The vernee Apollo has 6 GB of RAM, 5.5-inch QHD Force Touch display, Marshmallow and 128 GB storage

by: Kris CarlonMarch 17, 2016

Vernee Apollo

You know the Vivo Xplay 5 that launched recently with 6 GB of RAM? Well, it’s not the only phone with 6 GB of RAM coming out in the first half of this year, with the vernee Apollo being unveiled in China just the other day. While you’ve probably never heard of the company – which was only founded last month – you might be hearing a lot more about them in the near future, if the specs of the Apollo are anything to go by.

Meizu MX5-8See also: Meizu Pro 6 rumored to launch with 6 GB RAM18

The vernee Apollo looks like a cross between the HTC One M7 and a recent Huawei phone. But it’s what’s inside this phone that has us interested. The Apollo packs a 5.5-inch QHD display, deca-core Mediatek Helio X20 chipset, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage, Force Touch, 21 MP Sony IMX230 sensor, 8 MP front-facing camera, Android Marshmallow, full metal jacket and USB Type-C. Not bad huh?

vernee Thor and Apollo

While it sounds like a dream phone, if experience has taught me anything it’s not to get too excited about phones I’ve never heard of with a perfect-sounding specs sheet, but I’m definitely interested to see what the Apollo is capable of. There’s no vernee Apollo price yet or specific release date, but it is due sometime in April. The company also had a mid-range offering called Thor (on the left above) and another unnamed device due to arrive soon.

What do you think of this phone? Too good to be true?

  • 2016, the year of 6GB RAM.

    • Juschan

      more than most pc´s and thats where it starts to get irrelevant

      • That doesn’t mean devices would finally be snappier from Android OEMs particularly like those of Samsung.

        • das

          samsung is the fastest fool

          • balcobomber25

            Samsung would be the fastest if it wasn’t for their terrible Touchwiz.

          • TouchWiz is better now. I have a S7 edge, it’s way snappier than Note 5.

          • sonybru

            I have one too and switched from the note. It’s buttery smooth no doubt but the note 5 is still a great phone and I bet is as good as this one once it gets marshmallow

          • RunningGreat

            My Note 4 is fast. They’re all fast now. Touchwiz is the way to go. Most features reach rom I ever used.

  • torandreflo

    What battery is it packing? That is the question!

    • Paul Beau


      • torandreflo

        With apollo’s patented 100 mah battery, you can get great battery life, up to one minute.


        • Paul Beau

          Exactly x)
          There wasn’t any room left after the 6gb of ram and the 128go of rom

  • Hanson Eze

    Stop the 6GB ram madness …by 2020 could be 10 GB

    • Paul Beau

      And yet Android stock is smooth with only 2gb, but you know : LOOK AT ME I GOT MORE RAM THAN YOU

  • That One Guy

    Let technology grow. For the amount we pay for high end phones, 6 gb ram should have been included. Phones are small computers so yeah, keep progressing. Just like people do not want 4k displays saying it ruins battery life, stop it! The same people said the same thing about QHD displays but those batteries last all day! 4k will be fine with a 3600 mah battery and up! Keep tech coming, if you do not want it just do not buy it!

    • balcobomber25

      There have been so few 4k phones that you’re point is invalid. You are confusing 4k with Quad HD, they are not the same thing. Phones like the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are not 4k, they are Quad HD which is a lot closer to 2k. Xperia Z5 has 4k and battery life isn’t that great, some 2k phones like the S6 have terrible battery life. Not to mention it is overkill on phones of this size, most people can’t tell the difference when looking at two 5 inch displays side by side, one a FHD and the other a 2k.

      • That One Guy

        My point is opinion, lol! Z5 premium runs at native FHD so I will not entertain you because you do not even know anything about the products you mention. Battery life is more than just screen smart guy. It has a lot to do with optimization! Do you know anything about that!? Probably not considering you are giving inaccurate information! The s6 battery is small as well. Every phone should have at least a 3100 mah battery with all the things smart phones do now. Most people! I can tell the difference with side by side comparisons and so can people I deal with. Everyone’s vision is different. I also have no idea where you read anything that indicates I am confused about 2k and 4k so you also maybe need to read a little slower so you can comprehend what you are reading. Enjoy!

        • balcobomber25

          Z5 Premium has a 4k display genius. Do you know anything about that? Probably not based on your response. I will not entertain you because you don’t know the products you defend.

          • That One Guy

            You know nothing as usual, read!!! It has a 4k display but it does not run at 4k. It runs at 1080p. Look it up. It only displays in 4k when there is 4k video on YouTube or downloaded 4k content. That is not true 4k. In other words, the battery life being bad is just bad on Sony’s part because the device is rarely ever running at 4k resolution. Do not worry, I will teach you! Ask someone else on here and see what they tell you. Do not be afraid to learn. Watch a YouTube video. All the famous you tubers talk about it. MKBHD, ERICA, ETC. Smh, poor you! Geez!

          • balcobomber25

            Straight from Sony’s Website:

            “Bringing you the best of Sony TV technologies delivered in full HD and 4K smartphones. The most vivid, sharp display right in the palm of your hand. On the Xperia Z5 Premium, the 4K Ultra HD display packs in four times the resolution of Full HD for an unrivalled viewing experience.”

            “Our 4K smartphone display takes a giant leap in viewing technology, adding more pixels to reach an ultra-sharp 806 PPI. That’s around 10x the pixels of a Full HD TV, and more than double that of most smartphones.”

            Sony’s UI renders in FHD but it is still a 4k panel Genius.

          • That One Guy

            Lmbo! See reading helps right! You tried to prove a point but in the end, you are now saying what I have been telling you. It is not true 4k. True 4k with display in that resolution majority of the time, not 2% of the time. You are funny, fun debate! You’re welcome!

          • balcobomber25

            LMAO (Forget an A there?). I did prove my point, it doesn’t matter what it renders in it is a 4k panel which was my original point.

          • That One Guy

            You proved my point, thanks and you’re welcome. I did not forget an a, smh! I do not use profanity because my vocabulary is extensive. Lmbo ( laugh my butt off). You are still making a full of yourself I see! Poor guy! Smh!

          • balcobomber25

            The only one I make a fool of is you, it’s very easy actually. You do 90% of the work for me.

          • That One Guy

            Okay my friend, enjoy! Smh, LMBO! Forget an a you say, ha!

          • Thatdoesntgothere

            You are correct Balcobomber25, a 4k panel rendering at any resolution is still using 100% of the pixels. there for the display is going to use the same amount of battery. As far as being in 4k yes that will draw more power then in 1080p mode, due to the extra juice needed by the GPU / CPU and whatnots to render the additional info to the individual pixels. :) as opposed to the stock pixel doubling experience.

          • RunningGreat

            This is the sad reality of internet trolls. They know practically nothing about phones yet talk about it like they know.

          • Phil Reidy

            Z5 premium is actually running in FHD most of the time until something you do like watching a 4k video or looking at a 4k picture that it then activates to give a 4k resolution it does that to save battery

          • Danny

            I am having the z5 premium. it’s really Not 4k display but rather full HD…this is the most disappointment for me. Sony deceived me.. It’s all about false advertising. Not to mention the battery doesn’t last a day. Worse than my Samsung note 4

          • balcobomber25

            It is a real 4k display, It’s just Sony’s UI doesn’t render in 4k.

          • abn

            So your saying
            I am not here to Entertain? Lol

            Rusell Crowe Gladiator movie
            I couldn’t resist. Im sorry. Very good movie by the way.
            Ok. AA POSTED not related but I had to say that. Forgive me?

          • balcobomber25

            I love that movie! Especially when he turns around and takes the helmet off and says “I am Maximus!”

        • Z5 Premium renders everything @FHD except for Photos and Videos app. But You are still lighting up all the pixels even if you are upscaling FHD to 4k. So The outcome is more or less almost same in case of display. Also the SD 810 heats like a frying pan. And 6 GB of RAM on a phone is a Gimmick. If you can’t optimize Android to run on 4gb ram, then you are doing it wrong. Many PCs still run on 4GB of ram and if you say Windows 7, 8 or 10 has lesser functionality than Android, then you are terribly wrong buddy. As for battery life, Display affects it the most. and I prefer a FHD display on any 5 inch phones and QHD for anything above 5 inches.

          • That One Guy

            My PC has 12 gb ram. Makes multitaskinga breeze! 6 gb ram may be over kill for you but we all use our devices for different reasons. I agree with the SD 810, crappy chip. I love looking at nice displays so for me I prefer to keep moving forward. My note 4 QHD displays gets me through more than a full day with more than 4 hrs sot. To each his own.

          • My PC also has 24GB DDR4 ram coupled with intel i7 5960x and NVIDIA GTX 980ti 2 way SLI. I use it for gaming only. My old Laptop has 8GB DDR3 RAM and with a video on VLC, 4 tabs in Chrome, Utorrent and Photoshop CS6 still has 4.8 GB of Free RAM. So I think it’s pointless of having a 6gb ram on phone and a 4k display on Phone. But everyone is entitles to their opinions. You might like a 4k display on phone but I don’t at least now.

          • King_Android

            The old 810. The ones in the 6P Im guessing 810 v.2 has been nothing but a champ. I returned my S7 for this 6P and do not regret it. Its a champ. Those sayings about the 810 overheating etc. Well I played a very graphically enhanced game for over an hour and I never lost any frames, the game was completely smooth the entire time. 6 gb of Ram is overkill for the majority of consumers. Maybe on .01% of consumers would need 6gb ofram. So I agree with you on that.

          • Stock android is very clean and has no Bloat. So it runs cooler on Nexus 6P. I love stock android but I also use the features of touchwiz. I wanted to get a Nexus 6P but the lack of OIS and a bright screen is a deal breaker for me. but I love the stock experience. Also SD810 v2 has a Heat absorbing paste. But despite of having it some badly optimised devices heat up.

          • Vincent

            I have a turbo 2 with a version 2.1 SD 810 and playing games gets it as hot as a frying pan. So predictably it throttles. I doubt seriously the 6p is so much better. I bought an s7 edge and it’s way better than the turbo 2. Now I know these are 2 different phones….but the guts are the same…..just saying

        • BBXiong

          for Z5P, Native = 4K, FHD = upscaled to fit screen. The terms you used is already contradicting each other. Also, except for VR purpose, I dont see a point of having 4k on a phone screen at this point of time. Battery life is more than a screen, that’s correct, but comparing workload to render 4k, and the workload to render 1080p or 2k, u can obviously tell which one is lighter, and ended up consuming less power as the result. Processors are struggling to keep up, given that they are only capable of running nicely on a QHD resolution now, it drains more battery than a 4k panel, and battery tech is simply still lagging behind all this. Maybe in the future, when VR is already common and treated as mandatory, and hardware are so much better.

      • devilreaper

        Quad HD means 4 x HD, which refers to 720p HD not 1080p. 4k on the other hand means 4 x FHD, atleast close enough. Comparing it with QHD, 4k is 2 x 2k or QHD.

      • stfu

        oh my god learn to read

    • OziBlu

      I agree with you 100%! :)

  • patstar5

    My surface only has 2gb of ram…..

    • balcobomber25

      My Nexus 7 only has 1GB

      • Abhijeet

        My Nokia 226 only has 8MB

        • Kanoosh

          my corded phone only has zero gigs of ram

    • abn

      My laptop has 8gig ram
      Desktop 6 gig ram
      S6+ 4 gig ram
      Put these devices under a hard days work
      I never noticed any lag or anyone of them heating up trying to compensate.
      Ram in high end gaming i think you may see a difference but If thats why my devices are running excellent then bring on the ram.

  • Bob F

    Great apec sheet. The battery should be 3500+. Any major mfr would price this at about $1500

    • bassa

      Nope i should correct. its $300- $400 price range

  • Rohit Raja

    The price, it all boils down to the price..if it really is that good….

  • devilreaper

    Finally stock android. Or is it ? :O

  • Edvin

    It al comes down to the software in the end

  • Kanoosh

    android needs to hop on that optimization train asap.. 6gigs of RAM is PC territory now..and android doesn’t run NEARLY as smooth as a pc, or even an iPhone unfortunately (though that can highly depend on user).

  • The Doctor

    No IP68 rating, no thanks.

    BTW, a phone has no need for 6GB of RAM. Just stop it.

  • nirav patel

    There is no advantage of these ever progeressing beefy specs these days unless there’s equally powerful power source to run it. I mean come on, Li-po or Li-ion batteries are at a standstill in their R&D timeline from almost over a decade now. I am hearing and reading about batteries that charge in 5 mins and last up to a day from years. Where are those? No innovation in the field of batteries? What happened to that scientist who created a 60Cm by 60Cm thorium battery that powered his house for years with just 1 charge?

    • Joel Adames

      Prob gov kill him… ;-)

  • Joel Adames

    I think that regardless the obvious … If we had stayed thinking more this or more that is not needed 5 years ago we would be reading a whole different history by now… So to me if price allows it KEEP any big number coming, I will figure out what to do with it later.

    **future-proof** is my favorite Sunday word for tech. (future-proof= last up-to-date/relevant tech at least 2 year or near)

  • Lethal_1

    Following …

  • Zander

    Now this is how a top spec phone should be, maybe a little bigger screen but I’m particular to my Nexus 6. If I built a phone, it would have a similar spec sheet.

  • s2weden2000

    it has approx. a 35oo -4ooomah battery …

  • Guillaume Gagnon

    I’ve seen the name meizu in the source code of the vernee website.

  • adam cray

    i’m more interested in the software. are they going with stock android or skin android. seeing that they are from china, most probably it’s the latter. just hope it won’t be as bad as meizu’s flyme os.

    although based on the image above, it looks like it’s running stock android.

  • Hel Thanatos

    Mediatek and no distinction in the type of RAM… The internal storage is probably as slow as a flash drive :)

  • RH

    Looks like another “OnePlus” type company?
    Hope not!

  • Kevin Chou

    tfw a cellphone is almost as powerful as your daily driver laptop (cries internally)

  • EngineerGunter

    Great hardware is only half the battle. As I learned with my OnePlus One, the camera they chose looked great on paper, but when it was paired with their software, we got grainy at best low light images, etc…