WhatsApp prepares to share user info with Facebook

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 22, 2016


It was likely only a matter of time before Facebook and WhatsApp became more intertwined after the social media giant purchased the messaging service back in 2014. Now the first clues that closer integration is looming have appeared, as users have managed to find some new options tucked away in the latest beta build.

Using some terminal tricks, Javier Santos has reveal a new option to share WhatsApp account information with the main Facebook service, along with a new set of service terms to agree to. The account information will apparently be shared in order to “improve my Facebook experiences”.

Now that WhatsApp is dropping its yearly subscription charge, perhaps Facebook is looking for additional data with which improve the ads that it shows in its main social media app? Facebook also recently announced that it would be introducing ways for users to communication with businesses and vice versa, as is already the case with Facebook Messenger, but this is still in early development.

WhatsApp Facebook data sharing and encryption

Furthermore, there also appears to be a new end-to-end encryption option than can be made to pop up under the security tab. There’s an option to toggle security indicators for users who want to make sure that they’re conversations are secure. QR codes can also apparently be used in order to verify encryption keys with your contacts. According to a separate report, there’s a document sharing feature on the way as well, complete with a new UI tab to help manage your received files.

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It looks like there are quite a few changes heading to WhatsApp in the future. Although we should still wait for some official confirmation, as these features might not actually make it into the main public build.

  • cup cake

    looks like i have stop using whats app as well..!!

  • Jason Wilson

    Dear Lord please don’t let them mess up WhatsApp

  • RiTCHiE

    Rip Whatsapp! I been saying this for a while now and telegram messenger seems like its even better then this shit.

    • Guest

      Keep saying it… Its not happening.

      • RiTCHiE

        It already has in my world.

        • well, no one cares about that. this is kind of thing people don’t care about. as long as service functions well there is no point in leaving it. who cares what info they share with THEIR OWN COMPANY!!!

  • AbbyZFresh

    Well, that’s the end of WhatsApp.

  • TheDude

    Their* conversations….

    Really guys, get your grammar in check.

  • emerson

    Please Facebook, do not buy Twitter. Stop ruining internet.

  • Aweso

    Suddenly 99 cents a year doesn’t sound so bad, eh?

  • Danton

    Signal private messenger. Great. Encrypted from end to end.

  • Scr-U-gle

    Gotta laugh when androne users start complaining about an apps privacy.

    I think you should have a look at googles open book policy and the way they make money by selling your data.

    Reality check time, your OS isn’t free, your phone isn’t cheap, your personal data and the people you communicate with are the cost.