphone buying world just to chop their share to the point their direct competition is MS.

          • n900mixalot

            I disagree that what they come up with will borrow from other OEMs. I am not sure what they would borrow because they are currently the leader as far as modification of Android goes, and no other has gone so far in building features on top of it. The only thing they will lose on their Tizen devices is Android and Google apps, which would be difficult to an extent but not impossible for a low-end OSOS. Look at how Google is trying to grab back market share from AOSP manufacturers now. They’re nervous about that market and now have Android One and a certification program.

            I still believe that things like multi window and the S-Pen can be ported over to any OS Samsung wants, since both are their proprietary creations.

            Their Tizen wearables are excellent so far. They are updated regularly and don’t face the hurdles that Android involved devices do, with having to rely on Google.

            I don’t think Samsung will have much of a problem working with Tizen and Android and I don’t think they’re dropping Android any time soon. They messed around with WP and created great devices without it affecting their Android trappings.

          • Dvoraak

            “I disagree that what they come up with will borrow from other OEMs.”

            Actually I was referring to Samsung’s features that are borrowed by others.

            You kind of made my point for me with the Windows reference…. that was a failed experiment that didn’t last long. Samsung knows where the money comes from and a minor ecosystem that really won’t stand a chance of developing to Google or Apple’s scale isn’t likely to be attractive. I’m betting Tizen phones are an idea that’s already been effectively shelved at Samsung HQ.

          • chris pinkston

            Google has nothing to do with how long Samsung takes to update their android devices. Samsung create their own problems with that. They skin almost every aspect of the os for no good reason and throw in a ton of crap features that don’t half work. This is why it takes them so long to update their android phones, having to port over all their crap to it. Samsung wants their own software experience and for people to see it as samsung instead of android. well thats the problem when you want that but are using android as your os.
            If samsung is going to continue to use android as a os they need to leave it alone and stop skinning and adding tons of not useful features to it. They need to follow Motorola’s lead and go mostly stock android. Have about 5 or so well optimized and useful features that they include as apps on their devices. Camera hardware, app and processing being an area of welcome customization.

          • daisyboots

            S-Pen, multi-window, floating window all work very well. For that matter a lot of the motion and face detection features are actually quite good now too! (Though I myself keep the latter ones shut off.) If a person doesn’t think they’ll use them, they SHOULD get a Moto or Nexus. As far as skinning, well, HTC does that too. Brands want to differentiate themselves (Moto’s lack thereof is their own shtick.)
            Of COURSE the Motos are sleeker and get quicker updates! Doesn’t mean that Samsung is barking up the wrong tree; rather folks who buy Samsungs and wish they were more like Motos bought the wrong phone :)

        • othesick

          maybe the specs of some devices just cant keep up with the new update. emphasis on maybe. maybe samsung just dont give a fuck about some of their older phones and want people to abandon them and buy a newer samsung phone. there are some perfectly reasonable explanations for only one device being on this list. maybe samsung just havnt announced which ones will yet

      • daisyboots

        I personally like the extra features on the Note series a lot; they’ve actually pulled me from Nexus phones (had the first 3) but that’s just me. They do add a lot of bloat though. As for updates, they haven’t been the best, nor the worst (and that can vary greatly from carrier to carrier.)
        All that said, I’ve come to a place of liking the phone I have for its particular merits, and am less about getting updates as quickly as possible. L looks neat, but Kitkat is just fine (hey, it’s not like it’s gingerbread or something! :) )
        One thing I don’t understand is hating due to TouchWiz – seriously, slap another launcher on it; you’ll never even know it’s there! I even used custom launchers on my Nexus phones.

        • n900mixalot

          TouchWiz has improved so much over the last year that it’s hard for me to believe anyone who says Samsung’s current phones (at least 4.3+) lag. I agree, KitKat is just fine on Samsung devices but it’s taken quite a while to get there.

          That said, I think that if people think they might be frustrated because they really want L (I think L was a better name … KitKat never quite grew on me either), they won’t be happy with Samsung devices a year from now when M comes out and they are just getting the first run of L.

        • othesick

          if you want features you get a samsung if you want performance you get a nexus. other companys kind of fit sorta in the middle of that spectrum

      • Joey

        But if you’re willing, you could always root and install an AOSP rom that’s up to date. I had an S3 and had KitKat about 3 months before Sprint released it for my device. The benefit of Samsung in this case is that it’s so popular that bootloader unlocking, etc. comes at a quicker pace than other phones because so many people have it.

      • hoggleboggle

        Sorry, but that is utter bollox. Up until now Samsung have had a much better update record than HTC or Sony. It is disappointing to see them dragging their feet with lollipop though. Basically the note 3 & 4 are pretty much guaranteed to get the update as well as the s5 and variants and the s4 is also highly likely to get it as they all have sufficient memory and umph.
        As for why upgrade? Basically to get back the “write to sd card” functionality that Google screwed up with kitkat. The rest is just window dressing :)

      • gontar

        I don’t think so ;P I’m running official Android 5.0 on my s5 since last week :)

    • monkey god

      Wasn’t there an article last week about how Samsung promised an Android L update by the end of the year for their Note 3 or 4 phones?

    • Karly Johnston

      Swinesung will wait 6 months for flagship’s, everything else is a brick.

      • n900mixalot

        Why wouldn’t they wait? If they update now, they’re going to have to update again later when the bugs start to show up and cause problems. Sometimes it’s better to wait a little bit.

    • Tom Z

      You have to give Samsung time to put all that crap on the phone before they can release it.

    • Osmund

      This always happens with Samsung devices.

    • Kevin Twingstrom

      who even cares if you get lollipop on touchwiz samsung crap?

    • BZ

      Samsung don’t a shiiiet. But still looking forward to testing a Note 4 soon.

    • Stallione

      Dont forget the Note 3 Lollipop preview was also leaked!

      My guess is that Sammy will give Lollipop updates to the Note 4 and the S5 within December or merely at the beginning of January, Followed by the Note 3 and (mostly) S4 within January to March.

      Im completely sure about the Note 3 coz the shown preview by Sammobile seams pretty stable and on-going.

      Which leads to another conclusion from me, that International Note 3 probably will NOT get the 4.4.4 update, unlike the career-locked versions which already got em, pretty unusual for Samsung. It might skip straight to the 5.0.

      Im just paraphrasing but not with any sources about the S4 though. If it gets it, it has to be before the S6 comes out.

      I have absolute no idea about any other samsung models.

  • Sujay Kadrekar

    Any word on the Android One devices and GPE devices?

    • Rob Triggs

      All GPE devices are set to receive Lollipop, not sure about Android One yet.

    • Michael Pitts

      GPE usually get there update shortly after the Nexus devices im not sure about the Android One.

    • Gabriel Pagayon

      I think Android One will receive it. Google promised that they are the ones to receive the updates from google first. Well, thats what they said.

  • Dr Varun

    My One M7 (India) hasn’t even got the 4.4.4 yet. Lollipop seems very far away. Infact got the 4.4.3 update only last week.

    • matt

      they will skip 4.4.4 probably but lollipop u will get for sure sooner or later

      • Dr Varun

        Hoping for the best! But the thing which disappoints me is that,we got the 4.4.3 update days after many European countries got the 4.4.4. Anyways I’m happy that I’ll at least get the update.

    • yoshi061

      In the US, my Samsung galaxy S5 still has 4.4.2 :(

    • Simon Belmont

      Android 4.4.3 is on most of the M7s (my wife’s is on that version). HTC ported all of the fixes from Android 4.4.4 to Android 4.4.3 for the update.

      I think the only M7 that has Android 4.4.4 is the GPE version. Makes sense as that’s stock Android and not Sense.

      • Dr Varun

        No, not just the GPE version. Many M7s are on 4.4.4. They received the update along with the M8.

        • Simon Belmont

          Perhaps. But none of the M7 US variants have, as far as I know (they’re all on Android 4.4.3).

          I’m not surprised if the unlocked M7s were updated to Android 4.4.4. But, most of us here have carrier branded models (except the aforementioned GPE ones).

  • Keepie Uppie

    This is where Samsung should hold their head in shame. Terrible support for devices that are not their latest flagships. S5 and Note 4 will get it soon enough, the rest is a mystery.

    • Chris Smith

      What are you talking about? They just haven’t said officially yet…many current phones will likely like the upgrade (Note 3/4, S5 at the VERY least)….

      • Keepie Uppie

        It will come on Note 3 and S4 but it will take painstakingly long. That’s how Samsung do things. The latest flagships will get it a lot sooner.

        • Bananapowers

          The Note series are flagships too ;)

          • Keepie Uppie

            That’s why I mentioned it along with the S series?

  • IroncladAmerican

    Of course the Note 3 wont get it because Samsung wants you to run out and get the Note 4. 64bit phones are coming soon and I’m holding out for those…

    • Pedro Cunha

      i will crash my Note 3 if in Q1 2015 dont have Adroid 5.0!

      • n900mixalot

        Why not just sell it now while it is worth more? The Note 3 is an excellent device. What do you expect to get from L?

        • Pedro Cunha

          The latest OS available…

    • SnowQ

      I am sure it will get L. Maybe late but it will get it.

    • Karly Johnston

      That is the smartest thing I heard all day.

      • Robin

        Because the difference is not that big.

        It will be worth paying extra for 64-bit when ARMv8 is out

  • Armaggedon16

    My note 3 neo hasn’t got kitkat yet..
    Lollipop is impodsoble

    • Dheeraj

      I have a Note 3 Neo. I’m on KitKat for about a month now.

      • SaRPeR

        Did you get a performance boost or a better battery life after updating to Kitkat ?

    • SaRPeR

      Kitkat update for Note 3 Neo is already released and it will get Android 4.4.4 in November though i don’t which model you have it appears only SM-N750 will get the 4.4.4. Note 3 Neo will definitely get Lollipop update since it is a ”Note” device i am not sure when though.

    • b24904

      for note3 neo, certain region updated to kitkat, etc korea, uae..

  • Anonymousfella

    My Moto G will get the Lollipop 5.0 update quicker than my S4. *sighs*

    • hoggleboggle

      Of course the note 4 will get it. Alongside the s4 note 3 and possibly the note 2 and s3.

  • oldcampos

    I hope Cyanogenmod releases CM 12 for the S3 i9300…and I hope it’s SOON!

    • Tahir

      Same here! Although they should do something about the dismal battery life.

  • jayden

    im thinking of switching from LG to SONY if LG wont bring any updates.

  • Elad Huttner

    If the Galaxy S5 gets it why wouldn’t the Note 4 get it too?

    • yoshi061

      It will get it.

  • Gabriel Pagayon

    How about Xiaomi?

  • Siyam Hossain

    A proud Sony device owner :)

    • Karly Johnston

      A proud Nexus owner… sux on that.

    • Lam Ng

      I am one happy xperia ZL owner

    • yoshi061

      Happy S5 owner

  • Bakhtiar Irfani

    No Update for Pantech Vega r3? :-/

    • jayden

      i doubt Pantech is doing any Upgrades. their Vega Iron 2 is likely the only one to be upgraded.

    • yoshi061

      I don’t think Pantech won’t update anything to lollipop.

  • oskar

    And my JXD? :(


    Can i Upgrate it on my Dany Genius Tablet T-300 ??

  • Vivek Rai

    any chance for xiaomi mi3

  • Chung Gallus

    How about cheap phone Asus Zenfone 5 xD

  • pritish

    Will my xperia play get it?
    Just kidding, but am concerned for my samsung s 2

    • TDN

      The S2 didn’t even get Kit Kat, or the 4.3 version of Jelly Bean, it will not get Lollipop.

    • A.M

      really lol only way you’ll get that if you install a custom OS

  • Harvie Galenzoga Boles

    Samsung is notorious in giving late or never update. Darude Sandstorm.

  • Mohit

    what about android One phones.. you haven’t mentioned them

  • Ahmed Samir

    Way to go HTC

  • Marko Ƶebra Novak

    What about Huawei P7?

  • chong hei low

    Stupid people will get crappy Samsung. Clever people will get Sony.

    • Jerry Rich

      and morons will get whatever you got.

    • n900mixalot

      Let’s see … with Samsung/HTC/Motorola/Huawei/etc. phones, you can unlock them and root them without losing major functionality. With Sony, you lose access to major camera function.

      Being clever with a Sony will get you a broken camera.

      • blablablabla

        not to cause waves, but i have kitkat running on my xperia play with no problems…

  • Tung

    I just saw the video of the samsung gs5 with android 5 and it still looks meh :/. Can’t get away from that touchwiz skin.

    • aki

      Good lord. Have you never heard of launchers before?

      • yoshi061

        Ive heard of launchers, but I seriously hope they improve touchwiz.

        • aki

          What exactly does tw need to improve over other Android skins? Sure it was laggy as heck before but what skins were smooth? The newest iterations have been functioning well, not to mention, integrates very well with the s apps. I’m curious if tw is really that worse compared to sense, zen, etc or “TouchWiz is crap” just became a cliche that people just say thinking it’s an in thing to say in the tech mobile world.

  • Druvi Patel

    I hate samsung.overpeiced phone in india.according to sam mobile website in previous modles samsung previous demos snapdragon variants of the device in store while selling exynos variant in india

    • thinklogically

      hate on Samsung? why don’t you hate on your import tax?

      same argument for phones in UK are more expensive than in US. name a global product that price the same (or lower) in UK, India than U.S.

  • Raja Sims Dutta

    Xiaomi confirmed L for MI3

    • jack

      Where Did u found these?? Any trustable source?, please share link, I m owning mi3

  • KingOfDope

    LG G3 Confirmed, found it on LG SmartWorld webapp


    • Victoria

      I woudn’t count on that, if you choose the G2 the only option is 4.2 so it’s not really accurate.

    • thatrandomguy

      now thats assuring

  • 5zan

    All the Xiaomi phones too will receive lollipop as confirmed by Hugo Barra
    Redmi 1s
    Redmi note
    Mi Pad

  • lakshay

    Roll out android L for S3 I9300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heimrik

    So… not to sound like a downer, but why exactly should I be excited about this OS? Features? Design?

    • yoshi061

      All new design

  • Ch Bush

    Love my LG G3 but LG is behind Samsung when it comes to updates and that’s sad…

    • A.M

      Okay true how to fix that now you can flash custom ROMS to the device so when the ROM community drops L for the G3 grab that & no more waiting problem solved…Me S3 stock 4.4.2 ROM 4.4.4 when L is released I’ll be on that

  • Custom ROMs best option

  • Lollipop

    Sony has truly done an amazing job supporting the initial xperia z series. It was on par with a nexus phone regardless of the waiting period. This is the 5th major update incoming! My next update will probably be a sony if not a nexus!

    • Lollipop

      Next phone*

  • Corey James Bartlett

    what about the tab s 10.4 inch

  • aziz morro

    what about asus zenfone 6 ?

  • Steve Chapman

    Yea I’m still patiently waiting hoping I get it for my galaxy tab 4 7.0

  • Sozhavaram Srivatsan

    What about lenovo?

  • jobert perez

    How about asus theyvsaid that android l was on their roadmap for the zenfones

  • CarlosFontesJr

    *Hugs Nexus 5 and Nexus 7*

    • TDN

      *Hugs Nexus 4, 5, 7 and Moto G (1st)* I’m excited too!

    • yoshi061

      *Hugs Galaxy S5*

  • Ako Si MappieMap

    How about Asus Zenfone 5

    • yoshi061

      I doubt it, not many people use it and it’s not a major oem

  • Luke Gallagher

    what about the oneplus one

    • yoshi061


    • Flip Jumpman

      Within 90 days.

  • Brandon Franklin

    Apparently tablets aren’t even in the picture. :'(

    • yoshi061

      They are, don’t worry

  • A.M

    FOR me doesn’t matter what device I get from the S3 – Note 3 etc I’ll always get the newest OS cause I put my updates in the ROM community hands never let me down S3 stock 4.4.2 ROM 4.4.4 cause if I waited on the OEMS I would never see an update

  • praveen

    will get in desire 816g dual sim ?

  • skanda vishwanath

    Kindly add the following hand sets for upgradation to android lollypop.
    The said handsets are operating on KitKat 4.4 is
    1-asus zenfone 5(tooj(a501cg))
    2-karbonn titanium octane plus
    3-huawei honor holly
    4-Sony xperia tipo (operating on ice cream sandwich)
    Kindly do the needful by upgrading the above handsets to android lollipop 5.0

  • Pranav Krishna


    • yoshi061

      Doubt it…

  • IGnoTon

    LG? what the? You mean even the latest L series phones won’t get it? ;( and I’ve just recently bought G2 mini…

  • LG G3 COME ONNNN !!!!

  • yoshi061

    Jeez samsung… when ya gonna update the s5?

  • Akshay Kulkarni

    What about nexus 7 2012 edition?

    • Simon Belmont

      Yeah. It’s getting Lollipop, too, so don’t worry.

      Google is updating ALL of the current Nexus devices that are on KitKat to Lollipop. The N7 2012 is very notable given that it’s WELL over two years old now.

      • Akshay Kulkarni

        That’s cool!!

  • Ara Apoyan

    Updating my wife’s Samsung S4 as we I type! But nothing on Samsung Galaxy Tab2 and Tab3 is available yet.

  • Nikhil

    What about Asus Zenfone 5?? Will it get Lollipop update??

  • Simon Belmont

    You should probably qualify Nexus 7 with both 2012 and 2013 editions. They’re both getting official Lollipop love.

    Gotta love that N7 2012 is getting it. Longest supported Nexus device ever (28 months in November, and will likely receive bug fixes until next year so over 3 years after launch, by then). I hope Google keeps that trend going. It’s a good thing.

  • Damn Everyone is waiting for Lollipop and I am waiting for Stable CM 12 :3

  • Ramiz

    Lollipop to asus zenfone5????

  • ave

    asus ??

  • fcjan

    you guys didn’t mentioned HTC Desire EYE and HTC Desire 820

  • Amit

    any new update information about android one phones?

  • Amar Ilindra
  • Guest

    When it will be CyanogenMod 12?

  • Abinash Panda

    I have a question. Its written that Android One devices will get software update soon after the full release of the new version. So, is there any estimate of how soon is it going to be? I mean it would take 10-15 days or months.

  • Abinash Panda

    I have a question. Its written that Android One devices will get update soon after the full launch of the new version. So, is there an estimate of how soon is it going to be? I mean is it going to take 10-15 days or months for update to launch on these devices.

  • Ranjit G

    Yipee my m8 will be updated

  • Venky

    Samsung have already butchered L in the leaked preview, Touchwiz will never get better.
    Just waiting for CM to put out alpha versions so I can enjoy all the material goodness.

    PS: Love Moto for confirming updates for pretty much all their devices.

  • Susmit Das

    Sony and HTC seem to be keeping on top of their updates for their top tier devices.

  • Vincent Von Lewinski

    Holy Sony made a big chunk of smartphones be compatible but I’m so sorry for my friend because he has the Sony xperia SP and I just bought my z2 so I’m good but damn you!!! Sony with the 6 months phone cycle


    Anybody know when the Asus zenfones will get the Android L update

  • ramneek

    Is lg g pro 2 getting this android update or not?

  • David Hassel Mallari Flores

    Samsung Galaxy S4 please. :(((((((((((((((

  • jesse

    I’ve been Motorola fan and they do come out with updates really fast now if they can work on camera.

  • Guest

    WAY TO GO SONY!!!!!!!

  • Flo Töller

    Oppo didn’t even make it to the list? :O

  • Llewen Canicula Garcia

    Right choice of buying a Z1!

  • Raven

    I hope LG brings 5.0 to the G Pad 8.3! Maybe with the G3 skin too. It’s perfect for this tablet.

  • John

    Samsung annoy me when it comes to updates. If the nexus 4 can get lollipop why can’t the Galaxy S3 get it? A company like Samsung should do more for its customers.

  • No asus zenfone?

  • socialismstinks

    LG, as usual, sucks.

  • Arthur Van Damme

    oppo find 7?

  • Wong Chun Yeung

    release in 2015?

  • AG
  • Adam

    Yay I’m so pleased with Moto at the moment! My moto g will get an update yay!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    I don’t see why HTC one x is not included in the list of update.

  • Saurabh Jays

    Samsung even if you release 5.0,it will be unrecognisable because of Touchwiz.

  • Palwai

    Friends but what about Huawei honor 6, will that get the latest update?

  • roquibul

    Thanky HTC for updating my desire 816 to the material design of lollipop.

  • Elit

    Asus Zenfones?

  • Aaron Meng

    I thought that the sony xperia M2 and other sony mid-range series will also be getting this update

  • samartha

    Well will nexus 5,7 get the update

  • Jojo

    Hoping that my G Pro gets it.

  • gaurav

    what about HTC desire 820

  • WOO! Nexus 4 FTW!

  • quazcro

    Huawei said that will put lolipop on huawei ascend p7, ascend mate 7 and g6 in 90days.

  • Prasanna Vardhan

    What about Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi series ????

  • Syed

    When will Samsung launch Android Lollipop for Galaxy S5..?

  • Lilith_Black

    I wished that OEMs would stop locking down phones to discourage rooting and custom ROMs: there are certain features I really love about Xposed and CM (It’s such a bummer that Z3 will lose low light photo quality if unlocked, LG G3 is locked, Note 4 has a KNOX e-fuse)

  • ArwenPanda

    The NVIDIA SHIELD will receive Android Lollipop too. You don’t write it.

  • iris

    Huawei?! Where are you….? When does huawei gets her android 5.0 lollypop? :)

    • iris


  • Nam Cyan

    nexus5.i no see update android 5.0.when can i update it

  • Satyajeet Mohanty

    and pls can u mention when will i get the update for the moto e india?

  • Abhijit

    I am waiting for which device gets the first Android L custom ROM.

  • dhawal_21

    Motorola You Rocked!!!

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker
  • Patrick Labonté

    What about the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet?????

  • pramod jois

    what about xiaomi redmi 1s update ?

  • Rohit Kim

    lolipop os looks like its has the effeciency to rock the smartphones then why not give it to the unfolded mobiles which would atleast let them get their glory back

  • Jeffrey Kek

    Any Nexus 5 after update to Lollipop got their microphone not functioning?

  • mostafa

    is there any chance to get android L to samsung s5 mini ????

  • Sheesh

    Oct 14 Article Date? Update much?

  • Ravindra Singh

    As stated after the full launch android one devices get lollipop ,here what mean by full launch ?????

  • Buklao

    my Nexus 5 still didnt get the update… note, this is november 15, time to roll out the updates….

  • Jeff Anthony S Enad

    Only few budget smartphone (under $200) that get Android 5.0 Lollipop.

  • Julius Stanionis

    Will sony xperia z2 tablet get lollipop i can’t find it on the list?

  • Thomas

    My Nexus 4 just got Lollipop!

  • Amptron

    Nexus 5 owner in Germany, updating right now to Lollipop… And that because I just got home to my Wifi, otherwise it would have updated earlier. :)

  • Alan Keogh

    So rooting an S4 & looking for a custom rom seems like the only way to get Lolipop in a timely manner right?

  • Puneeth

    hi can identity tablet can get update of lollipop..?

  • Derpy Dimentio

    i hope sony doesn’t fk up the lolipop update like they did with the kitkat :/

  • kami

    hmm… updated since Oct 17.

  • sk

    Since updation to Lollipop having problems with SKYPE on my Nexus 5.Anyone have a clue if this is a expected/can it be fixed

  • P S Kumar

    Enjoy lollipop updates with new required apps on new website

  • Phoenix Villegas

    I heard Note 3 should at least get the update along with the latest note versions.

  • joao guilherme

    Here in Brazil have Moto Maxx, in USA is Motorola Droid Turbo, and it’s a high-end phone, why it’s not going to update for lollipop?

  • yogesh jagannath

    when htc desire 820 series phone get lollipop update pls answer me

  • Uros Komnenovic

    man i wonder will lg g2 mini get androd lolipop

  • Paul Schinider

    now whole market is chasing Lollipop version because it seems very cool screen user interface also very smooth to run on any mobile. so everyone love to use this Android Version

  • sulja rock

    what about the note ?

  • sulja rock

    i mean the note 3 n9005 any infos aboute the release date ?

  • Kevin Scot

    Hey guys,

    After a long wait finally I updated my Nexus 5 to Lollipop without any fail…. :-)…Awesome add-on’s

  • Nikos

    What about the zte nubia z5s mini that i have just ordered?! it wont get lollipop?

  • Guest

    No Huawei??? Are you kidding me?! a flagship Mate 7 won’t get the lastest android…….?

  • Rage9one

    No Huawei??? Are you kidding me?! A flagship Mate 7 won’t get the new android update…………..????

  • Uros Komnenovic

    which sholde i chose sony xperia z1 vs lg g2 vs nexsus 5

  • Pixi

    What about g pro 2, shity g2 get lollipop and g pro 2 not -.-

  • Sebastian Lopez

    Im in Autsralia. Lollipop for Nexus 5 has not been released yet. how can i install it?

  • Techlab

    When will Huawei get 5.0 ???

  • Pavan

    I’m using micromax A106 Unite2 Upgrade 5.0 Lolipop version. How many days i’m trying 5.0 Android Lolipop version.

  • Jesus Adolfo

    Moto g 4g lte here. still waiting :(

  • Michelle

    how about xiaomi redmi 1s?

  • Timmy

    after looking into all of OnePlus’ comments and the news surrounding them, it looks like us One owners can expect getting lollipop by the end of January 2015 at the very latest. #SoHyped

  • Aaron

    Do u guys think it’s possible tht sony xperia m2 will get the update cuz it has similar specs to the moto G? Does this have something to do with processor or just the company’s decision?

  • Eric Hupf

    You didn’t put the Droid Turbo on the Motorola list.

  • Techlab

    When will Huawei be supported ???

  • E-jay Lucenzo

    Yeahhh…Oneplus One will get the update on January/February right?…

  • chris

    Any more definite or accurate dates as to when? Seeing a lot of vague timeframes.

  • Arsq

    Does anybody know when and what Huawei phones will get lollipop?

  • masoud

    what about asus fonepad7(2014)!!!

  • Brian

    RCA’s ANDROID WON’T get the update?

  • kingjqx

    What about lenovo devices they had announced Q2 on update matrix.when they will recive allow to update..?

  • kingjqx

    What about lenovo update release

  • Danny

    When will tesco hudl 2 get it

  • Pankaj Prasad

    Does micromax unite 2 will get android 5.0/5.1 update????

  • Christina

    will the ZTE Grand X Max+ receive the android lollipop update?

  • Shannon Frederico

    What about the ZTE ZMAX ?

  • Niraj patel

    I hve HTC desire 816g…. when I will get lollipop update??

  • NÂbêêl HÂssan

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime can be upgrade to Android 5.0

  • Piyush Upadhyay

    what about desire 626 g+ please tell??Is it 62 bit or 32 bit???

  • Robert Morrison

    Samsung have quality but also they have very bad condition about every smartphone have hanging issue, battery issue. Don’t know how they will able to change these things from smartphone. If someone Volunteer to do work on that thing to make that issue be solved.