Samsung S5 Static electricity gun

You’ve heard about automotive crash testing and crash tests for motorcycle helmets. Samsung, too goes through great lengths to ensure its flagship Galaxy S5 can stand up to its claims of water- and dust-resistance, as well as mandated radiation-related safety standards. Throw in radiation meters, static electricity, five-foot drops and repetitive button pressing into the mix and you have some extreme durability testing! Here are some of the devices and methodologies that Samsung uses at its testing facility in Korea to ensure its design is up to spec. Don’t forget to check out the crash-test dummy. Radiation testing. No matter how…

LG G Flex Drop Test Outdoors AA  (3 of 25)

With a new generation of curved designs upon us, there’s hope that smartphone screens could become more resilient to accidents. In theory, the curvature of the phone should shrink the area that is exposed to impacts, making face drops a little less dangerous. But that’s the theory. How about the practice?