The Comet Smartphone Kickstarter campaign is so bad, it’s good

by: Jimmy WestenbergJune 3, 2015

Crowdfunding campaigns can prove helpful in certain situations by offering legitimate businesses and startups get off the ground. There are actually quite a few awesome products to come out of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, such as the Pebble smartwatch, the Ouya game console and many others. But every once in a while, a new, completely ridiculous campaign shows up, offering users a “revolutionary” new product that’s completely out of reach in hopes to score the campaign’s creators some cash in the process. For instance, let’s take a look at Comet – the world’s first buoyant, water-resistant smartphone.

“A buoyant smartphone, you say? How is that possible?” Believe it or not, Comet Core, the company behind this gem, has implemented three fins into the phone’s chassis that supposedly pop out the second your Comet smartphone hits the water. Surprisingly, Comet Core doesn’t really explain how this tech works, only that its engineers have put in “lots of time and effort” to design this wonder-phone.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.29.03 PM

Okay, so even if you can get past the three buoyant fins, the ridiculousness doesn’t stop there. The Comet offers up top-of-the-line specifications that would put many of today’s flagships to shame. It comes with a 4.7-inch Quad HD display, a 4000mAh battery, a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 810 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 16MP rear and front-facing cameras. It also has mood-recognizing LED lights on the side of the device, as well as its very own “Bubble Messenger” platform that’s exclusive to Comet phone users. Bubble Messenger “reflects you with every bubble, and also reflects your gender.” Whatever that means.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.43.23 PM

If you’re hooked, you can take advantage of the company’s early bird special and grab your very own Comet for just $230, completely unlocked. If the phone ever makes its way into production, which it definitely will, you can expect the phone to ship sometime around May 2016. Either Comet Core is infinitely idealistic and actually thinks it can bring this smartphone to market, or this is a scam. Now I don’t know anything for sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. Luckily this isn’t a flex funding campaign, so if the company doesn’t reach its $100,000 goal by July 6th, no money will be rewarded.

If you’re interested in checking out the rest of this absurd crowdfunding campaign, head to the source link below. With all of that said, is anybody out there planning to pledge their hard-earned cash on this completely legitimate product?

  • Matthew C

    “Buoyant and water-resistant, you say? How is that possible?”
    You seem shocked by this…why does being buoyant mean it can’t be water resistant? They aren’t mutually exclusive! The question should be: What have fins got to do with buoyancy??

    • Dis

      Exactly my thoughts…. everything in the video is all renders too, there is NO physical phone and there likely never will be with those specs at that price. Complete jokers.

      • Looks like theyre holding a HTC one, that’s been edited.

        • Kishore Venktesh

          Not only that, but if you look at the camera interface, its actually Nokia Camera from Windows Phone (look at the 3 dots on the top right.)

    • Matthew C

      Another thing I don’t understand is if this is a scam why put something as stupid as those fins in the design…that’s obviously too ridiculous to be real. If, on the other hand, this is someone’s idea of a joke it seems like a lot of work…

      • Carla Sass
        • Mad Maximus


        • A.o.D

          lol they used an xperia zr in the video and called it their prototype

      • Mad Maximus

        This phone is absolutly mind blowing… unlucky they uploaded it on the 1st April. Also its not easy to come on Kickstarter, they must verify that the prototype exist.. so thats what they did successfully .

        • Sane Maximus

          You don’t need to verify SHIT to be on Kickstarter LOL. How do you think these scams happen? People promise shit that doesn’t exist and never will. WTF

    • DeCelle

      They were not shocked, They were simply quoting the advertisement.

  • Some human

    Lol another dodgy vapour device that they will get the money for then vanish

  • Kyng

    Lol. Its the miracle phone.

    • abqnm

      Their engineers literally spent hours putting this phone together.

      The video tells me so!

      And if anyone gets to the end of this video and doesn’t see it as anything other than the most obvious joke in the world, you deserve to lose your money.

  • Hans Pedersen

    Why help a scam company earn money on obvious vaporware?

  • Wjdzm

    this is hilarious

  • wezi427

    The author actually used the word “awesome” in the same sentence as the Ouya. Not a bad little device, but in my opinion it’s not awesome.

    • abqnm

      Yeah the Ouya is “not a bad little device” in the same way that HIV/AIDS “isn’t a bad little virus.”

      • wezi427

        Kind of like when someone says he’s not a bad guy, but in reality he’s a douche. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

  • Razvan

    It’s posted on 1st of April…

  • King Krued

    Ridiculous, if i have it in my pocket and im in the water the fins pop up and scratch my tennis balls

  • SvZ

    This was a great laugh. It has Time lapse, Slow-mo, Pama-mo, Tiles and what-not lmao. From start to end was great entertainment.

    If this reaches it’s target, I lost all fate in humanity. Kick starter new job to make quick money.

  • andrew


  • Jonathan Kramer

    Interesting.. wonder what the important things like call quality, speaker, data speeds, LTE bands, how heavy the UI is, which version of Android it runs and how quickly the updates will be sent, etc, etc, etc.. I think I’ll wait until we see what the next Nexus 5 phone will be about

  • Joker

    It should be fairly obvious that this product is a joke/prank but if you need confirmation just check the date they published the video on YouTube:

    It doesn’t reflect well on Kickstarter to be accepting pledges for an elaborate April Fools Day joke.

  • andyroo77

    Think I’ll set up a similar priced and specced phone project on kickstarter sans the fins but ask for a billion dollars and then make it happen! Win win?

  • Mike Bastable

    awesome, lol

    • Mike Bastable

      now if it had a dorsal fin too. we would all buy it

  • Weneklek

    I love the fact that they force-ably placed a rendered phone on the guy’s board shorts.

  • Benjamin12

    can somebody pleaase tell me what is the background music for that video? please!! thas a pretty sick song

  • Mesiah Ray Estrada Abliter

    Nobody noticed that the original video was uploaded on April 1st. You know what I mean. :)

  • MarkJGreen

    &^^&^Going Back androidauthority There’s infoo

  • Carla Sass
    • Onizuka GTO

      haha. but in all seriousness I would by a case to go on my xperia Z1/2/3 so that it’ll float and not sink to the bottom every time i forget to wear the phone strap.

  • Khang Nguyen

    If you surely know technology… First thing pops to your head after walking about water-resistant… Sony Xperia Z Generation

  • Mad Maximus

    I love this Phone! I just think its awesome and i already pledged for 2 of them! I know in fact that the people behind it are very genuine. Just google them…. , They are all listed there.

  • kozjegyzo

    Fins? Really? Why? And why would they need to pop out? Is it just me, or did these people miss basic physics classes?

  • PHDarren .

    Just seen this, so this “phone” is water resistant and buoyant, but has 3 holes in it where the fins come out when it drops into water. We don’t even see them coming out, they are half out in the CGI with a semi-circular hole (odd hole for a blade) also, they seem a bit big for that thickness of “phone” too.

    I’d love to see them actually manage to make it, so I think I will send them some CGI money.

  • MrWicket

    yeah, like Verizon was ever going to let this thing run on their network. lol

  • BobMighty

    Why is Riff Raff selling a shark phone?

  • Jared Sanborn

    So it doesnt float you say?

    We will be launching the Phone TOMORROW (Tuesday the 15th) on
    #IndieGogo. The World’s FIRST completely BUOYANT and WATERPROOF
    SMARTPHONE: The Comet will be available for pre-orders starting


    Here is the Link for Pre-Orders but PLEASE BE ADVISED, it will not work
    until tomorrow:

    Visit our Website for more information at:
    Check out ALL OF THE PHONE’S SPECS Below.

    PRICING WILL BE BETWEEN $279-$329 depending on if you get the 32gb or the
    64gb version.
    EARLY BIRD PRICES ARE $249-$289!!

    1. A Quantum Lock utilizing military-grade 256 bit AES ensures the users
    privacy with encrypted voice communications.

    2. Dual cameras (16 MP) that can be activated simultaneously (record
    videos from both cameras at the same time and take two pictures at
    the same time..)

    3. A border of Turquoise LED lights that light up when a user receives a
    call or message.

    4. A pre-installed app designed on a biometric platform that detects
    users’ body temperatures and displays a specific color to indicate

    5. A pre-installed bubble messenger that allows users to communicate.

    6. 2800 mah battery

    “We developed Comet to be a phone that people could truly take anywhere,”
    said Prashanth Raj Urs. “We also wanted Comet to really reflect its
    users’ personalities, so we made it as customizable as possible.”
    Comet is very functional, but also fun to use.

    1. The Comet comes equipped with the highest quality hardware available
    including a 2.5GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and 4GB of RAM.

    2. 16Mp Front and Rear Cameras and a FULL HD screen.

    3. The Comet comes in 32GB and 64GB and three flavors White, Black &
    Gold that range in price from $279 to $329.

    4. The Comet comes completely unlocked, so you can use it in ANY COUNTRY
    you like on ANY AND ALL networks you’d like, including Verizon, AT&T,
    T-Mobile and Sprint.

  • william Tihopu

    i like to say to all who say this is a Scam thought well this is the first you will be in front of the line to buy the first comet of your life you know the proverb says when you said NO mean YES hahahah so i believe what i understand comet flotte on the water so you not happy buy a fishing boat that flotte on the water and go fishing all you guys i will buy 10.000 comet smartphone for my self and make big money if you are smart so dont be stupet your self

  • Ah Hao

    Don’t be sweet-talk into this ridiculous campaign.I can only be blamed for trying my luck. They keep telling us supporters about their progress and blah blah blah. Promised delivery date was April 2016.
    Till now I still hasn’t got the phone yet. Seriously disappointed. They promised the refund to those who can’t wait. But surprise! Again I still haven’t got my refund. No refund and no phone.
    Posting this so people out there won’t be cheated off of their hard earned money. Hoped it reach as many people as possible.

  • Cynthia

    Whatever happened to this phone?