Textra brings Android 6.0.1 emoji to KitKat and Lollipop devices

by: John DyeFebruary 3, 2016

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Textra, alternatively known as “the best text message app that there is” or “God’s gift to the Android operating system,” is bringing Marshmallow’s trove of brand spanking new emoji to those of us who haven’t had the luxury of upgrading to Android 6.0.1 yet. Moreover, they’re also adding diversity options so that you can make those little Simpson-esque yellow figures more accurately reflect the color of your skin.

Even without the update, this text messaging app brings a lot to the table including Lollipop-style Material Design and a slew of customization options. The app is lightweight, and flexible, and although it has ads, a $3 upgrade to professional is some of the best money you’ll ever spend on a mobile app.

The update hasn’t hit the Google Play Store quite yet, but if you’re anxious to get your hands on it, Textra tweeted a link to the apk:

With the added emoji, the number of little emoticons available at your fingertips has exploded to over 1600. Soon you’ll be able to walk like an Egyption through the mobile world, communicating exclusively in hieroglyphics to convey even the most complex thoughts to your friends and families.

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What are your thoughts of Textra? If you disagree with my hyperbolic praise in the first paragraph, let us know which texting app you prefer and why in the comments!

Get it in the Play Store
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  • mixedboi85

    i love textra !!! awesome app

  • Lewis Haggerty

    Not global though so….

  • JC

    Love it

  • Frank-o

    Disgusting and cartoonish. A 3 year old would like them, I guess

    • neonix

      You must think you’re so mature. I bet you pride yourself in customizing your phone with all black everything themes and badly-compressed images of flames and sports cars.

      • Frank-o

        Mature yes. You are so wrong about the rest.

  • Not working on Note 4.

  • Aaron Stevens

    What happens if I use one of those new emojis in a text message to an iphone user or someone not on Marshmallow (or Textra), what do they see instead?

    • Cakefish

      A box with an X in it

    • Chad

      On Android I’d assume they’d see a little box with an x in it. Not sure about ios.

      • Cakefish

        As long as the Apple device is updated to iOS 9 it’ll support all of the emojiis, just like Android Marshmallow :)

    • neonix

      Emojis are just unicode characters and the ones you see on your phone are just a font with colorful vectors instead of standard monotone glyphs. It’s not much different than how fonts are used for regular letters (iPhones use a different system font than Androids, but the user interprets the letters as they are), except that emoji support is way more fragmented than standard alphabet characters.

      One phone sends the code and the other phone displays it in the font it has (or the app displays it in its own font, like Textra does). I believe iOS 6 supports every emoji MM has and more, so they should see the correct emoji, although in the iPhone style. Users whose devices don’t have the emoji will see a placeholder, such as the [X] box that others have mentioned.

  • Cakefish

    Awesome! I’ll check it out. Impatiently awaiting Marshmallow on my Sony Z5 Compact.

  • Choda Boy

    I am STILL waiting for Textra to add proper Settings Backup support, especially for individual contacts.