The Room 3 is now available on Android

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 11, 2016

The Room 3 teaser

The Room franchise on Android includes two of the most legendary and immersive games around and they have now been joined by a third installment. The Room 3 is now available in Google Play for $4.99.

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The Room 3 is a hefty 539 MB download, so make sure you have sufficient space before you try to install it. To give you an idea of just how popular The Room games are, The Room 3 already has a five-star Google Play rating based on 179 reviews.

For the uninitiated, the Room series is a “room escape” adventure game with outstanding graphics and engaging gameplay. Presented with various mysterious rooms and cryptic clues, you must explore, unlock and otherwise piece together the secrets that will lead you out of the room (and into another).

This latest version starts in a train carriage and doesn’t take long to set the tone of the series, as you encounter a wide range of new environments and mysteries. Replete with an eerie soundtrack and unsettling flashes of the larger world of The Room, The Room 3 is best played on a dark night.

Have you played The Room series? Where do you think Fireproof Games should take the series next?

Get it now on Google Play!
  • saksham

    loved room 1 and 2 although i finished both in under 3 hours -_-

    • Craig Trunzo

      Agreed. I absolutely love the feel of the games and the environment, but $5 for something I finish in a few hours is a bit much. I always just wait impatiently until they go on sale for $.99

      • JosephHindy

        Funny, people buy sandwiches at fast food restaurants for $5 and those are done in about 15 minutes.

        By comparison, $5 is a steal.

        • gibbousmoon

          And people pay $10-$20 to go see a movie, and those are done in less than a few hours too. Wait, what are we comparing?

          Apples and oranges…

          • JosephHindy

            By Crag’s logic, that would make going to the movies a bigger ripoff than The Room 3. Not comparing apples to oranges, just exposing how ridiculously arbitrary “worth” is to people. The Room 3 is worth $5, the idea that it isn’t worth that much isn’t an opinion that is rooted in reality with a reliable measuring stick in comparison to similarly priced things.

            If you go to a $10-$20 movie but won’t buy The Room 3 because “it’s too short” and “it’s not worth it”, that doesn’t make me wrong for comparing “apples to oranges”, it makes other people wrong for being hypocrites.

          • gibbousmoon


            While I agree with your assessment that The Room 3 is probably worth $5 (I haven’t played it yet, but the first two games in the series are easily worth that and more, both for their artistic value and for being rare examples of android games that work well *because* of touch, rather than in spite of it), I can’t agree with your logic.

            Expectations and perceptions of value are both determined by precedent, not by theory, no matter how good that theory appears.

            If consumers are used to paying $5 for a two-year-old AAA PC game that provides 20-30 (or more) hours of gameplay, how is them balking at a three-hour one hypocritical? Similarly, if they are used to waiting a few months and seeing a $5 Android game drop to $.99, how does them waiting for that exact same pattern to happen make them hypocrites?

            You’d be better off arguing that time spent playing isn’t the only metric for judging a game’s value (it isn’t), and that gamers should pay more attention to unrelated things, such as artistic expression, that add legitimate value even if they don’t add additional gameplay time. *That* argument is one I can easily get behind.

          • JosephHindy

            Using precedent and “prior experience” as arguments for that logic are purely wrong. Every instance of something is an individual event that should be analyzed based on its own merits. However, people don’t think that way so it’s important to note that while you can get a triple AAA game from 5 years ago for under $10, it’s also true that someone went to Olive Garden last night and blew $50 on a single meal that will have vacated their system 8 hours after eating it., never to be seen or enjoyed again, making that expenditure absurdly wasteful and making a $5 game (that you can play over and over) utterly gold by comparison.

            The idea behind that logic is to show that worth is subjective and by moving the goalposts to a position that supports one’s own opinion, one does not acknowledge that their position IS subjective, and, ultimately, biased based on wherever they moved the goal posts.

            You can justify it however you want, but the game is worth $5. There being other titles on sale for $10 from 3 years ago that offer 30 hours of game play is great, but the idea that all games HAVE to be that way is wrong. The culture needs to change, not the games. The games are perfectly fine.

            Being a luddite (Everything back in my day was perfect!) is bad logic 100% of the time.

          • gibbousmoon

            Worth IS subjective. Not only is that point not unacknowledged, it is the ENTIRE point of my last post. I value things that you do not. You value things that I do not. We both value many of the same things, but at different levels. That does not make me a hypocrite. That does not make you a hypocrite.

          • JosephHindy

            Yes, it is subjective, but it can also be wrong and that’s the point I’m making here. If you think a fast food combo meal worth $5 is more valuable than The Room 3, then you are showing a clear indication that you don’t understand worth and, thus, your totally subjective opinion holds less value than one who does.

          • gibbousmoon

            Hmm… Sounds like you don’t completely understand what “subjective value” means. A person who is hasn’t eaten for days (a different “subject” from you) will almost certainly think a fast food combo meal worth $5 is more valuable than The Room 3. Do you know why? Because worth is subjective! You can insist (as you have done) that that person doesn’t understand worth and has opinions less valuable that that of others, but I don’t find that claim particularly compelling. ;)

          • JosephHindy

            That’s reductio ad absurdum, extending my logic to ridiculous proportions and criticizing the result.

          • gibbousmoon

            I think you might be objecting to a straw man argument that you think you see, not reductio ad absurdum. But there is no straw man argument there.

            In fact, what I did was INDEED reductio ad absurdum. A textbook example. Go look up what it means, if you’re curious. As for me, I no longer have any patience for this discussion. Peace.

  • Jim

    Loved The Room 1 and 2, can’t wait until I can afford to get #3! Looks like I’ll be doing lots of Google surveys…

  • Yanis Sauvé

    Looks like it’s not available in Canada…

    • Yanis Sauvé

      Nevermind… You have to search for “The Room THREE”… “The Room 3” returns nothing…

  • Adrian Galis

    Awesome game! Awesome series! ;)

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I like this game

  • aaloo

    nice. finally my android buddies can stop playing with widgets and play some real games. enjoy.

  • mrjayviper

    awesome game. already bought on the air2 so I’m buying again for the sony tablet